Report from Two-A-Day Wednesday

The four contending quarterbacks probably have their best day collectively of the fall camp; some linemen continue to stand out on both sides of the ball, and a walk-on wide receiver might be earning a spot in the receiver rotation...

The team practiced in full pads for the morning practice, and shells in the afternoon.

The morning practice was close to three hours, while the afternoon practice was quite a bit lighter, for about an hour and a half.

Personnel Update:

Chris Horton had successful surgery on his wrist, but the time frame for his recovery and the details of it are unknown at this time.

Brandon Breazell, the sophomore wide receiver, returned to practice after being away for three days attending a friend's funeral.

Gavin Ketchum, the freshman wide receiver who dislocated his shoulder, could return to practice within a week, according to Head Coach Karl Dorrell.

Center Mike McCloskey was fully dressed for the morning practice, but then only practiced on a limited basis. Halfway through the morning practice he took off his pads and had his injured shoulder iced. He didn't participate in the afternoon practice.

A good number of players didn't participate in the afternoon practice, the coaches not wanting to put too much stress on those that recently recovered from injuries. Those include Justin London, Bruce Davis, Michael Pitre, Chris Joseph and more.

Freshman safety Robert Kibble, didn't participate in the second practice due to a hamstring strain.

Freshman defensive lineman Jess Ward injured his foot in the afternoon practice and watched from crutches. His status is unknown.

Starting sophomore offensive guard Shannon Tevaga gave the team a little scare today. After the morning practice he complained of dizziness. He then sat out the afternoon practice and was treated by a trainer and a doctor, but then felt fine. He felt so good he donned his shoulder pads and helmet and took some reps in the second half of the afternoon practice.

Freshman walk-on Trason Bragg, from Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola, has moved from safety to tailback, because of thinness at the position.

Watch Dorrell in a video answers questions from the meida in an interview after Wednesday's second pratice.

Performance Report:

In the morning practice, the receivers dropped a number of balls and receiver coach Dino Babers made them do up-downs as a group, while also giving them a good earfull.

The receivers went on to have a pretty good day overall.

Karl Dorrell did some very hands-on coaching of the receivers, actually throwing passes to them in a 10-yard, endzone drill.

Joe Cowan followed up a good practice Tuesday with two good ones Wednesday. He might have dropped one ball each in both practices, but then caught everything else. He looks like he could become one of the favorite targets of Ben Olson, who tends to throw to him often.

Marcus Everett also had a good day among the receivers, catching a number of balls in traffic.

It's getting a bit monotonous to keep repeating that Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Drew had exceptional days, but they did Wednesday also.

Walk-on receiver Andrew Baumgartner continues to perform. He more than likely is going beyond just being a fall hero and actually earn some season-rotation time among the receivers. He had a very good reception today – on a play from the 10-yard line he caught the pass at about the three and rode two tacklers into the endzone.

Despite the offense making some plays and having spurts of effectiveness, the defense still basically dominated the day. The quarterbacks are often not finding receivers in the 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 due to good coverage. The front seven is doing well containing the run generally, except for an occasional big run by Drew.

The defensive line had a good day overall Wednesday. After not looking great Tuesday, defensive end William Snead made a comeback today. He worked with the ones, and had a few hurries, a nice sack, and in the one-on-one with the OLs actually put Ed Blanton, who is seldom beat, on his backside.

Kevin Brown also falls into the category with Lewis and Drew – that it's getting monotonous to keep repeating how good he's performing every day. Justin Hickman is also almost there with them.

Brigham Harwell stood out today, in the one-on-ones and the scrimmages, showing his quickness in pursuit and getting around his blocker to make tackles. In a one-on-one with offensive guard Robert Chai, Harwell flattened him. Chai then responded by actually containing Kevin Brown, something seldom seen so far in fall camp.

Chane Moline, the freshman defensive tackle, like redshirt freshman Kenneth Lombard, continues to impress with his effectiveness. Both are smart and quick, despite being overmatched physically, and are making plays consistently every day in practice.

The 10-yard game situation created many great plays – by many individual players. Jarrad Page stood up a running back at the goal line. Freshman linebacker Reggie Carter had a big stop on Maurice Drew at the goal line on a dive. Freshman linebacker John Hale batted down a pass from a rolling out Ben Olson, intended for a dragging Marcedes Lewis. Freshman safety Bret Lockett also had a nice hit for a stop at the goal line.

As Coach Dorrell said, it wasn't practice unless Spencer Havner got an interception. A good pass by Ben Olson was tipped by Junior Taylor and Havner was there to grab it.

With Davis not participating in the second practice, Aaron Whittington took advantage of the opportunity at the outside linebacker spot, getting a sack on a blitz and making a nice tackle for loss against running back Kahlil Bell.

Among the DBs, Marcus Cassel consistently provided good coverage today. Trey Brown also had a number of good break-ups. Safety Dennis Keyes drilled receiver Ryan Graves on a slightly overthrown ball. Freshman safety Shawn Oatis got noticed when he put a nice hit on Bell.

The youngsters on offense did a few things that were noticeable. Ryan Moya had a few good catches, one where he looked particularly quick catching a well-thrown ball on a post by David Koral.

Aleksey Lanis, the freshman offensive guard, again looked very effective in the one-on-ones. Freshman tackle Justin Brown also looked pretty good; while it's clear he lacks the upper body strength, he does have good feet and uses them well to stay in front of his rusher.

Sophomore running back Chris Markey perhaps had one of the prettiest plays of the day, when he snuck behind the defense to get wide open on a skinny post, and caught a graceful pass by Pat Cowan for a touchdown.

Quarterback Watch:

The quarterbacks, collectively, might have had their best day in fall camp Wednesday. Really the top four quarterbacks – Drew Olson, Ben Olson, Patrick Cowan and David Koral – all generally had good days.

Drew Olson didn't throw as many inaccurate passes as he had in the last couple of days, and made some very nice completions. Probably the prettiest play of the day was Olson hitting Marcus Everett in the corner of the endzone with a perfectly thrown ball, with Everett making a very nice catch. He also threw a very well-timed pass to Cowan on a skinny post for a TD. Perhaps in the negative column for Olson was fumbling the snap from center a number of times in the morning session, but that could be due to an unfamiliarity with center Chris Joseph, with McCloskey being out.

Koral had a number of nice completions, and scored on a roll-out and scramble from the ten-yard line. Cowan made some nice throws down the field, looking like he's gained back some power in his arm.

Ben Olson again had a good day, highlighted by a pretty pass with nice touch that landed softly in Marcedes Lewis' hands for a touchdown. Ben also looked quick rolling out and scrambling for a TD himself. Ben did throw an interception, but it was a well-thrown ball that the receiver bobbled and was then snatched by Justin London.

It does seem that Ben still tends to hold the ball a bit long – something that really can only be tested in live situations, like this Saturday's scrimmage at Drake Stadium.

Recruiting Watch:

Tight end prospect John Reese from Upland attended practice in the morning, and committed offensive lineman Sean Sheller watched the afternoon practice.

Former UCLA Head Coach Terry Donahue made an appearance at the end of the afternoon practice.

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