Comments from Olsons and Havner

Unlike any other Internet UCLA site, BRO is in the locker room after the game, and on Saturday we spoke to Drew Olson, Ben Olson and Spencer Havner about the Oregon State win...

Quarterback Drew Olson:
Did you guys intend on focusing more on passing game than the running game?

"We tried to be balanced. I don't think we tried to emphasize the pass over the run or the run over the pass. It is just whatever the game brings to us and that's what happens. I thought we had a good balance tonight.  We always want to throw more, but the only way the passing game is going to stay open and be successful is by running the ball."

Drew, are you as relaxed on the field as you've ever felt before?

"Yeah, this is the most at ease I've felt, but in a good way. I'm not overly relaxed or anything like that, I just feel confident. I feel like my game has gotten to a point where it needs to be and where I expected it to be."

What do you think about getting (quarterback) Ben Olson in there?

"It's about time, the seventh game. It was awesome, it was so good to see him in there and the reaction of the crowd was fun. You know he is the future so it is good to see him get in there and at least hand the ball off and get some experience."

You got five touchdown passes last week, six this week. Is it too soon to start thinking Heisman?

"Yeah,  I wouldn't even want to start thinking about it. That's across the locker room over there (pointing to Maurice Drew) to the little man. He can take all that stuff. It is just a great offense to be in especially when you have what's going on here."

What about a championship, a BCS bowl?

"One game at a time. We look in the future, we're going to get killed. Bad things happen when you do that. We're 7-0 and it is not satisfying yet."

Quarterback Ben Olson:

"For awhile I was thinking that I'm just not meant to play this season. We got the big stops on defense that allowed me to get in there and hand the ball off a couple of times. It was kind of nice to just get that monkey off my back, I guess you could call it."

Talk about the play calling especially with that throw?

The guy was covered but I tried to basically just thread it in, throw a little touch pass over the top, but the guy broke it up and I didn't get a chance to throw a touchdown. It was kind of funny because I was out there with great confidence and whatever they called I thought I could execute. I mean, we have been practicing so long. It is kind of funny because ever since high school I've said it's easier to play in a game than in practice. You go against the same defense all the time and in a game they never know what you are going to run."

Are you impressed with what Drew's been doing out there?

"I'm very impressed, he's doing an awesome job. I'm happy for him. We worked hard all summer and we pushed each other. I'm excited to see what he's doing."

Six touchdowns are pretty good, huh?

"That's very good. This is kind of how I envisioned coming back to UCLA. I knew Drew was coming back for his senior year, I didn't know exactly how long it was going to take for me to get back to where I was, since I've sat out for two years. I expected to sit back my first year and learn from him, maybe I didn't expect Drew to play as good as he's been playing. But I'm happy for him. Drew is a good friend of mine, he's work hard and he deserves everything that he's getting now."

Linebacker Spencer Havner:

Talk about that interception you had and how it stopped their momentum...

"Yeah, I was fortunate. I think we had a good rush up front. Bruce Davis and those guys off the edge, and (Oregon State quarterback) Matt (Moore) got a little excited and tried to fit it in with his arm, because he is real confident in his arm, and I just tried to be there."

You guys are 7-0, it's been a long time since you guys have had such a good start. What is it like for you guys?

"It is awesome, especially as a senior. Hopefully we can keep rolling and we can help this team, and leave it in good standing, so that's what I'm proud of."

What was it like playing against Matt Moore again?

"It was fun. We just got to talk a little bit. It is no big deal. He's a good guy and we're still friends with him."

Coming into this season, do you ever think you would be where you are, ranked nationally in the Top 10?

"Yeah, its amazing. I don't really know how all that works with the rankings and stuff, but that's fine. Its fun to be a part of it because I've never had the chance to be a part of that. Watching people take notice is great."

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