London Has Decided

Justin London, the linebacker prospect from Virginia, says he's made a decision but will hold off on announcing until Thursday...

Justin London, 6-2, 225, Roanoke (Virg.) Northside,  said has more or less decided on his college choice but will wait until Thursday to announce his decision.

"Basically I know where I'm going," London said. "I had a nice, long conversation about it with my parents. We sorted it all out. I'm holding a press conference at my school on Thursday and I'll announce then."

London said he had scheduled the press conference because there was a lot of pressure locally to have one, and he planned it for next Thursday because he thought that would give him enough time to make his decision.  He said, even though he's made his decision, he still likes that he has the next three days for the decision to sink in and make sure he's comfortable with it.

Asked if he's relieved with having made a decision, London said, "Oh my gosh, I'm very relieved. I've been ready to get it over with."

London wouldn't even provide a hint of which school he has decided to attend, and said he didn't even want to narrow it down.  "I've decided from UCLA, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Maryland.  I don't want to publicly narrow it down. On Thursday I'll announce I'm attending one of those four schools."

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