Taylor's All-Stars: Best in Cali

The former UCLA Director of Football Operations, Randy Taylor, is the most respected high school football scout in California, with his service being used by programs in the Pac-10, Big Ten and Big 12, among others. He provides his inaugural list of "All-Stars", the best players in the state at each position...

Randy Taylor served as UCLA's Director of Football Operations for seven seasons (1996-2002). His recruiting efforts garnered the Bruins the nation's top class in 1998, with several top 5 and top 10 classes to follow. In 2001, Taylor was selected by ESPN.com as the nation's top director of college football operations/recruiting coordinator.

Since leaving UCLA, Taylor started the Taylor Scouting Service, which has become the most highly-regarded scouting service in California.

Taylor Scouting Service released this week its inaugural list of "Taylor's All Stars", identifying California's premiere prep players at each position.


Clausen Jimmy QB 6-2 180 JR Oaks Christian Westlake Village
Is probably the best QB in the state regardless of class, can spin it, has good arm strength, has a good presence on the field that he's had since mid way through his freshman year, youngest and maybe the best of the Clausen quarterbacks.

Coughlin Mike QB 6-4 190 SR Mira Mesa HS San Diego
Strong arm, can spin it, working on footwork, has good feet, but lacks some fundamentals, same with him being an arm thrower, has a high release and looks accurate, has a chance, needs to get stronger, will get thicker, there's an upside.

Forcier Chris QB 6-2 175 JR St. Augustine San Diego
Can really run, athletic, has good arm strength, can spin it, should be a better QB prospect than his brother who is at Michigan, if he doesn't make it as a QB he could always be a safety because of his speed and athleticism.

Green Garrett QB/DB 6-2 210 SR Notre Dame Sherman Oaks
A terrific athlete, strong arm, not the prettiest thrower, but gets it done, a strong kid who could play safety or linebacker at the next level, however he might fit a system where he will shine as a quarterback.

Herrick Michael QB 6-1 175 SR Valencia HS Valencia
Not big, strong or fast, but is very effective, has ok arm strength, is a good timing QB and fits the system at Valencia perfectly, terrific competitor, an intangible that can't be coached.

Jansen Jeff QB 6-4.5 215 SR Diamond Bar Diamond Bar
Size and strength are good, needs to work on feet and speed, has good arm strength and spins it pretty well, may be the best pocket passer in the state.

Lyon Tyler QB 6-5 190 SR Hart HS Newhall
Has the size, mobility and strength to be a top guy at the next level, can spin it, has pretty good accuracy, is an athlete and is still developing as a QB, plays baseball, is a pitcher and this tends to effect the delivery of quarterbacks for awhile, but it's a temporary adjustment.


Gerhart Toby RB/DB 6-0 215 SR Norco HS Corona
Tough, great effort, breaks tackles, fun to watch, carries team on back, deceptive speed, but not track fast, may fit some systems as a tailback, looks like a fullback or strong safety/will backer, dad's the head coach. Is a top baseball player and might play both in college or even pro baseball and college football.

Glass Rodney RB 5-10.5 180 SR Notre Dame HS Sherman Oaks
Thick, good speed, will be a good player on either side of the ball, has a great burst and might be a special running back in the mold of the Bush kid at USC.

Johnson Stafon RB/DB/S 5-11 200 SR Dorsey HS Los Angeles
Quick, good feet and excellent vision, can make people miss, runs well between tackles, good knack for the cutback, instinctive, good burst, breaks tackles, good toughness, plays some safety and makes plays, might be as good at safety as he is as a running back, will hit and has ball skills. May be the best back in the state the last couple of years.

Moline Chane FB/LB 6-1 240 SR Mission Viejo HS Mission Viejo
Runs hard, physical, tough, top end speed is a concern, does however seem to make a lot of long runs, maybe a linebacker is an Alstott type player, should be good in one back situations, can catch as well, he's somewhat of a tweener, but a good football player.

Slocum Tracy RB/DB 5-9 185 SR Clovis East HS Clovis
Hits the hole very well and may be his strength, is patient, uses blockers well, not track fast from what I see, but keeps his legs moving and piles up yardage, plays fast.

