Tourney Predictions: East, Midwest, Final

Here are the rest of the predictions to finish off those pool-winning brackets. Why even play the games when we can tell you who will win the national championship?


First Round:

#1 Kansas v #16 Holy Cross: I think Kansas can win this one.

#8 Stanford v #9 Western Kentucky: Curtis Borchardt actually has to look up to someone: 7-2 300 Chris Marcus. But Western Kentucky will be watching Casey Jacobsen score all day long.

#5 Florida v #12 Creighton: Creighton knows how to play. Billy Donovan knows how to recruit. Creighton will win this game. Young slick-haired coaches are out of favor.

#4 Illinois v 13 San Diego State: Illinois will end the dreams of Tony Bland and company. For this year, at least.

#6 Texas v #11 Boston College: TJ Ford versus Troy Bell in a great point guard contest. The game shouldn't be half as exciting. Boston College will win it.

#3 Mississippi State v McNeese State: McNeese State has a head coach named Tic. Right. Mississippi State to win.

#7 Wake Forest v #10 Pepperdine: Wake Forest is slow and can't shoot consistently. Pepperdine will press, zone and run. And win.

#2 Oregon v #15 Montana: Oregon will lose these guys at about the 12-minute mark.

Second Round:

#1 Kansas v #8 Stanford: Kansas will run the Cardinal off the floor and score 100 points.

#5 Creighton v #4 Illinois: Illinois will struggle to win a close game.

#11 Boston College v #3 Mississippi State: Mississippi State will win because BC really doesn't belong in the tournament.

#10 Pepperdine v #2 Oregon: Oregon could beat the Waves by 30 all over again.

Sweet 16:

#1 Kansas v #4 Illinois: Kansas will cruise. For once, they're the really quick team out here. #3 Mississippi State v #2 Oregon: Oregon will cruise once again.

Elite 8:

#1 Kansas v #2 Oregon: The two best speed games in the country in what should be the most exciting game of the whole tournament. Oregon will give the Pac-10 its moment of triumph with the upset.


First Round:

#1 Maryland v #16 Alcorn State/Siena (Alcorn State): Maryland should probably win.

#Wisconsin v #9 St. John's: St. John's has the quickness and muscle.

#5 Marquette v #12 Tulsa: Dwayne Wade and Cordell Henry are the best pair of guards no one's heard of. Marquette in a walk.

#4 Kentucky v #13 Valparaiso: Valparaiso will take advantage of Kentucky's continuing nonsense and lack of quality post play and pull off the upset.

#6 Texas Tech v #11 Southern Illinois: Don't you just hate these MVC teams? Bobby Knight does. Southern Illinois ends his comeback.

#3 Georgia v #14 Murray State: Georgia a #3 seed? Huh. Lucky for them, their bracket sucks. The Bulldogs will win.

#7 NC State v #10 Michigan State: Go with the coach, unless the coach is Bob Knight. Michigan State will advance.

#2 UConn v #15 Hampton: Hampton pulls off the upset over the nation's most overrated team.

Second Round:

#1 Maryland v #9 St. John's: Maryland, naturally.

#5 Marquette v #13 Valparaiso: Marquette will pull out a tough game.

#11 Southern Illinois v #3 Georgia: Georgia still lacks serious competition.

#10 Michigan State v #15 Hampton: Hampton is this year's surprise team behind slick guard Tommy Adams, a future pro. Hampton wins it.

Sweet 16:

#1 Maryland v #5 Marquette: Maryland, of course.

#3 Georgia v #15 Hampton: Georgia will barely beat the pirates as Jim Harrick takes his 3rd team to the Elite 8.

Elite 8:

#1 Maryland v #3 Georgia: Maryland destroys Georgia by 25.


Duke v Oklahoma: Duke will win a close, exciting, low-scoring game.

Maryland v Oregon: Maryland will win a close, exciting, high-scoring game.

National Championship:

Duke v Maryland: Maryland will play into Duke's hands and lose by about 15 in one of the most boring finals in many years.

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