Bruins Watch Linebacker

Dwight Roberson, the 6-1, 215-pound linebacker prospect from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure, has been to a couple of UCLA football games this season and the Bruins are watching him closely...

The most prolific tackler in Ventura County a year ago is finding fewer and fewer ball carriers are coming to his side of the field this season.

Fortunately for Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure linebacker Dwight Roberson (6-1, 215), he's not being avoided by college recruiters, as he's heard from several schools and holds a trio of scholarship offers.

"I'm still only at the three offers (Boston College, Oregon State and Colorado State), but a lot of schools have been showing interest in me. I've gotten a lot of calls so I'm just sitting back and waiting to see what other offers come," said Roberson.

Roberson has heard recently from the three offered schools as well as UCLA, UNLV, Washington State, Washington, Oregon and California.

"UCLA told me they want to see some more tape," said Roberson, who attended the UCLA games against Oklahoma and Washington at the Rose Bowl. "I like UCLA because it's close to home and they always have a good program."

Roberson, who said he will likely be getting his tape to UCLA soon since St. Bonaventure has a bye this weekend, had a good experience at the Rose Bowl last Saturday. He said: "I talked to Coach (Jim) Svoboda and Coach (Karl) Dorrell and some of the players after the (Washington) game. They were pretty happy that they won, and it was cool talking with them. It was a good game. Coach Dorrell and Coach Svoboda said they'd be looking for my tape and were waiting for it to come in. I'm hoping to send it to them this week." Roberson has set official visits to Oregon State and Boston College, the trip to Corvallis coming in January and to Boston most likely in October. Roberson also plans on being at the Cal-UCLA game this Saturday.

When it comes to favorites, Roberson said it's mainly four. "My favorites are Boston College, UCLA, Cal and Oregon State," said Roberson. "Some other schools might pop in the fifth spot, but it's mainly those four."

Roberson said he'll also be in the Bay Area for the Cal/USC game November 12th. Without many offers, Roberson is taking it in stride, realizing some could be skeptical about his numbers. "I'm not really frustrated. I'd be mad if I had no offers but I'm glad I have something. All I can do is go out and produce still. I won't get 175 tackles this year, because offenses aren't coming my way and I moved to outside ‘backer, but I'm still going to get good numbers (40 tackles and four sacks through four games)," said Roberson.

Roberson plans to take all of his official trips and, aside from the trip to Oregon State, which comes during a St. Bonaventure bye week, he will take the other four following the season.

Academically, Roberson has a 2.9 GPA, and he took the ACT last weekend and the SAT this October.

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