Stanford R.J. RB/CB 5-10.5 180 SR Chino HS Chino
Nice looking long armed athlete, smooth kid, runs well, quick, can change direction, nice hands, can play running back, wide receiver or cornerback.


Ausberry David WR 6-4 215 SR Lemoore HS Lemoore
Looks like the big receiver everyone's looking for, has good acceleration, can be physical, good return guy, really a great looking kid, very good athlete, will get bigger, has a good frame, could be 230 easy, he runs well, but not track fast, he looks like the top receiver in California.

Austin Terrence WR/CB 5-10 165 SR Poly Long Beach
Really quick, athletic, smooth, runs nice routes, very good burst, catches the ball well, uses hands, runs well, should be the go to guy, this year's Desean Jackson, isn't quite as fast as Desean, but could be in the end, has terrific explosion, is a top high jumper and long jumper in the state.

Dean DeLaShawn WR 6-3 190 SR Fairfield HS Fairfield
A combination of size and speed, athletic, is a top target on the top college's prospect list.

Holland Jamere WR/CB 5-11 165 SR Taft HS Woodland Hills
Could be a difference maker in the future with his speed and athleticism, has good enough hands and can change direction, is a receiver at the next level, can play corner, but has more of an upside at WR.

Holt Menelik WR 6-3 200 SR St. Augustine HS San Diego
Good size, athletic, is a big receiver and makes up for ok speed with good ball skills, body control and good hands, could be special as a linebacker or safety as well.

Knox Tyquan WR 5-10 175 SR Crenshaw HS Los Angeles
Is an explosive, talented kid who'll just keep getting better, good hands, adjusts to the ball, has good quickness and has long arms, is a gamer, will get faster.

Patterson Travon WR/CB 5-9 165 SR Poly Long Beach
Maybe the fastest of the football players running track at Poly in this class, catches the ball with his hands, is quick and has a burst, good feet, athletic and has a good body. Could play either side of the ball.


Burton Randy TE/DL 6-4 220 SR Lancaster HS Lancaster
Is a really good looking kid, has developed a lot since last year, has a good upside, raw, runs well, good athlete.

Croom Howard TE/DE 6-3.5 235 SR Wilson HS Long Beach
A good body, has good hands, competes, looks like he could play some DL or OL at the next level as well.

Miller Jeff TE/DE 6-4.5 240 SR Westlake HS Westlake Village
Is a good athlete, competes for the ball, long arms and can gain yards after the catch, I like him as a DE in the future, has the look and attitude of a defensive player.

Reese John TE 6-4 220 SR Upland HS Upland
Has a chance, good athlete, has the frame to get bigger, should be a top prospect, is going to play some receiver as well.

Reuland Konrad TE 6-5 240 SR Mission Viejo HS Mission Viejo
Has good size, tough, good hands, looks like a go to guy, good effort blocking, is a load, he's what a TE should look like.

Ward Naderris TE 6-5 250 SR McClymonds HS Oakland
Great looking kid, good hands, athletic, could end up as an OL or DL, he's a work in progress but has the tools to be good.


Baxter Colin OL 6-3 275 SR Peninsula HS Palos Verdes
Plays hard, competes, moves pretty well and comes off the ball well.

Dean Jacob OL 6-4 270 SR Paraclete HS Lancaster
Has good feet, is a good athlete and has room to grow, should be a solid OL at the next level, needs strength, and size.

Hayes Jovan OL 6-3 310 SR Dorsey HS Los Angeles
Good drive blocker, locks on moves feet and rolls hips, competes, finishes very well, good strength, will be a guard at next level, has ok quickness, may struggle playing on the edge in space especially in pass pro, can get to the next level and block LBers.

Heberer Zach OL 6-4 265 SR San Pedro HS San Pedro
Good size, will get bigger, runs well, competes, a tough kid, has good athleticism and feet.

Mafoe Daniel OL 6-3 275 SR Carson HS Carson
Is a good looking kid on the hoof, has feet, is a powerful player, delivers a good punch, and can finish, should be a nice guard.

