Deane Has Taken Three Visits

Daniel Deane, the 6-8 post from Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial, has taken official trips to three of his five favorites this spring and will unofficially visit a fourth this week...

Daniel Deane, the 6-8 junior forward from Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial, has taken three official visits, and has a fourth scheduled.

He visited Stanford last month, and subsequently Gonzaga and Kansas. Later this week he'll visit what many speculate is his leader, Utah. He has no plans yet to visit the fifth school on his list, UCLA, but says he could visit them in the fall if he has not yet made a commmitment.

Deane, who averaged 18 points and 14 rebounds for Judge as a junior, adamantly insists that all five of his favorites are even at this time.

Deane did comment about the schools he's visited officially so far.

On Kansas: "I really had no idea what Kansas would be like, other than what I see of them on TV a bunch. I hadn't seen the school or researched them much. Their strength is their competition. Their drawback is they have three McDonald's All-Americans coming in next year. But they say I'm the person who could fit in with them, so we'll see."

On Gonzaga: "All the guys got along very well. It seemed like a close-knit place. The strength is the success the coaches have had without a lot of talent. The drawback is not knowing exactly where I would fit in with them – where I would play and when I would play."

On Stanford: "Their strength is probably their academics and their recent success. Also the people I'd be playing with in my class and the class above me. They have some pretty good players coming in. We could have a great team. Stanford sees me as a {combo} three-four. The drawback is whether I get get in or not, and playing time."

Deane, who holds a 3.8 GPA and scored a 1220 on the old-style SAT, still has yet to get admitted academically to Stanford, currently working on the application.

Deane did answer some questions about the assertion that hometown Utah would be hard to beat for his services. When asked if Utah were leading, Deane said, "No team has been crossed off. They're all in there still. All five schools are even."

He does admit, however, that there are some advantages Utah holds. "I've talked to them many times," Deane said of the Utah coaches. "My whole life I've gone to every game at home. My dad played there. And the school is just two blocks from my [Judge Memorial] campus."

But he countered by adding: "Even though I'm from Utah, it's not like that is the only place in the world. I would have no problem going out-of-state. I never really thought about going to Utah growing up. I just went to games. There is the obvious advantage being close to home, and my family went there. But that doesn't lock me in."

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