London Comments about Commitment

Justin London does something at his press conference that stuns everyone. He says UCLA was his "dream"...

Justin London, 6-2, 225, Roanoke (Virg.) Northside, said he picked UCLA because it was his "dream" and where he "felt the most comfortable."

"I picked UCLA," London said. "I really enjoyed it in California last spring. And I've always loved UCLA. My aunt went there. I didn't know if they would offer, but when I took my official visit I really enjoyed it and knew it was the place for me. Where I felt the most comfortable."

London said he really enjoyed bonding with some of the players on the team, and that was a factor. "Marcus Reese was my host and I really enjoyed hanging out with him. He and Audie Attar. They made me feel comfortable. I also hung out with some of the guys on the basketball team. When I got around the people there I just felt at home."

He said that he had pretty much decided he wanted to go to UCLA after his trip, but had reservations about the distance from home. "When I came back from my trip to UCLA that's where I wanted to go. Then I talked to my parents, and they told me that the distance shouldn't be a factor. To just count it out. Once my parents told me that, and I took the distance out of the equation, it was easy. My parents and I think it's a good opportunity for me to grow up and make my own life."

He said he didn't commit at that time because he wanted to take his trip to Virginia Tech. "Virginia Tech is great," he said. "I was actually torn for a while between UCLA and Virginia Tech. But after my parents told me that distance shouldn't be a factor, that really decided it."

And London had a very dynamic way of announcing his college choice. "At the press conference, there were a lot of people. My friends, students, my parents, people from my church, and a lot of press people, TV people. I came out wearing a Virginia Tech hat and an orange t-shirt. Everyone here wanted me to go to Virginia Tech. We're only 30 minutes from campus. So when I came out in the hat and t-shirt, everyone thought that's where I was going. But I then took off the hat, and then took off the t-shirt and underneath I had a UCLA t-shirt on. And I said I was going to UCLA. My friends, they were going wild. But all the adults were stunned. Even my dad. He knew I was going to UCLA. But when I came out in the Virginia Tech hat he thought I had changed my mind."

London said he'll see if he can get out to UCLA earlier than next fall. "I'll try to get out this summer, if I can do it. If not, I'll come in there next fall and try to play as a freshman. I'm really looking forward to it. It's the place I've always dreamed about."

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