Practice Notes from Monday

A few key players sit out practice Monday with injuries, which gets the linebacking unit even thinner. Junior wide receiver <b>Joe Cowan</b> talks about becoming a starter and catching passes from his younger brother...

Maurice Drew, the junior-to-be running back, sat out practice today. Head Coach Karl Dorrell said he was suffering from headaches. "He has some migraines," Dorrell said. "I won't term it concussive right now because the doctors need to get a better evaluation on him this evening. But he's been having these headaches since the scrimmage, and you know how that goes."

Quarterback Patrick Cowan sat out practice Monday, after suffering a sprained left shoulder in the scrimmage. He was just "stiff and sore today," according to Dorrell, but is expected to resume practice Tuesday.

Linebacker Aaron Whittington didn't attend practice due to an unspecified infection. His status is uncertain.

Dan Nelson was injured today on a bit hit, appearing like he re-injured his clavicle. His status wasn't known after practice.

Jebiaus Brown has officially been taken off of the Crutches Brigade, leaving just Chris Horton and Justin London on crutches.

The quarterbacks generally had a good day Monday, with Ben Olson bouncing back from his disappointing performance Saturday to throw fairly well. David Koral also had a good day Monday.

For more, listen to Dorrell's Comments After Monday's Practice.

Comments from junior wide receiver Joe Cowan:

How do you feel, looking like you're going to now be the starter?

"The only feeling I really have is to go out and do the best for the team. That's the only feeling I really have."

Having the amount of experience you do, does it make it different for you in spring practice?

"Sure. It helps Junior Taylor out of lot, since I can also show some of the newer guys some things and it's just not him. Even though I'm not much older than they are, I think it helps, to show them what I know."

How do you feel about replacing Bragg and Tab Perry? Do you take it as a challenge to you, to fill their shoes?

"It's an opportunity for me, to show what I have. It will get me more looks from the coaches with them gone, so it's a great opportunity for myself."

What do you have to improve?

"Catching. I can improve on everything, but I really want to focus on keeping the ball in my hands."

Do you think that was an issue last season?



"There were a few times when I'd have a bad week, and things weren't going the right way. Or in a game I didn't come up with a catch I could have possibly got."

What have the coaches said they want you to work on? Is that one of them?

"No, not exactly, they haven't."

What else do you want to improve? Running routes?

"They're allright. They could get better. I want to work on my entire game."

How much do you weigh now?

"About 218. I feel fine here, but if I keep putting weight on, that's fine, that's what I'm supposed to be. I feel good. I don't think I lost a step at all while gaining weight."

Are you happy with your strength?

"I could definitely get stronger. You really always can. I think it would increase my play. After spring ball we have five months of workouts so I can really develop my body, I guess."

What's it like catching passes from your brother?

"It's fun. We've been doing it for a long time. When the ball is in the air, though, it's like any other quarterback. In the huddle, I look at him as any other quarterback. He's just any other quarterback on the team that happens to be my brother."

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