Farmar On Arizona, Fatigue, Hernandez

UCLA's freshman point guard, <b>Jordan Farmar</b>, answers questions about the fatigue factor, whether it affected him in the Arizona game, and facing the reigning best point guard in the Pac-10 in Stanford's Chris Hernandez on Thursday...

Freshman point guard Jordan Farmar answered questions Tuesday.

What are your thoughts about Stanford haven beaten UCLA in Pauley the last seven times?

"I don't know. We're a different team, they're a different team. The history doesn't really come into play."

Is it remarkable, though?

"It really doesn't matter. We set a goal to protect our home court and win every game at home this year. So what ever happened in the past doesn't affect what this team is trying to do this year. It's a pretty astounding stat, but it doesn't affect us."

In terms of playing so many minutes, do you get tired in the games?

"I don't notice it. I notice that in games where I played less minutes I tend to be more effective. Shots that I'd usually make trickle out, and things like that. That's coach's choice. I'm just going to be out there when I'm needed."

Is it a concern for you taht Coach Howland is admitting he's playing you too much but continues to do it?

"Not really. I just hope I can go hard every day in practice so I can get in better shape so that won't be a problem."

When you get tired, what does Coach Howland thinks goes first for you? Your shot?

"I guarantee it's probably defense. If somebody ever beat me on penetration, or I don't swing back and do the things I can. It's probably his first sign. For me, my first sign is probably wind. I probably don't actually notice the legs not being there. But he's been doing this a while so he knows what he's talking about."

Did you feel you were losing your legs on your shots in the Arizona game at the end?

"No, not really. I had to play through that, suck it up, and play through fatigue. But no."

What do you think about facing Stanford's Chris Hernandez? Do you know him?

"I was with him a little when I visited Stanford. I spent a little time with him then. He was injured at the time. But I watched him last year. He was probably the best point guard in the Pac-10 last year. I know he's a good point guard so I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Who's the best point guard in the Pac-10 this year?

"No comment. You'll have to wait until the end of the season to judge that one."

How is it guarding someone who's stronger than you like Hernandez?

"It's tough. I use my quickness to my advantage. i try to get my hand on balls and deflect them some things, and make it a little harder on him, and harder to make the plays. He's a good point guard and I'm just really looking forward to the challenge."

Have you see them on tape that much yet?

"Some. They were the ones other teams played against that we had to watch. But not really in depth. We'll do that in the next couple of days."

Are they a physical team?

"In watching the tape I was really focused on the other teams, so I couldn't really tell you. But last year they definitely were. They were a very physical team, strong guys, that use it to their advantage. I'm assuming they'll pretty much be the same way."

Against Arizona, was there a moment you wish you could have back?

"Shoot, I missed a couple of easy shots at the free-throw line area that I usually make all day. I missed some free throws at the end, too. That was just in terms of my personal game. As a team, we had 23 turnovers. As a team we could play a lot better, but we were still tied with 10 seconds to go. That just shows if we can continue to play hard and just tighten up our loose screws we'll be allright."

Did you miss those shots because you were tired?

"You know, they both felt good. I'm not going to lie. One was a little off to the left, and one was long. It was late in the game, and fatigue could have been a factor, but I hope not. I just know I'm going to focus more and knock them down next time."

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