2007 Center Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph is a 6-10 rising junior from North Little Rock (Ark.) High, but he's spent the majority of his life living in SoCal -- and wants to come back. If he did, he'd be one of the best post prospects in the west...

Anthony Randolph, the 6-10 junior center from North Little Rock (Ark.) High, exploded on the AAU scene this spring, going from almost completely unknown to currently being the #20-ranked player in the national 2007 class, according to the latest rankings by Scout.com.

It's really a time for many new discoveries for Randolph. He only really started playing basketball in the last year or so, and this spring started getting his mailbox stuffed with recruiting letters from colleges across the country.

"Yeah, I used to just play football," Randolph said, until a basketball coach saw him and compelled him to play basketball. "Now, in just a year, I'm getting all the letters."

The long, extremely gifted athlete is still only 15 years old, which is young for his class and fairly unusual today when many basketball recruits have been held back and are one year – and sometimes two years – older than their class. He's also grown about four inches in the last two years.

Randolph grew up in Southern California, in Pasadena, and moved to Arkansas with his father and mother when he was 14, when he was beginning high school.

"I grew up in California and I miss it every day," Randolph said. "I want to move back and go to high school and play there. I'm trying hard to be able to transfer back. I have all of the rest of my family there so it might work out."

In terms of favorite colleges, Randolph said he doesn't have any. "I just stated playing basketball about a year ago so I really don't know that much about them," Randolph said. Standing in UCLA's Pauley Pavilion when he attended UCLA's camp last week, Randolph said, "I think it's nice here. It's a really nice campus. But it's all open. I'd be interested in everybody right now. Anyone who wants to give me a chance."

Randolph also attended USC's camp in late June.

When asked what kind of student he is, Randolph said. "Pretty good. I think I have about a 2.5 GPA, but I don't have any Fs."

For right now, Randolph will do the AAU circuit in July, playing with the Los Angeles Paladins, and then do everything he can to come back to high school in Southern California. He said, "I don't care where. It can be in Pasadena, anywhere. It doesn't matter. As long as I'm in California."

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