London Will Announce in a Week

The linebacker from Virginia, Justin London, said he's narrowed it to four schools and will announce next Thursday. He talks about the attractions of each of his four finalists...

Justin London, 6-2, 225, Roanoke (Virg.) Northside, said he's definitely narrowed down his choice to four schools and he'll decide next week.

"It's UCLA, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Maryland," London said.  "I'll have a press conference next Thursday to announce which of those schools I've chosen."

London said he didn't currently have a leader and that he hadn't even narrowed it down from those four schools. "I  plan to sit down with my parents and talk it over this weekend. I'll narrow it down more then."

But planning to announce in a week, wouldn't you think that London has some idea where he wants to go?  London laughed at that notion and said, "Well, I have an idea. I'm just kind of going to talk to my parents and work it all out and see what school ends up on top."

London then discussed what was attractive to him about each of the four schools he's still considering.

With Virginia Tech, London said: "I like the academics  at Virginia Tech. They really work hard with the academics there. Each athlete has a computer in his dorm room."

On the pluses of Maryland: "I really enjoyed my visit there. The coaches are nice, they treated me well, and they're positive about me playing early, as were all the schools. Academics are good there and the location is good."

Tennessee: "The stadium is amazing.  108 thousand people. All the athletic stuff is organized close together. The dorm is right across the street from the practice field. And the academic office is right across from the dorm. The layout is good."

UCLA: "It was a great visit. My parents and I really enjoyed ourselves. Obviously it's a great school, one of the best in the country. And distance isn't a factor."

London said the factor that willl probably prevail in his decision is comfort. "Where I feel the most comfortable is probably where I'll go."

London said UCLA linebacker coach Marc Dove will be coming to his home for an in-home visit this evening and, besides that, he has no other in-home visits planned between now and his announcement next Thursday.

"My parents and I are winding down," he said. "I'm looking forward to getting it over with."

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