Tuesday Practice Report

The injured are in various states of recovery Tuesday at practice, and Head Coach Karl Dorell talks about the curious effect of Stanford Stadium...

After Tuesday's practice Head Coach Karl Dorrell spoke about the team's injury status while center Mike McCloskey also elaborated on his status.

Practice Notes:

-- Four-year starter Mike McCloskey said his strained rotator cuff was not as bad as previously thought but his status for this week's game at Stanford is still unknown.

-- Receiver Joe Cowan and linebacker John Hale were both in redshirt jerseys. Coach Karl Dorrell said later they were just sore and nicked up. However, Dorrell was particularly terse when asked questions regarding their status.

-- Receiver Marcus Everett had a limited practice, but by the end of the day was back practicing with the first-team offense.

-- Linebacker Justin London is noticeably affected by his persistent ankle problem. His running abilities were visibly restricted during drills.

-- Athletic Director Dan Guerrero stopped by the field.

Karl Dorrell's post-practice interview:

"Everybody other than (center) Mike McCloskey practiced today. Defensive tackle Kenneth Lombard didn't practice, we wanted to do some conditioning with him in the training room. We'll see if he can do a little more tomorrow. The swelling is down in his ankle, but he's still tender particularly in his Achilles so we didn't want him to run outside and do too many things so we're just going to see what he does by the end of the week. Mike is feeling better, he's still pretty sore, so we will just wait and see what he can do by the end of the week."

Joe Cowan and John Hale were in the redshirts?

"Yes, they were."

What were those reasons?

"Well, what do you think those reasons were?"

Little injuries?

"Well, yeah. They practiced so they didn't miss any significant time. They're just sore and we just didn't want to bang them around today. That's the reason why we put guys in red."

How big is the Bay Area trip for UCLA?

"It's a big trip for us because it is another chance to get near our goals against a very good football team. This is a very difficult place to play. Just like the trip to Pullman was a big trip to come away with a win there, this is just as big. We haven't had much success up there in that stadium in I don't know how many years. There's a lot for us to prove and to continue to improve upon particularly from last week and getting better in this final stretch of the season."

What makes it such a difficult place to play in?

"I don't know what makes it so difficult, I don't. People ask that, but it is not like Pullman, it is not like any other loud place. It is not the crowd noise, it's just the experience, I guess. But I don't know, I can't put a finger on it."

You had success up there when you played? I guess you had success everywhere when you played.

"It's a difficult place… I don't know. It is hard to say. It is just different. I think the stadium with the track, the seats are so far away so it is just a different feel."

As a competitor, how competitive is Maurice. After talking to him, it seems like it burns deep in him.

"It does burn in him. After talking to him, you would think 'Wow, this is the nicest kid', and he is, he is a really nice kid. But he has something that's in him, when he competes he expects a lot of great things for himself to be able to do. And that's what's so special about him. You'll see him sometimes where you think he's down for the tackle and then he spits out another 10-yard gain. He's been doing those types of things here his whole career and even in high school. As a competitor, he's about as competitive as anyone I've met."


Center Mike McCloskey:

Are you going to be out there starting, or is it up in the air at this point?

"Right now I can't play, but the way things are going it's looking pretty positive."

Will you be able to practice tomorrow?

"If I do it will be kind of a light practice. I'll do my darndest. I've been in rehab three times a day. It is not as serious as we initially thought."

What type of other tests did they do?

"They got a MRI, that's basically it. I probably reinjured what I had during fall camp, which was kind of a strain back there, which heals on its own."

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