McCovy Talks About Trip To UCLA

After not being able to trip last weekend, Lakewood (Calif.) High linebacker <b>Adrian McCovy</b> finally took his official visit to UCLA to wrap up his trips...

Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker Adrian McCovy (6-3, 218) took his fourth, and final recruiting trip this weekend, visiting hometown UCLA.

Originally scheduled to visit Westwood last weekend, McCovy had the trip postponed while UCLA tried to get a class of his cleared through admissions.

When McCovy got word on Tuesday that the class made it through admissions, he set up the trip. And the visit was worth the wait.

"Yeah, it was a good trip. I had a real good time. Wesley (Walker) was my host and I hung out a lot with Justin (London), they are real cool. I got along real good with them," said McCovy.

Having previously visited Oklahoma, Oregon State and Arizona, McCovy said visiting UCLA was a good thing.

"It was good going to UCLA. I spent a lot of time with Coach Johnson and Coach Kerr. They told me they need backers. Coach Dorrell, he's real cool too."

Now, McCovy will stew over his final four schools for the next three days, and will announce on Wednesday at his high school, his future school.

"I'm announcing on Wednesday (where there will be a press conference). Right now I'm leaning towards UCLA, Oregon State and Arizona. It's the Pac-10 and they all need backers," said McCovy.

McCovy is qualified.

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