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The itinerary is for Budinger, the 6-7 small forward from Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon, and Keefe, the 6-8 power forward from Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita, to start their official visits to UCLA today.

I've heard that they'll play in a pick-up game on Saturday with UCLA's current players.

Budinger will meet with volleyball coach, Al Skates, during his visit.

Of course, Keefe is already committed to UCLA, and being good friends with Budinger, will possibly help in getting a commitment out of Budinger.

There is a report that Budinger has an official visit to Arizona planned for next weekend. He's also considering USC, but has indicated that he would probably, at the most, take an unofficial visit. It's believed that it's a UCLA-Arizona race and Budinger could make his decision sometime in the next couple of weeks as a result of these official visits.


UCLA's opener on Sept. 3 at San Diego State will be televised by ESPN2. The game is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

Three other Bruin games have already been selected by ABC -- Sept. 17 vs Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl (12:30 p.m.), Nov. 12 vs Arizona State at the Rose Bowl (4:00 p.m.) and Dec. 3 at USC (1:30 p.m.).

5/31 Chase Budinger, the 6-7 junior small forward from Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon, and one of UCLA's top targets in the class of 2006, won the MVP at the Tournament of Champions. Article on TOC


Here's an article and the resulting message board thread on UCLA's new direction in athletic fundraising, which very well could impact UCLA football and basketball significantly.


There were rumors circulating -- that also made it to this site -- that UCLA was fumbling the recruiting of Jimmy Clausen and Marc Tyler, the two standout sophomores at Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian.

I haven't heard anything that confirms what those rumors asserted. I had heard that USC was doing well with Clausen, but I hadn't heard that UCLA was in the doghouse.

A couple of things, though...

The reports, as I remember, said that USC was calling Clausen and Tyler and sending them mail. If so, it would be a recruiting violation since they are only sophomores.

The irony here: UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell was on the Oaks Christian Campus Friday...


Deon Thompson, 6-8 JR C Torrance, and Alex Jacobson, 6-11 SO C Mater Dei, were both on campus at UCLA today and met with the coaching staff.


Discussion on Blues v. Cranks 5/15

It was a tough break for UCLA to have Spencer Hawes miss the official visit. Beautiful day at UCLA today. Hawes' schedule is such that he probably won't be able to visit until after July.

In the pick-up game, most of the returning players looked about the same. Shipp's body looks a little better and he was elevating very well. Collison will be a great guy for Farmar to go against in practice. He's much quicker than anyone Jordan had to face in practice last year. Roll looked very comfortable playing with Farmar and shot the ball well. -- Greg Hicks


I know that UCLA coaches, including I believe Karl Dorrell, will be on Long Beach Poly's campus. They either have been in the last couple of days or will be in the next couple of days.

Also, a UCLA coach was on Compton Dominguez's campus and reportedly offered a scholarship to Richard Sherman, the 6-1, 180 pound WR/DB.


Alex Stepheson, 6-8 JR C North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake, took an unofficial visit to UCLA yesterday.


Discuss some of the proposed renovation plans for Pauley Pavilion on the Premium Hoops Message Board.


Spencer Hawes, the 6-10 center from Seattle (Wash.) Prep, will visit UCLA officially May 15-16 (next Sunday and Monday).

From what I've heard, Chase Budinger, the 6-7 small forward from Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon, will still take his official visit June 4-5.


As it was reported in The Daily News by Brian Dohn, we're hearing that Drew Olson expects to be ready physically by mid-July.

But a cautionary word: There are usually some delays when a player comes back from an injury of Olson's nature. While he can be cleared to play, it sometimes takes the player longer to get back up to speed after that clearance.


Offensive lineman Marc Villafuerte, the transfer from Santa Ana College, has retired from the football program because of an arthritic knee. He will reportedly remain in school, however, his scholarship becomes available.

As reported in the Los Angeles Daily News, C.J. Niusulu is transferring. There was really no chance for reinstatement for C.J., so he has left to play and the staff is helping him find a place to play.

Finally, game times have been set for three games:

The Sept. 17 home game against Oklahoma will kickoff at 12:30 p.m. and will be televised by ABC

The Nov. 12 home game against Arizona State will kickoff at 4:00 p.m. and will be televised by ABC

The Dec. 3 game at USC will kickoff at 1:30 p.m. and be televised by ABC.


The more significant issue here is the fact that UW assistant Ken Bone got the Portland State job.

Bone is one of the big connections for Spencer Hawes to the Washington program. Bone has been good friends with the Hawes family for a long time.

It will be interesting to see if this affects Washington's ability to get Hawes...


I think this is how it goes with UCLA's basketball recruiting strategy.

UCLA definitely wants one big with the two scholarships available.

Possibly even use the third scholarship available for two bigs.

That could mean Taylor Harrison and one other. Or Ray Hall and another. Or Harrison and Hall.

It very well could depend on who the first big is that commits. It could also depend on who wants to come.

The de-commitment of Taylor King changes the mindset a bit. They could more readily take a wing in 2003, since now, with the lone 2007 scholarship available, they could take a big in 2007.

However, the class of 2007 is loaded with wings, and UCLA could still feel they'll more than likely take a wing in 2007.

I think, bottom line, UCLA takes one more big, obviously.

Then I think they take any elite player that wants to come with that third scholarship available.

I think if Chase Budinger tells UCLA he wants to come, they'd take his commitment.

Now, if they can't get a clearly elite player with that third scholarship, it very well could go to a second big, or be held until 2007.-- Tracy Pierson


Between Chase Budinger and Taylor King, if you had to compare, I think Budinger is probably the better prospect, but it's a tough call.

King is an incredible shooter. He also is tougher around the basket. Budinger is a good shooter, but can create off the bounce better and can play above the rim.

Offensively they're close, but with probably a slight edge to King.

But I think Budinger is a better defensive prospect. He's not lightning quick laterally, but quicker than King. King's primary issue has always been -- who is he going to guard?

So, I think Budinger is slightly a better prospect just because he can defend an opposing small forward better, which enables him to stay on the floor.

I actually think that, wherever King goes, he'll guard the four. King is a year behind Budinger in class, so he has another to develop. On the other hand, he is a year old than his class, and should be in the same class as Budinger.-- Tracy Pierson


As reported this week, UCLA is involved with 6-4 soph shooting guard Alex Legion, currently the #17-ranked player in the class of 2007 nationally.

Alex Legion's Player Profile


Jamil Tucker, the 6-8 junior wing from Garey (Ind.) West Side, is definitely being recruited by UCLA.

He was a 6-3 freshman at Pasadena before moving to Indiana.

As Scout has reported, he is indicating he has a big interest in playing for UCLA and Howland.

I haven't seen him, but will see him for the first time this weekend when I go to Houston for the Kingwood tourney.

A good scouting source, though, said he is very skilled for his size -- can shoot and handle the ball like a guard. In fact, he brings the ball up for his team quite often.

He was described as a Darius Wright type of player.

He's athletic, but the person wasn't sure whether he could guard quick, smaller threes, and thought he'd have to come a long way physically to guard fours.

I'll be checking it out this weekend, as will UCLA coaches. If Tucker looks really good, it's not hard to guess that a UCLA offer could be coming...


Ray Hall, the 6-9 junior center from Denver (Col.) Mullen was on campus Monday for an unofficial visit.


Article on UCLA's Recent Commit, Darius Savage


UCLA will hold a Bruin Flashback Camp.


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