Tournament Predictions: West & South

Filling out your brackets? Look no further. These predictions will make you the champ of your office pool and the envy of all your friends. First, the West and South Regions...


First Round:

#1 Cincinnati v #16 Boston University: Are you kidding? Boston who?

#8 UCLA v #9 Mississippi: You'll have to wait until the preview is done.

#5 Miami v #12 Missouri: Miami is a finesse team from the Big East. Go figure. Missouri was a preseason top 5 team whose young slick-haired coach couldn't deliver. I guess it's going around. Missouri wins it.

#4 Ohio State v #13 Davidson: The Buckeyes are seriously underrated and have great guards. Ohio State by a big margin.

#6 Gonzaga v #11 Wyoming: The Zags got screwed again. And, once more, they can so some screwing of their own from here on out.

#3 Arizona v #14 UCSB: Bob Williams might be the best unknown coach in the country, but Lute Olson probably deserves the National Coach of the Year award. Arizona will win.

#7 Xavier v #10 Hawaii: Has Hawaii ever won a road game? EVER??? Xavier can't possibly lose.

#2 Oklahoma v #15 Illinois-Chicago: The Sooners should have been the #1 seed here ahead of Cincinnati. Count on them to play like it.

Second Round:

#1 Cincinnati v Mystery Team: Cincinnati by 25, easy.

#12 Missouri v #4 Ohio State: Ohio State is mad, bad and eager for a rivalry game.

#6 Gonzaga v #3 Arizona: Gonzaga will triumph by busting Arizona's zone and dominating the glass against a mediocre rebounding team.

#7 Xavier v #2 Oklahoma: Oklahoma by 15.

Sweet 16: #1 Cincinnati v #5 Ohio State: Ohio State has the guards to wear out Steve Logan and the muscle to get Donald Little in foul trouble.

#6 Gonzaga v #2 Oklahoma: Oklahoma will end the latest "Cinderella" run by the best program in the west.

Elite 8:

#5 Ohio State v #2 Oklahoma: Oklahoma, of course. Quick guards, athletic wings, bruising big men, a tight 1-4 offense and killer man d. And one of the best coaches around. I wonder where Kelvin Sampson will be coaching two years from now?


First Round:

#1 Duke v #16 Winthrop: Gee, this is tough. I guess Duke.

#8 Notre Dame v # Charlotte: This is a great first round match: Ryan Humphrey v Cam Stephens. Chris Thomas v Damon Brown. Throw up a coin: Charlotte.

#5 Indiana v #12 Utah: Oh, please. Utah has been red hot. The Utes have about five 6-8 guys and Indiana is overrated.

#4 USC v #13 UNC Wilmington: USC will stomp this team.

#6 Cal v #11 Penn: Cal would lose to Princeton, but not to Penn.

#3 Pitt v # 14 Central Connecticut State: Pitt will win just to make Greg Hicks happy.

#7 Oklahoma State v #10 Kent State: Kent State has won 17 games in a row and Trevor Huffman is a poor man's Scott Skiles. The Sooners are heading south. Kent State wins it.

#2 Alabama v #15 Florida Atlantic: Alabama wins just to make Greg Hicks happy.

Second Round:

#1 Duke v #9 Charlotte: Duke, of course.

#12 Utah v #4 USC: This is a tough one, but Sam Clancy ain't no Jarred Jeffries, and that's for sure. All those Ute big men get crushed in this game.

#6 Cal v #3 Pitt: Cal. Greg Hicks weeps as Ben Braun's defense makes Ben Howland's offense look like Steve Lavin was coaching Pitt.

#10 Kent State v #2 Alabama: Alabama keeps Greg's hopes alive, but not by much.

Sweet 16:

#1 Duke v #4 USC: Duke again. I know, I'm reaching here, but that's what I'm known for: My wild and crazy predictions.

#6 Cal v #2 Alabama: Alabama has too many tall athletes for Cal to shut them down. Rod Grizzard goes off.

Elite 8:

#1 Duke v #2 Alabama: Duke wins by about 20 if they take it easy.

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