The Comeback Photo Gallery

Here are more shots of the come-from-behind Bruins in action, with photos of Maurice Drew, Marcedes Lewis, Drew Olson, Marcus Everett and more as they led UCLA to 6-0...

Drew Olson against Washington State.

Bruce Davis on the stop against Washington.

Tailback Chris Markey.

Karl Dorrell rallying the troops.

Receiver Marcus Everett against Cal.

Trey Brown with the big interception against Cal.

Drew Olson on the flying keeper.

Maurice Drew carries the flag onto the field at WSU.

Freshman receiver Gavin Ketchum.

Marcedes Lewis against Washington State.

Dorrell and Olson.

Drew after the overtime touchdown against WSU.

Fullback Michael Pitre against Washington.

Drew scoring against Cal.

Olson at the line.

Marcus Everett on the big catch.

Drew Olson.

Maurice Drew.

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