Marcus Everett Looking to Step Up

The sophomore-to-be wide receiver, <b>Marcus Everett</b>, said he'll be working hard to replace the departed Craig Bragg and Tab Perry...

After appearing in 11 of 12 games last year for UCLA, which included four starts, sophomore wide receiver Marcus Everett is hoping to be one of the key replacements for the departed Craig Bragg and Tab Perry. With 9 catches as a freshman, Everett is looking to greatly increase those numbers and become a focal point of the Bruins offense. We spoke with him after his strong spring scrimmage performance of 4 catches for 92 yards and a touchdown.

On the pressure of replacing Craig Bragg and Tab Perry:

"There's more pressure, but Brandon (Breazell) and I have the experience of last year and I think we will be good this year. We're just trying to work hard in spring and get better. You know, step in there and take the role that Tab and Craig had."

On the influence Craig Bragg and Tab Perry had on him:

"They both taught me a lot last year. I just watched Craig and Tab and every little thing that they did, and tried to pick up on things that they did and Junior Taylor, he's a veteran also, and I'm learning a lot from him, too. So me and Brandon, we're coming along and taking coaching very well, and I think we'll do fine this year."

On the benefit of seeing a lot of time as a true freshman:

"I think it helps a lot. Starting four games, and taking that role when Craig got hurt it was a lot on me last year, but it helps a lot for this year. I'm more focused and more relaxed out there on the field, so I think it's going to be a big year for the receivers."

On the quarterback situation and timing:

"It was tough at the beginning of spring, but now towards the end, we're getting more of a feel with each quarterback and i'ts good to have the timing with each quarterback because anyone can play at each time."

On being more comfortable in the offense:

"Yeah, I'm feeling more comfortable in it. Last year, I was kind of like just running around, but this year, I know the concepts and I know the plays, and I think I know what I'm doing."

On the physical demands of catching more passes:

"It comes with the game. I'm ready to step in there and take that role on. Brandon and I, we're going to step up and do what we have to do to help us win."

On his relationship with Brandon Breazell:

"We get a long really well. We both came in and played a lot last year, and we learned a lot from each other and from Craig and Tab."

On the overall performance of the offense this spring:

"I think we got a lot better, just playing with each other and having that experience of last year. I think we have one of the top offenses this year coming up in the nation, really, let alone in the Pac-10. I think we got a lot better and I think we'll get better in the fall."

On shedding the tag of possession receiver:

"I think I can be both a possession receiver and a threat deep. I don't want to take on either name tag, but I think I can be both."

On his specific goals for the summer:

"I'm going to be catching 100 balls a day and obviously working on my speed, running routes, and working on my footwork and everything. I want to be 100% ready by the season."

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