McCovey Talks About Weekend

Though he was supposed to trip to UCLA this weekend, Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker <b>Adrian McCovey</b> had some changes come up that prevented him from visiting Westwood...

Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker Adrian McCovey was scheduled to visit UCLA this weekend, but at the last minute, the trip was postponed.

"They told me that they needed to get an Algebra class cleared up for me and for me to hold off on my trip, so I'm going to try and take it next week instead," said McCovey.

In the meantime, McCovey was going to try and squeeze a last minute trip to Oregon in, but then further problems hit.

"My wallet got stolen, so I didn't have ID and I couldn't fly without it," said McCovey.

In the meantime, McCovey said he will be in contact with UCLA throughout the week seeing that the class gets cleared so he can visit next weekend.

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