Sheller Sean OL 6-5 270 SR Walnut HS Walnut
Good feet and knee bend, has a good frame and should get bigger, has a very good upside, might be the only tackle of the group.


Fua Sione DL 6-3 290 SR Crespi Encino
Good motor, can redirect, runs pretty well, has good feet and is pretty athletic for a big man, not a real quick kid, but is strong, uses hands well, might be a heck of a center prospect or a DT.

Hill Derrick DL 6-1 270 SR McClymonds HS Oakland
Has feet and looks the part, will have to play inside on defense or be an OL at the next level, good strength and quickness.

Holmes Josh DL 6-0 260 SR Point Loma HS San Diego
Has good athleticism, quickness and can get off on the ball well, active, good motor, can redirect and is physical, will be a solid DT at the next level, should be able to get bigger (290 easy), I wish he had longer arms, but his athleticism and quickness make up for it.

Leatiota Isaac DL 6-4 290 SR Wilcox HS Santa Clara
Uses his hands well, is a little stiff hipped, but is a big kid that can move and looks strong, can help on either side of the ball, but could be best as a guard at the next level.

Simmons A.J. DL/TE 6-2.5 250 SR Bishop O'Dowd Oakland
Good thickness in lower body, long arms, has the body to put on good weight, moves well and looks like he has a good upside, can catch the ball, has pretty good feet, should put hand on the ground at the next level.

Simmons Derek DL 6-3.5 275 SR Armijo HS Fairfield
Good looking kid, has good knee bend, can redirect, has good feet, good quickness, uses hands and is athletic. Should be able to help on either side of the ball, could be a heck of a guard, but is one of the best DLs in state right now.


Bradford Allen LB 5-11.5 215 SR Colton Colton
Runs well, good quickness and strength, looks like a "will" backer to me, competes, gives good effort in coverage, is a talented running back as well.

Cornell Jonathon LB 6-0.5 205 SR Bishop Amat La Puente
Long arms, looks the part, runs well, plays hard, can run sideline to sideline, chase people and make plays, but is a straight line guy, could develop into a very good player at next level if he can improve lateral movement.

Johnson Devin LB 6-1 210 SR Rancho Cucamonga Alta Loma
Active, competes, makes plays, runs well, will play RB also, good feet and quickness, good explosion.

Johnson Mark LB 6-2.5 215 SR Dorsey Los Angeles
Long arms, good looking kid, can run and hit, athletic, physical, competes, has a good burst, sideline to sideline player.

Smith William "Will" LB 6-1.5 210 SR Sunnyside Fresno
Active, tough, runs well, smart, an athlete, raw, learning how to play the position, is being recruited by some schools in track.

Tatum Joshua LB 6-1 220 SR McClymonds Oakland
Runs pretty well, active, makes plays, good quickness, is raw, but has a good upside, good burst and does a nice job of attacking the ball carrier, gets out of control at times, because he plays with his hair on fire.

Umodu "Tobi" Emmanuel LB 5-11 210 SR South Hills West Covina
Runs well, competes, plays a lot of positions, but maybe a linebacker or fullback at the next level.


Hagan Darian CB/FS 6-0 180 SR Crenshaw Los Angeles
Could be a big time player, long arms, playmaker, good ball skills, instincts are good, confident.

House Tyreace CB/WR 5-8.5 175 SR Palmdale HS Palmdale
A fast, quick, athlete, good feet and hips, has ball skills, catches the ball well, smooth, needs to work on technique as a corner, but has very good make up ability, with some work on both sides of the ball he could be pretty good, is a solid , strong looking kid. A heck of a high jumper per coach and the kid.

Joseph Vincent CB 5-9 170 SR Poly Long Beach
Runs very well, on the 4x100 relay team that may be the nation's fastest. Can be physical, will force the run, good feet, quick, good break on the ball, has some instincts in coverage.

Murphy Kejon CB 5-8 165 SR Edison Fresno
Quick, has really good feet and hips, a smooth kid, runs pretty well, good instincts in coverage, is a pure cover corner, size is an issue.

Ross Devin CB 5-10.5 180 SR Rancho Cucamonga Alta Loma
Fluid, athletic, runs well and stands out on tape, long arms, good quickness and nice feet. He may be the best corner in the state.

