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UCLA is 30 in the latest RPI, while Stanford is 36.

Unless a team other than Boston College, Villanova, Syracuse or UCONN wins the Big East tourney, they may only get 4 teams in. Notre Dame is 51, Pitt is 64 and Georgetown is 66.

Similarly the ACC would need a team other than Duke, UNC, Wake, Maryland or Georgia Tech (GT is still on the bubble at 44) to win their tournament, or else "the best conference" would be stuck with just 5 teams in the big dance. -- Bruin Civil


Reportedly, UCLA wide receiver Tab Perry was impressive at the pro combine over the weekend. One report had him running a 4.49 in the 40, while having put on 10 more pounds of muscle, to weigh 229.


Omondi Amoke, the 6-5 sophomore wing from Oxnard (Calif.) High, attended the UCLA/USC game at Pauley Pavilion. Amoke is one of the best prospects in the 2007 class on the west coast and a top 50 national player.


It was encouraging to see UCLA students camping out before the USC game Wednesday night in front of Pauley Pavilion. A good-sized tent city had sprung up overnight with probably 50-75 students sleeping out overnight to get good seats for the game.


Here is the complete practice schedule (3:45 p.m. unless noted): Feb. 23, Feb. 24, Feb. 25, Feb. 26 (Noon), Feb. 28, Mar. 1, Mar. 3, Mar. 4, Mar. 5 (10:00 a.m.), Mar. 7, Mar. 8, Mar.10, Mar. 12 (10:00 a.m.), Mar. 14, Mar. 15.

Practice dates and times are subject to change.

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