Whittington Likes Cali

One of the best prospects in the midwest, Aaron Whittington, came out to the Los Angeles Nike Camp for a few reasons, and one was to get UCLA to notice him...

Aaron Whittington, 6-3, 180, St. Louis (Missouri) Hazelwood East, came out to the Los Angeles Nike Camp for a few different reasons. One of them was to get UCLA to notice him.

Whittington, who plays defensive end for his high school team but could also play linebacker, said he currently has no favorites, but a solid list of schools he's interested in. "UCLA, USC, Miami and Florida State would probably be at the top," he said. "I've been offered by Missouri and Illinois."

Why the attraction to Southern California? "My brother lives in Studio City," Whittington said. "So I have family out here. It's just a different feel out here that I like. And the weather. I wouldn't mind coming out here for college."

So, it follows that he'd like a school from Southern California to notice him. "I've followed UCLA and like them. So, I thought it'd be good if I could come out here and check out the area, since my brother lives here." Whittington also visited UCLA unofficially the Thursday before the L.A.Nike Camp. "I really loved it," he said. "I met with Coach Bernardi and he was great."

Whittington thinks he'll take his time, though, in making a decision. "Well, I have to see who offers me, then I'll take some time."

He said he has a 3.0 GPA and hasn't received his score back from the SAT he took recently.

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