Football Update

Here are some bits of news concerning different players, including injury and position updates on Ryan Smith, Ben Emanuel, and Tab Perry. It looks like a player could move from the defensive line to tight end...

Ben Emanuel underwent surgery on his shoulder and will be out for spring practice. He's expected to be fully recovered by fall, but no other details were available.

Ryan Smith has a lingering problem with his ankle. Doctors at UCLA have differing opinions. He'll more than likely undergo surgery next week, and will more than likely miss spring practice.

The status of Tab Perry for spring practice is still undetermined. He's doing well, but is not fully recovered from the injuries he suffered last season.

Informal Passing League Scouting Reports:

Defensive tackle Saia Makakaufaki is playing tight end, having trimmed down, and looks good. He's down, reportedly, to 260 pounds or so. It's undetermined whether he'll move permanently to tight end for spring and next season.

Projected starting middle linebacker Marcus Reese has put on some bulk, now weighing in at 220+. Projected starting weakside linebacker, Audie Attar is up to 218, but has reportedly improved his flexibility.

Reports are still consistent that Junior Taylor, the wide receiver who enrolled in school this January, looks particularly fast.

As was first reported on the BRO message board, walkon linebacker Dane Skophammer, 6-3, 230, has moved to fullback and will compete for the #1 backup position at the spot.

Projected starting fullback, SO Pat Norton, is looking quite svelte, and reports are very good.

The Redshirt freshmen offensive linemen are all spending time in the weight room and putting on bulk. Colin Barker has put on solid weight, looking like he's around 300 pounds now.

The players are generally very impressed and happy with the new strength and condition coach, Kim Sword. Sword had been the strength and condition coach at San Jose State for the last three years. Reportedly, Sword is advocating some innovative ideas in his approach, including an emphasis on the use of video and high-tech equipment.

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