Tuesday's Practice Notes

The Bruins overall have a boatload of players out of winter practice. A couple of young defensive players look good. Here's a play-by-play from Tuesday...

With all the walking wounded on Spaulding Field Tuesday, it seemed like an appropriate time to review exactly who is out for winter practice.

Yesterday, there were 19 scholarship players who were out of practice. And that's not counting the two who are no longer with the program, C.J. Niusulu and Keith Carter.  It's also not including some key walk-ons.

Yesterday, here was the casualty list:

QB Drew Olson - walking well, and assisting in practice
LB Spencer Havner - who did conditioning
LB Justin London - still on crutches
S Chris Horton - still on crutches
LB Wesley Walker - not dressed
S Jarrad Page - baseball
LB Aaron Whittington - did not attend, infection in foot
DE Nikola Dragovic - did not participate
DT Kenneth Lombard - did not participate
OL Shannon Tevaga - hand in cast
OL Robert Chai - observed, did not participate
OL Chris Joseph - ran on the side
OL Marc Villafuerte - did not participate
TE Mat Raney - did not participate
FB Michael Pitre - did not participate
LB Dan Nelson - in red, no-hit jersey, limited practice
CB Jebiaus Brown - off crutches
LB Fred Holmes - in red, no-hit jersey, dressed but just did conditioning and some drills
OL Aaron Meyer - out because of back, could return Thursday

Also, walk-ons:

LB Christian Taylor, did not participate in last several practices, reason uncertain
DE Marko Dragovic
OL Micah Reed

Having also sat out days this winter have been tight end Marcedes Lewis, due to a mouth injury. He practices in a red, no-hit jersey; and running back Maurice Drew, who was experiencing migraines after Saturda's scrimmage, sat out Monday, but returned to practice Tuesday.

Ed Blanton left practice early for a class.

Sitting out is a total of eight projected starters.

Tuesday, there were some standouts in practice. William Snead, the sophomore defensive end had a very good performance on the day, showing great quickness in pursuing both the quarterback and running backs.  Snead was getting time with the 1s, while Kyle Morgan worked with the 2s. Bruce Davis, who Head Coach Karl Dorrell indicated could be staying at outside linebacker, made some plays and was all around the ball. 

Safety Dennis Keyes made a number of plays from the fee safety position. He was now working with the #1 defense at free safety alongside Eric McNeal at strong safety, another who had a good practice Tuesday.

Michael Norris being used at the nickel back. 

Aaron Perez, the redshirt freshman punter, has struggled in winter practice. He isn't consistent with his punts, probably getting off an equal amount of shanks as good ones. Kicker Justin Medlock has been also punting in practice, and it's believed (as we said in the winter practice preview) that if it doesn't look like Perez can handle the duties by fall, Medlock could punt.

Ben Olson looked to be getting the reps of the #2 quarterback Tuesday. Patrick Cowan only worked in on a limited basis, still nursing a sore non-throwing shoulder.

Play-by-Play on the 7-on-7:

-- David Koral throws short to Marcedes Lewis over the middle.
-- Koral swing it out to Chris Markey for about 8 yards.
-- Koral throws short to walk-on fullback Ben Idemundia, for about 5.
-- Olson connects on a great, accurate throw to Lewis. Lewis was covered well but Olson hit him in stride on a 10-yard out.
-- Olson throws a swing pass to Maurice Drew for about 15.
-- Olson throws a short hitch to J.J. Hair for about 5.
-- Brian Callahan connects on a come-backer to Brandon Breazell for 8.
-- Koral finds Everett underneath and he turns it up the sideline for about 15.
-- Koral finds walk-on tight end Tyler Holland
-- Koral makes a pretty throw to Everett on a post for 30.
-- Cowan throws across the middle but the pass is tipped by Keyes.
-- Cowan throws behind the receiver and it's knocked down by Rodney Van, who could have picked it off.
-- Cowan throws to Lewis alongside line and Lewis makes a good catch of throw behind him.
-- Olson throws short to Idemundia, for about 5.
-- Olson doesn't find a receiver, takes too much time

Play-by-Play for 11-on-11:

-- Koral throws deep down the middle, overthrows it and it's picked off by Trey Brown.
-- Koral misses high to Lewis
-- Koral finds Markey out of the backfield for 12.
-- Koral hits Junior Taylor on sideline for 10.
-- Cowan completes short pass to Idemundia, for about 5.
-- Olson overthrows Andrew Baumgartner on slant.
-- Olson connects with Alex Ghebreselassie on hook for 8.
-- Olson hands to Idemundia, and Kevin Harbour misses him in backfield but he's wrapped up by Bruce Davis
-- Koral completes 5-yarder to tight end.
-- Koral is sacked by Justin Hickman.
-- Cowan gets good pressure by Snead and throws incomplete.
-- Olson throws short incomplete.
-- Callahan hits Everett on a come-backer, with good coverage from Van.
-- Callahan gives to Ryen Carew on a delay and he scampers for 15.
-- Cowan hits Taylor on quick out for 7.
-- Koral bootlegs, has to run, and Snead, showing good speed, runs him down.
-- Koral hands to Markey who is stopped quickly by Davis
-- Koral hands to Markey again, and he's stopped quickly by walk-on linebacker Jamel Greer
-- Cowan hands to Carew and he's corralled for a 1-yard loss by Davis
-- Cowan swings it out to Idemundia for 8
-- Olson hands to Carew and he's stacked up for no gain
-- Koral hands to Drew and he's brought down by Keyes after gain of 5
-- Koral throws to sideline to Jimmy Stephens for 6 yards, and he's stuck by McNeal going out of bounds
-- Koral hands to Markey, who's stopped quickly by Kevin Brown
-- Cowan hands to Carew, good for 3.
-- Cowan rolls and scrambles for 5.
-- Olson hands to Carew, who shakes Davis in backfield, and breaks it for 40-yard touchdown run, -- -- making a nice move downfield
-- Koral is sacked by Snead
-- Koral hits Taylor quickly for 8
-- Koral throws a screen to Markey who takes it up field for 10.
-- Callahan is sacked by Morgan, with pressure from Harbour
-- Callahan hits Everett on quick-hitter for 5.
-- Callahan hits Carew along sideline for 7.
-- Markey is brought down for 2-yard loss by Brigham Harwell.
-- Olson throws to Lewis who makes diving catch for 8.
-- Cowan throws a quick out to Everett.
-- Callahan is sacked after good coverage
-- Olson is sacked by Morgan on good rush

Committed linebacker John Hale attended practice Tuesday.

A junior prospect named Brandon Bryan, a fullback/linebacker, 6-3, 200, from Glendora, also attended.

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