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Tony DiMartinis, the defensive end from Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, was on an official visit this weekend. He was the mystery fifth visit.

Another on his official visit was Daniel Baldridge, a 6-5 offensive line prospect from Opelousas, Louisiana. He's another Bieniemy recruit. I don't think he was offered.

Deon Wallace didn't visit. There was apparently a serious car accident in his family and he couldn't make it. It's uncertain if it will be rescheduled.

Adrian McCovey didn't visit. See the current front page story.

Chris Williams, the running back, and JC TE Steve Schmidt did indeed visit. I don't believe either were offered.

And we're hearing that Charles Brown was on an official visit. Apparently, since he had to end his first official early he was granted one more day of an official visit this weekend.

We'll have more on the visits coming soon...


From what I've heard, Osaar Rasshan, the quarterback from Pomona Garey who is committed to UCLA, is still solid with his commitment.

He visited Kansas State last weekend, but still considers himself verbally committed to UCLA.


We spoke with the father of Shaun Dewitty, the defensive back from Colorado Monday.

Shaun will decide at the end of the week. UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell is tentatively scheduled to have his in-home with the DeWitty family sometime this week, but the day hasnt been set.


Robin and Brook Lopez, 6-11 junior twin centers from Fresno (Calif.) San Joaquin Memorial, did in fact visit UCLA unofficially on Sunday.

I heard that their mother was on campus with them. She's a Stanford graduate and it's pretty well accepted that she wants them at Stanford, so it was good she visited also.

It's believed the Lopezes are near-locks for Stanford, but UCLA is staying closely involved, just in case.

If for whatever reason they didn't go to Stanfaord, say, they didn't qualify academically, it is thought UCLA would be right there for the twins.


Right now UCLA has 19 commitments.

If you count Lewis, that's 20.

They have 21 available, but I've repeated a few times that they believe they'll have at least 23 available, if not more.

So, they'd probably have at least three to give.

Still being recruited are McCovey, Lorig, C. Brown, Dewitty, Lockett, and Deon Wallace.

Leonard and Anderson are possibilities, too, as we've reported.

Moline, if there's a scholarship, wil be given one. If not, he'll grayshirt.

I still don't see them having a problem with the number of scholarships.


Brook and Robin Lopez, the twin 6-11 junior posts from Fresno (Calif.) San Joaquin Memorial, were supposed to be on UCLA's campus Sunday, from what I've learned.

Their high school team is in town to play in two different events Saturday.

Brook is considered a top 25 national player, and Robin a top 40.

It's pretty well-known that they're heavy leans to Stanford, but it's at least notable that they'll visit UCLA unofficially.


Jeremy Childs, the wide receiver from Los Alamitos, had told UCLA a number of times he wanted to come, including on his official visit.

UCLA, though, from what I've heard, was not prepared to accept his verbal commitment due to his academics. Namely, Childs needed to achieve an improved SAT score.

Childs, in the meantime, turned to Boise State. He visited there officially and verbally committed.

So, it's not that Childs spurned UCLA. UCLA very much turned down Childs.


I give UCLA's football recruiting class, as of right now, a B. They did bring in Ben Olson and got some other elite talent, specifically Aleksey Lanis. Olson, himself, makes any class a B, in my opinion.

But I think they needed another elite OL recruit, and didn't do as well as you would have wanted in another position of need -- linebacker. IMO, getting Ryan Reynolds would have really made this a very good recruiting class. Without a clearly elite LB recruit, at a position of high need, really is what hurts this class.

Now, who knows? The guys UCLA has committed could turn out to be very good. In Spencer Havner's year, he wasn't considered among the three big LB recruits in the west, that UCLA missed on. That could definitely happen again.

But, sticking with the rule, and not the exception, you'd have to say that UCLA didn't get the elite LB recruit it needed. IMO, they needed two, in fact. And it was a pretty good year for linebackers in the west, and UCLA disappointingly struck out or wasn't involved with any of them. Rey Maualuga was known to be an elite prospect, and could end up the #1 LB prospect in the country, and UCLA didn't get a sniff. They also didn't get a sniff with the #2 LB in the west, Luthur Brown. They missed on Reynolds, who is probably #3, and probably won't be involved in the end with Adrian McCovey. They were screwed by Kaluka Maiava, weren't involved with Anthony Felder, and weren't seriously involved with Zack Follett. These, off the top of my head, were the best LBs in the west and UCLA missed on all of them.

Hopefully it will turn into a Spencer Havner type of situation where the exception is correct and not the rule...

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