UCLA Could Land D-Tackle Transfer

At 6-4 and 270, he was one of UCLA's primary defensive line targets when he came out of high school in 2004, but he chose a different school over UCLA at the time. He's now transferring and he tells us about the schools he's considering...

Brandon Nicolas, the 6-4, 270-pound lineman who graduated from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei in 2004, has decided to transfer from Notre Dame after spending one year there.

Ranked the #37 defensive lineman in the country by Scout.com in 2004, Nicolas chose Notre Dame over UCLA. He was one of the Bruins' top recruiting targets at defensive line that year.

He left Notre Dame last week, and has been in the process of getting his release for the schools he's now considering seriously.

"It's UCLA and Colorado," Nicolas said. Sunday afternoon. "When I first was deciding in high school, those schools were two I considered really seriously. I've now narrowed it down to those two."

For a college player to transfer, any school he could potentially transfer to must have a specific release from the school he's leaving. Notre Dame sent a specific release to Colorado last week, and they agreed to release Nicolas to UCLA also, with the actual release not expected to be received by UCLA until Monday.

Because of that, Nicolas has not been able to talk to the UCLA coaches yet, since he can't, by NCAA rules, talk to another coaching staff until they actually have the release in their possession. He has talked with the Colorado coaches, however.

"Hopefully UCLA will get the release tomorrow (Monday)," Nicolas said. "I've already spoken to the Colorado coaches and now I need to speak to the UCLA coaches. When I was getting recruited by them before they had a different defensive line coach, so I want to talk to the new one that's there."

Nicolas said once that's done his decision shouldn't take long. "I'll talk with all the coaches, then sit down with my parents in the next day or so and make a decision. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of days."

Nicolas, though, wouldn't give an indication that he's leaning to either the Buffs or the Bruins. He said, "Right now it's 50-50. I chose Notre Dame over UCLA, so that's why I'm back considering UCLA, but Colorado is still high. They were my first offer, and they were in my top three or four schools back in high school."

When asked if playing in SoCal and being close to his family would be a factor, Nicolas said, "I didn't mind being away from home when I went to Notre Dame. But being at home does have its benefits."

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