Recruiting Bash Update

The BRO Recruiting Bash is set for 3 p.m., Sunday, March 3, at Tony P's Dockside Grill in Marina del Rey. Reservations will close this Wednesday, so if you plan on coming you better reserve a spot...

Thanks to all who have made reservations so far, and to those who have sent e-mails. With the reservations continuing to arrive, we are obligated to give Tony P's a guaranteed head count next Wednesday, February 27, so they will have a better idea of how much food to order for our crowd. As a result we will be cutting off reservations with the arrival of mail next Wednesday. If you are still considering attending please get your check into the mail, so you won't be left out.

The plans for the Bash are off to a great start, and it is certainly going to be a blast. Bruin fans that had previously attended a BRO Recruiting Bash know that we have changed our venue. We did so for a number of reasons.

We will have the exclusive use of the Sports Tavern at Tony P's. This is a great sports bar. If you have ever been there you know this is a great place to watch any sporting event. The room has three big screens, six monitors and a huge projection screen perched above the 40-foot bar. The selection on tap is incredible and should please even the most finicky ale consumer.

The food and the marina views are spectacular as well. Speaking of food, the buffet is going to include chicken wings, fresh raw vegetable trays, Dockside chicken rolls, roasted vegetable quesadillas, Dockside potato skins, sesame chicken, a fajitas bar and, of course, chips and salsa.

Regarding the event's agenda, there will be plenty of information, videos, narratives and discussions regarding all of the incoming recruits and upcoming spring practice. There will also be plenty of information of basketball recruiting as well.

Our speakers:

n       Randy Taylor, Director of Football Operations, will talk about the football class just signed, the many stories from this season's recruiting efforts, and all the info about the team before spring practice.

n       Greg Biggins, Student Sports' recruiting director and publisher of Pac-West Football, will talk about the recruiting class and the recruiting season, and UCLA's potential targets in the junior class.

n       Tracy Pierson, publisher of BRO, will talk about both the football and basketball programs and their recruiting efforts, as well as the outlook for both programs.

As always we will have plenty of time for questions and answers. We will also be running some vintage videos of some classic past UCLA triumphs while everyone is getting settled and after the speakers

When: Sunday, March 3, 3:00 P.M.

Where: Tony P's Dockside Grill
4555 Admiralty Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA., 90252

How Much: Only Walk-up reservations are still available. Walk-up is $50

To make your walk-up reservation you must e-mail me at by Saturday, March 2, at 3 p.m. with the following information:

1. Name (not BRO registered name).
2. Address.
3. Phone number.
4. No. of walk-up reservations.

All e-mails will receive an e-mail reply to confirm. Remember to bring your money (cash or check) to pay at the door.


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