Student Athlete Wesley Davis

Wesley Davis from Spring Valley (Calif.) Steele Canyon, is a promising safety prospect -- at 6-1 and about 200, and with a 4.1 GPA. He has offers and waits on possibly more...

Spring Valley (Calif.) Steele Canyon safety Wesley Davis (6-1, 200) is holding four official scholarship offers while waiting for three California schools to possibly add to that.

Colorado State, UTEP, Boston College and San Diego State have all offered Davis, while he is hoping to receive offers from California, Stanford and UCLA.

"Cal said they would have a decision at the end of summer, on whether to offer me. Stanford has their whole admission process. UCLA, I've talked with and as far as I know they want to wait to see my season. It's so close to my home and it's a good situation. They have a good tradition and they are going in the right direction," said Davis.

Davis said the most surprising offer came from Boston College. "They came in May and three days later they offered me by phone and said an offer was on the table. I don't know how they came out here. They've moved into the ACC, and it's a big time program, it's not a mid-major, and unless I go to SDSU, I'm going to have to move from home anyway," Davis said.

Davis went to the UCLA One-Day Camp, as well as going to the Cal camp, which was his only full-contact camp. "It (Cal camp) went really well for me. I was named the defensive MVP. I liked the coaching staff a lot. I also visited Stanford when I was up there," Davis said.

He's been on a few campuses also just to visit. He went to USC's Junior Day and attended a practice there, UCLA's spring game, and also attended San Diego State's spring practice.

Davis said he would like to be able to play in the Pac-10 but isn't ruling out the hometown Aztecs. He said: "I want to go where best the situation is for me. Everyone is telling me where to go so I'm going to take some official trips. I had a cousin who played for Illinois and he told me not to just look on the front of the magazine, that I really need to go and talk to players, see how they like it there. Just because it's a big school doesn't mean it's the best place. So I'm seriously looking at San Diego State."

His family wants him to go to college locally, but his brother is in Atlanta so his family has dealt with a child going far away from home. "It's more me wanting to stay close to home," Davis said.

Davis said that when he attends the UCLA-San Diego State opener on September 3, it will be his first time seeing a college football game in person.

Academics will be huge for Davis, as he sports a 4.1 GPA and scored a 1530 on the new SAT. "The school needs to match up to my GPA. It would have to be a school where I'd apply to if I didn't play football. That's why I like Cal, Stanford, UCLA and Boston College."

During his junior campaign, Davis had 75 tackles and 7 interceptions from his safety position. In the last five games, he saw time at receiver and tallied 19 receptions for 405 yards.

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