Interview: William Snead

The sophomore defensive end, <b>William Snead</b>, made some advances this spring practice, and he talks about where he is and where he wants to go this fall...

We talked to sophomore defensive end William Snead about his development and spring pratice.

On his move up the depth chart at defensive end this spring:

"I've gotten a lot of opportunity to compete and I've just been working hard, just like everybody else. But I've had the opportunity to get more reps."

On the biggest transition of moving to defensive end from outside linebacker:

"My size. I had to put on a lot of weight and I still have to put on more weight. That's probably the biggest difference."

On the difficulty of keeping weight on:

"It's been a slow progress, but it's been going up. I'm about 240 right now. They told me they want me to put on a little more weight. But not too much where I lose my speed."

On the advantages of playing defensive end:

"I think my speed is an advantage I have over some other defensive ends, but I was able to use it when I was playing backer. too. I played both in high school. I was an outside backer my senior year in high school, but got recruited as both a backer and end."

On being more comfortable playing end:

"Yeah, I'm getting more comfortable. You kind of have one goal as a rush end, to get to the passer, where at linebacker you had to do more coverage and rush the passer and stop the run."

On new defensive line coach Thurmond Moore:

"I like him a lot. He's a good coach. He came in and gave everyone an opportunity to compete, so I like that."

On specific goals for the summer:

"Eat a lot. Get bigger. By August I want to be at a weight I'll be happy at. I am also going to work on technique."

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