2006 Football Prospects: Offense

Yes, Signing Day was just two days ago, but it's never too early to look to the next class, the class of 2006. UCLA will be looking to load up on offensive linemen. Here's a first look at some potential UCLA prospects for offense...

UCLA has 17 seniors-to-be, so at this point, 17 scholarships available for the 2006 football recruiting class.

But, as always, you can expect some to become available. You'd have to think that UCLA will have about 20 for this class.

It's generally a fairly strong class in the west for 2006.  There aren't any clear-cut elite quarterbacks, but there is good depth, and potential for some to step up this spring and prove themselves elite in the camps and combines. UCLA will probably be looking to take one quarterback for 2006.

It's a fairly strong class for running backs, especially after such a poor class in 2005. UCLA very well could take two running backs, with one being the big, Manuel White-type.

It looks to be a solid class of receivers, with some projected elite talent at the top and some good-sized prospects mixed in.  UCLA, again, will be after that big play-making wide receiver, and possibly two.  The Bruins will also want to probably take one tight end.

2005 wasn't a stellar year for offensive linemen in the west, but it looks like that will improve for 2006.  It's good timing since UCLA will probably load up on OLs in this class, taking up to five.  As we've reported, they're about to get a verbal commitment from Walter Watts.

Prospects listed below with asterisks next to their name are believed to be elite prospects at this time.  Players from California are those that we have recognized as potential UCLA-level recruits.  Prospects listed from other states are those that are considered potentially elite prospects that have shown an early interest in UCLA, or vice versa.


Garrett Green, 6-1, 185, Sherman Oaks (Calif.)  Notre Dame**
Michael Herrick, 6-2, 175, Valencia (Calif.) High
Matthew Stafford, 6-3, 210, Dallas (Tex.) Highland Park**
Jeremy Ricker, 6-3, Harrisburg (Penn.) Bishop McDevitt**
Jake Locker, 6-2, 200, Ferndale (Wash.) High**
Tyler Lyon, 6-5, 190, Newhall (Calif.) Hart
Cameron Ely, 6-5, 205, Santa Barbara (Calif.) San Marcos
Michael Coughlin, 6-4, 195, San Diego (Calif.) Mira Mesa
Kevin Harrington, 6-5, 185, Simi Valley (Calif.) Royal
Adam Weber, 6-3, 205, Adren Hills (Minn.) Mounds View
Nathan Costa, 6-1, 195, Hilmar (Calif.) High
Max Heiges, 6-3, 190, Novato (Calif.) High
Emanuel Lewis, 6-3, 175, Tulare (Calif.) High
Forrest Elder, 6-1, 180, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir
Jon Daniels, 6-2, 180, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Chandler Clemons, 6-1, 180, El Dorado Hills (Calif.) Oak Ridge
Demetrius Jones, 6-3, 190, Chicago (Ill.) Morgan Park


Chane Moline, 6-1, 230, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High**
Stafon Johnson, 5-11, 180, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey**
Demarco Murray, 6-0, 185, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman**
C.J. Gable, 6-1, 190, Sylmar (Calif.) High**
Tracy Slocum, 5-10, 188, Clovis (Calif.) Clovis East
Sergio Kendall, 6-0, 200, Dallas (Tex.) Wilson
Toby Gerhart, 6-1, 215, Riverside (Calif.) Norco
Troy Guthrie, 5-9, 190, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
Demetrius Sumler, 5-11, 205, San Diego (Calif.) University
Andre Harris, 6-0, 215, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
James Montgomery, 5-10, 180, Rancho Codova (Calif.) Cordova
Justin Robertson, 5-11, 220, Lakewood (Calif.) High
Kyle Duffy, 5-10, 175, Clovis (Calif.) Clovis West
Lonyae Miller, 5-11, 200, Rialto (Calif.) High
Ken Ashley, 5-9, 205, Venice (Calif.) High
Brandon Sullivan, 5-11, 195, Poway (Calif.) High
Dayvon McGhee, 5-10, 200, Houston (Tex.) Langham Creek
Louis Arnold, 5-11, 180, Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd
R.J. Stanford, 5-11, 190, Chino (Calif.) High*
Keith Rosenberg, 6-0, 180, Bellevue (Wash.) High
Josh Tatum, 6-1, 210,  Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's
Dominic Williams, 6-2, 210, San Mateo (Calif.) Aragon
Joe Trombetta, 6-1, 190, Petaluma (Calif.) Casa Grande


Terrance Austin, 6-0, 165, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly**
Jamere Holland, 6-0, 185, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft**
Daniel Lofton, 6-1, 180, San Diego (Calif.) Westview
Leilyon Myers, 6-2, 195, Lynwood (Calif.) High
Travon Patterson, 5-10, 175, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
Menelik Holt, 6-4, 205, San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine
Greg Walker, 6-4, 180, Los Angeles (Calif.) University
Richard Sherman, 6-1, 170, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
Scott McKnight, 5-11, 170, Tesoro (Calif.) South Orange
Andre Horn, 6-3, 175, Fresno (Calif.) Edison
Anthony Houston, 6-4, 190, San Diego (Calif.) Mission Bay
Aubrey Quarles, 6-1, 155, Aurora (Col.) Grandview**
Brandon Jackson, 6-0, 180, Mesquite (Tex.) North Mesquite
Davell Jackson, 6-2, 180, Las Vegas (Nev.) El Dorado
Corey Jackson, 6-2, 175, Sacramento (Calif.) West
Anthony McCoy, 6-4, 190, Fresno (Calif.) Bullard
Lorne Bell, 6-0, 175, Simi Valley (Calif.) High
Tyquan Know, 6-0, 180, Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw
Pierce Hunter, 6-4, 195, Chula Vista (Calif.) Bonita Vista
Matt Luft, 6-5, 180, Thousand Oaks (Calif.) High


Konrad Rueland, 6-6, 230, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High**
Will Yeatoan, 6-5, 235, San Diego (Calif.) Rancho Bernardo
Jermaine Gresham, 6-7, 225, Ardmore (Okla.) High
Jeff Jones, 6-3, 250, Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley
Kyle Singler, 6-7, 220, Medford (Ore.) South Medford


Walter Watts, OL, 6-4, 290, Los Banos (Calif.) High**
Sione Fua, Crespi, 6-3, 290, Encino (Calif.) Crespi** 
Brandon Bennett, 6-6, 315, La Puente (Calif.) Bishop Amat**
Darius Savage, 6-4, 320, San Diego (Calif.) Morse**
Jovan Hayes, 6-4, 300, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey
Colin Baxter, 6-4, 275, Rolling Hills (Calif.) Palos Verdes Peninsula
John Kyed, 6-6, 280, Boulder (Col.) High**
Adrian Cue, 6-3, 260, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco
Rob Sullivan, 6-4, 250, Orinda (Calif.) Miramonte
Sonny Tevaga, 6-4, 300, La Mirada (Calif.) High
Joe Hawley, 6-3, 270, Anaheim (Calif.) Esperanza
Phillip Harrison, 6-4, 290, Albuquerque (NM)Highland
Ryan Tolar, 6-6, 320, Pasco (Wash.) High**
Evan Williams, 6-5, 275, Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd
Jon Cooper, 6-3, 270, Santee (Calif.) Santana
Chris Freeburg, 6-4, 250, Bothell (Wash.) High
Isaac Leatiota, 6-4, 275, Santa Clara (Calif.) Wilcox
Joe Dembesky, 6-5, 270, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian
Mike White, 6-4, 230, Tulare (Calif.) High
Rocco Sanchez, 6-4, 310, Chula Vista (Calif.) Castle Park

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