Wright Shareece CB 5-11 180 SR Colton Colton
Uses hands well, good body, long arms, is an athlete, good feet and hips, runs ok, but will be bigger, faster and stronger at the next level, has a good upside, may end up being a safety down the road.


Culbert Major DB/S 5-10.5 205 SR Narbonne Harbor City
Looks like he runs well and has good quickness, is a powefull looking kid, good athlete, smooth, has good feet as well.

Denton Allan SS/LB 6-1 180 SR Upland Upland
Athletic, good vertical, has ball skills, looks improved since last fall, has a very good upside, could be a heck of a safety at next level, will get bigger, maybe about 215 or more, might even be a "will" backer.

Harris Andre DB/S 6-1 215 SR Taft HS Woodland Hills
Active, physical, accelerates, good hitter, good special teams guy, aggressive, will attack you, looks like a defensive player to me, a linebacker or a safety, a good looking player.

Houston Anthony DB/WR 6-3 200 SR Mission Bay HS San Diego
A smooth, athletic, long armed, great looking kid, big hands, runs well, good body control and ball skills, a top kid.

Mouton Jonas DB/S 6-2 215 SR Venice Venice
Good feet, athletic, confident, looks the part, runs well, could play several positions, including LB, will also play some corner, good instincts and reactions.

Myers Leilyon DB/S 6-1 195 SR Lynwood Lynwood
Very good athlete, I like him as a safety at the next level, runs well, raw, can be physical, but needs to develop skills, good team guy, a leader, good effort guy, plays some running back as well.


Atkins Cornorris "Bubba" WR/DB 6-1 200 SR Cleveland HS Reseda
Can run, is athletic, long arms, catches the ball well, good ball skills and body control, he is going to be a big kid, project to a linebacker, he might be 225 pounds in a heart beat, could be special, has the raw athleticism to be a prospect on either side of the ball.

Brown Jamar WR/RB LB/DB 6-1 220 SR St. John Bosco Bellflower
Talented, athletic, physical, very good body, good thickness, can catch the ball, good ball skills, looks like he'll be a safety or a linebacker, I don't see him as a receiver, might even be a nice 1-back.

Elmore Ricky QB/DE TE 6-5 230 SR Grace Brethren Simi Valley
Playing QB and DE, great looking, looks like he's spent a lot of time in the weight room, has a strong arm, looks like a LB, DE or a TE at the next level, is athletic.

Gable C.J. WR/DB 6-0 185 SR Sylmar HS Sylmar
Plays running back as well, good toughness, competes, team guy, athletic, smooth, isn't real pure catching the ball, I like him as a DB, but can help on either side of the ball.

Paysinger Spencer WR/TE DE 6-3 215 SR Beverly Hills HS Beverly Hills
Big, physical receiver, uses hands well to get off press coverage and uses body well to get position to catch the ball, might be a TE/Hback or a DE at the next level as well. Good blood lines, dad is a college football coach and two uncles coach at the school.

Thenarse Ricky WR/DB/S 6-1 170 SR Jordan HS Los Angeles
Works hard at technique, raw, but very talented, long lean kid, long arms, runs very well, nice feet, looks like a safety to me as he is very physical and competes, can play WR as well.


Aguila Andrew K 6-0 160 SR St. John Bosco Bellflower
Big time leg, kicked off with good hang time and in the end zone.

Forbath Kai K 5-10 165 SR Notre Dame HS Sherman Oaks
He's got the leg, fundamentals and works at it.

Gross Jarred K 5-10 180 SR Los Osos HS Rancho Cucamonga
Gets the ball up pretty well, strong leg, raw, is a kicker not a punter that I can see.

Guzman Joel K 5-10 195 SR Alisal HS Salinas
Has a strong leg, kicking 60 yarders on field turf @ Cal's stadium following a combine.

Jackson Ryan K/P 5-10 160 SR Chaminade HS North Hills
Strong leg, has a chance to be good, is a good worker.

Peterson Kyle P/K 6-2 180 SR South Hills HS Covina
Strong leg, raw, has been a basketball player until this year, just started kicking, needs coaching, potential.

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