New Developments in AD Search

There are some developments in the search for a new UCLA athletic director, including a new name emerging as a serious candidate...

According to sources, Rick Bay, the current athletic director at San Diego State, has been interviewed twice by the UCLA search committee and is considered a viable candidate for the athletic director position that will be vacated by Peter Dalis at the end of the school year.

Bay is well respected in the college athletics community, having been the athletic director at Minnesota, Ohio State and Oregon, while also having been the chief operating officer of the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians.

Bay has spearheaded many facility projects in his various stints as athletic director at different schools, and is considered responsible for the great facilities that have been built in recent years at San Diego State.

Bay has been San Diego State's athletic director since 1995 and is in his late 50s.

While the athletic director search committee at UCLA is in the midst of interviewing candidates, other sources indicate that the list of serious candidates now has about 7 or 8 names on it. Gene Bleymaier, currently the athletic director at Boise State, is known to be on the list, as is Gary Cunningham, the UC Santa Barbara athletic director. Many believe that Bleymaier, a former UCLA football player, is the leading candidate, but a source close to search indicated that that wasn't clearly the case. The source did say, though, that both Bleymaier and Cunningham, the former UCLA basketball coach, are among the serious candidates on the list.

And contrary to many rumors, there are at least a few names on the list of serious candidates that are currently within the athletic department. Reports are that Betsy Stephenson and Rick Purdy, two current associate athletic directors, are among the internal candidates that are being considered seriously for the position. A reliable source said that it is still very possible that UCLA would hire its new athletic director from among the candidates currently working in the athletic department.

The time frame for announcing the new athletic director is still slated for sometime in April, most likely by mid-month, sources indicate.

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