Bruin Rewind of UW Game

Going into the Washington State game, here's a little innspiration for you -- a segment from Fox Sports West 2's "Bruin Rewind" show covering the Washington game comeback and Head Coach Dorrell's post-game speech in the locker room...

FSN West 2's "Bruin Rewind" Show has proven to be one of the most popular UCLA-related shows ever produced.

"Bruin Rewind" -- which first airs every week Monday nights at 10:30 -- delivers an intense, dramatic look back at the most recent UCLA game to create a 30-minute insider viewing experience. UCLA fans will experience an innovative, new format that uses many different camera angles, including some that will be seen for the first time, to illustrate the intensity of game play. The program employs sounds of the game and the actual radio calls, instead of a host or reporter, to tell the story. Game footage is cut with coach and player reactions to help bring the fan back to the drama of the game itself.

The show also airs later in the week, on Tuesdays at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., and Wednesday's at 11:30 p.m.

Two weeks ago, BRO didn't get the promotional segment in time before the Rewind show covering the Washington game aired.

So, for inspirational reasons going into the Washington State game, here it is. Feel free to sing the fight song along with the team at the end of the video.

Segment of Bruin Rewind for Washington Game --

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Bruin Rewind airs on FSN West 2 Tuesday Oct 4th 5pm and 6pm Wednesday Oct. 5th 11:30pm

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