New Tight End Prospect Crops Up

He played his first year of football last year as a junior and then didn't play most of the season because of injury. He had only received a few letters before Saturday's UCLA Adidas Elite Camp, but because of his performance all of that will probably now change...

Monte Taylor, a 6-4, 215-pound tight end prospect from Los Angeles (Calif.) Washington Prep, really changed his life on Saturday at the UCLA Adidas Elite Camp.

Before Saturday, Taylor was almost completely unknown. He admitted to getting a few letters from different colleges, but just a few. "I've received a few letters. One from Oregon, Washington State and UCLA, and Kansas State, too. But not really that much."

That will probably all change after Saturday. Taylor was easily the best-looking tight end prospect at the camp, with very good speed (he said he ran a 4.6), athleticism (he jumped so high in the vertical, he touched the top of the apparatus and they had to readjust it higher for him), and pass-catching ability. He has good quickness for his size, and very long arms, which helped him make some tough catches in the one-on-one drills. He also has a very good body with a good, wide frame that could easily gain some weight.

So, why is this kid pretty much unknown? "Last year was the first year I really played football, and then I injured my knee and didn't really play," he said. "It wasn't really serious, though, and it's okay now. I mean, I ran on it okay today (Saturday, at the camp). But I just think not too many colleges know about me because of all that."

And that is probably true. And that's probably over. By the time Taylor was leaving the field Saturday he was told by his high school coaches that some college coaches of schools who were represented at the camp were trying to get in touch with them.

When asked what schools he'd like to have recruit him, Taylor said, "USC, Ohio State, Florida State and here, UCLA. I grew up liking USC, Ohio State and Florida State. And then (UCLA tight end) Marcedes Lewis is my favorite college player. I like the way he's so good he can change the game."

Taylor said he has a 2.6 GPA and will take the SAT this month.

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