Talk with Mociler & Seidman

The offensive lineman Paul Mociler and tight end Mike Seidman each talk about spring practice and their goals for the season...

Comments from sophomore offensive lineman Paul Mociler:

How do feel about playing center?

"Whatever gets me on the field. Playing center, guard or tackle, I'm just trying to find a way to get on the field. If it's going to be center, it's going to be center."

What have you heard about John Ream's injury?

He had surgery in the off-season. It was a foot injury he's had since last season. Last Thursday he aggravated it. And they don't want to push him too hard so he reinjures it. So they're keeping him out of practice and let him heal up a little more."

How different is it to learn the responsibilities of center?

"Knowing the plays is the same. I understand the offense. But as for snapping the ball, getting the ball up, it's an extra thing to snap the ball, rather than getting in the stance and blocking. There's a little more to it. I have to get a little more experience, but I think I'm doing allright out there."

Have the coaches given you feedback on your performance so far in spring?

"I feel that they're fairly confident with me. We don't know who's starting yet. McCloskey is behind me and Ream will come back. Sometimes I mess up and I don't get the ball up sometimes, but other times I've done good things and they tell me."

What's up with the cast on your wrist?

I had surgery in the off-season. Beginning of fall camp, I broke the little tip of the ulna, I broke that off, and had a whole in my ligament. So I'm wearing the cast as preventative, just for spring. It feels really good. This way I get a club to swing. But it's harder to hold people."

Comments from Mike Seidman:.

Does it seem like you became a senior really fast?

"It's gone super fast. I don't even feel like a senior. Everyone is looking up to me as a leader. It's all so weird to me. It's my last year."

Is there any regret on how fast it's gone –without redshirting?

"I'm not sad about not having another year. It's not that. I just feel like I don't get to finish out my senior year with most of the guys in my class because most of them redshirted. I would have like to have finished out with the guys that redshirted."

This is the year that you're the man at tight end. Any pressure, or do you welcome the challenge?

"I've been waiting for this since I got here. I can't wait. I'm out here doing my thing. They're throwing the ball to me a lot, more than they've done in the past, so it's good."

What was your off-season like?

"It was the hardest I've worked. I did a lot of stuff on my own. Waking up at 5:30 and working out before coming to work out over here."

Do you have an impression they're going to try to throw more to the tight end next season?

"They've been saying that and so far in spring they've been throwing to the tight ends quite a bit."

Any thoughts on incoming freshman Marcedes Lewis?

"I've met him. He's a good player, but I'm not worried about my place on the team."

How are you physically right now?

"I feel great. I had a little torn stomach muscle after the season that took a while to heal, but the knees okay, all that stuff's okay. I'm just ready for the season, to go out and butt some heads."

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