Dorrell Comments on Recruiting Class

Head Coach Karl Dorrell comments about the signing of his recruiting class yesterday, including the strengths of the class, who might have a chance to play early, and more...

Head Coach Karl Dorrell comments about the recruiting class:

On what stands out in this year's class:

They all have a mindset of being a difference maker in the program. To a name, each one of these guys feels they can provide that spark to be as good as we can be. It's a really solid class, with guys that are really good kids, with great football abilities and mindset of what it takes to be champions.

On guys coming in and playing early:

Aleksey Lanis and Justin Brown have graduated and will enter during the Spring Quarter, so they will get some time to do some physical development. They come in the beginning of April.

On specific areas of need:

The areas of need have been tight end. And then at quarterback with Ben Olson and the inexperience of our quarterback situation this Spring, with David Koral, Pat Cowan and Brian Callahan that's going to be an opportunity for someone to play real early. And our depth at linebacker. We have three senior starters Really nothing behind them with experience, true experience, so we're going to have them play early.

On Robert Kibble:

Robert Kibble has been through a lot, with his injuries and MS, but that hasn't slowed him down a lick and we're excited about him being in the program and I'm sure his presence will be felt in the program for some time. We have 2 guys in this class up for the Watkins Award, Shawn Oatis and Robert Kibble, and these are quality type of leadership kids. And they are being recognized nationally for their work in football, the classroom and community. These are quality people with high standards, they love to compete, love the game and bring something to the table.

On the QB Situation:

It will be new experience. We're optimistic that Drew will be able to do something in the fall, but that's not 100 percent. David Koral was a backup a year ago, and he's the one who naturally will have the chance to showcase what he can do first. One kid in the program already is Pat Cowan. Ben Olson, he just entered school, he is in the similar boat too. It will be an enlightening spring. We'll have a good opportunity for observation. Drew is still there. He is one of those guys you are hopeful can come back from the injury, and one you hope can be back to where he was before the injury.

On if recruiting is getting easier:

You know its always easier the more experience you get in a program. We did a good job early on with guys we targeted, and we've done our homework. We've already got a pretty good beat on the juniors we're looking at for next season. I think this year's class is better than last years class.

On Jess Ward:

Jess, he did a great job in our summer camp, then we watched him through the year, and he just did a tremendous job with playing the game the way it should be played. The sky is the limit for him. He's about 270-275 pounds and he has a chance to be a factor early on in his career.

On if any one player will be a surprise:

A huge number of guys in this class could be a surprise. These other guys, I'd say about 75% of them have a chance to contribute real early.

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