FB Recruiting: DBs & Athletes

We finally finish the series with UCLA's defensive backfield targets and athletes. UCLA is looking for three or four good men for its defensive backfield, looking for athleticism and speed...

Defensive Back

UCLA went from desolate in depth at defensive back to, by this fall, decently stocked. But UCLA has also had a high degree of attrition at defensive back in recent years and it seems like they just can't get enough. They'll be looking for probably at least one good cover corner, possibly two, and one big-hitting safety. Speed will be the name of the game here. Look for UCLA to target the guys who can run, and then find out where to plug them in later. UCLA could also eventually recruit guys as defensive backs I've mentioned on the other recruiting position lists, such as Smith, Smith, Dennis Keyes (RB), Derrick Williams (RB), Sam Cheatham (WR), Mark Bradford (WR), Desmond Reed (WR), and Duran Cooley (WR).

Also included is a list of "athletes" below. UCLA could take a guy strictly as an athlete, or take a name on this list as a defensive back. There are also "athletes" who might end up at other positions, such as DE/TEs. With the WR/RB/DB type of athlete, UCLA is, again looking for speed.

Freddie Parrish, 6-1, 200, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly. Without having played much last year on the stacked Poly team, it's hard to evaluate Parrish. On the limited amount of tape available, he looks athletic (he actually looked particularly good on a couple of running back highlights). As a safety prospect, he's gotten bigger and quicker than last season and he's very serious about his football future. Other schools have offered – Stanford, Washington, Oregon, and Notre Dame recently – but UCLA is still waiting on seeing him in person. He sat out the L.A. Nike camp because he was sick but intends to participate in the Palo Alto Nike Camp. His father is a Bruin and Freddie grew up a Bruin fan. The other schools that have offered might be leading UCLA right now, but if UCLA offered, it could drastically change things.

A.J. Tuitele, 6-0, 200, Wilmington (Calif.) Banning A safety prospect who also plays running back, Tuitele has great instincts and hitting ability. He came to UCLA's Junior Day and UCLA is among his leaders.

Leon Hall, 5-11, 170, Vista (Calif.) High. Hall went from almost completely unknown to possibly one of the best cornerback prospects in the west as a result of his performance at the L.A. Nike Camp. He was one of probably the two best cover corners at the camp, while putting up some impressive test numbers: 4.42 in the 40, 4.19 in the shuttle and jumping 33 inches in the vertical. He recently said he's a long time UCLA fan and that the Bruins are his favorite.

Tony Cade, 6-2, 192, Lewisville (Tex.) High. One of the best safety prospects in Texas and possibly the country, coming off a monster junior year – with size, speed and hitting ability. UCLA is on an early list of big-named national programs.

Chad Green, 6-0, 175, Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham. From the same school as Dennis Keyes, Green is a speedster, being an accomplished track guy. He's hearing from most of the big names on the west coast.

Lorenzo Sims, 5-11, 175, Fresno (Calif.) Edison Sims has good size, and good body, and good quickness. He was one of the best cover DBs at the Los Angeles Nike Camp. UCLA is among his favorites.

Clifton Smith, 5-9, 170, Fresno (Calif.) Edison. With Leon Hall, Smith was one of the two best cover corners at the L.A. Nike Camp. Problem is, the word is that he'll have problems qualifying so it's questionable UCLA will be able to recruit him.

Daniel Varvel, 6-3, 185, Bakersfield (Calif.) High. Somewhat of a sleeper, he came to UCLA's Junior Day and the Bruins are very high on him.

Donte Maddox, 5-11, 175, Los Angeles (Calif.) Verbum Dei. One of the best – and fastest – defensive backs in the Los Angeles area. UCLA has him pretty high on their list.

James Day, 6-0, 200, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View. One of the best safety prospects in the west, Day is big and reportedly very fast. He has UCLA on his early list.

Khayyam Burns, 6-0, 175, Fort Smith (Ark.) Northside. With good size and speed, Burns is considered probably the best corner prospect in Arkansas. He said recently he has UCLA as his early favorite.

Jordan Senn, 5-11, 175, Beaverton (Ore.) High. A very nice athlete that projects as a corner, Senn ran a 4.47 in the 40, a 4.03 shuttle and jumped 31 inches a year ago at the Oregon Nike Camp. This year, he should even improve on those numbers. He's also a pretty accomplished running back. Oregon is his early leader, but UCLA is in the top five.

Limas Sweed, 6-5, 205, Brenham (Tex.) High. Also a wide receiver, but many project him as a strong safety, Sweed is considered an elite national prospect. UCLA is trying.

Jonathan Walker, 6-0, 175, Lake Charles (Louisiana) Washington-Marion. From Kirby Joseph's high school, Walker is considered one of the best cornerback prospects in the state. Has UCLA on his early list.

Chris Horton, 6-2, 195, New Orleans (Louisiana) De La Salle. One of the best safety prospects in the south, Horton is a stud that could end up a weakside linebacker. He's originally from California and has family on the west coast, which puts UCLA on his early list.

Others to Watch:

Paul Pratt, 5-10, 180, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
Trey Brown, 5-11, 185, Blue Valley (Kans.) Northwest
Terrel Thomas, 6-0, 176, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) High
Damon Jenkins, 5-11, 175, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle
Johnny Walker, 6-0, 175, Lancaster (Calif.) Antelope Valley
Kevin Ross, 5-11, 170, Playa Del Rey (Calif.) St. Bernard
Caleb Flores, 6-0, 197, Hacienda Heights (Calif.) Los Altos
Brandon Sanders, 5-10, 170, Oakland (Calif.) Skyline
Brett Swain, 6-1, 180, Carlsbad (Calif.) High
Sam Calhoun, 5-10, 185, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
Marcus Dailey, 5-10, 160, Mission Viejo (Calif.) High
Todd Barnard, 6-1, 195, Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis
Ryan Smith, 5-10, 175, La Puente (Calif.) Bishop Amat
Anthony Banks, 5-10, Twentynine Palms (Calif.) High
Curtis Barfield, 5-11, 165, Woodland (Calif.) High
Lamont Douglas, 5-10, 185, Lynwood (Calif.) High
Anthony Ragsdale, 5-10, Bremerton (Wash.) High
Rick Young, 6-2, 200, Post Falls (Idaho) High
Nick Solakian, 6-3, 215, Santa Barbara (Calif.) High
Ray Toilolo, 5-10, 180, San Diego (Calif.) Helix


Marcus Johnson, DB/LB, 6-4, 205, Los Angeles (Calif.) Locke. A big, quick athlete, Johnson is thought to be one of the best all-around players in Southern California. UCLA is on him.

Ray Bass, 5-10, 170, Corona (Calif.) Centennial. Bass immediately became someone to watch when he ran a blazing 4.31 at the Los Angeles Nike Camp, the fastest 40 at the camp, and the best vertical at 40 inches. He lined up with the wide receivers in the drills, but could project as a cornerback.

Christian Bass, 6-2, 194, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs. No relation to Ray, but he was another Bass that tested off the charts at the L.A. Nike Camp. He ran the 4th best 40 at 4.37, recorded the fifth best vertical at 34 inches, and the best shuttle at 4.03. He lined up with the wide receivers, but projects probably as a defensive back.

Jason Evans, RB/DB, 6-2, 190, Kennesaw (Georg.) Harrison. A great running back who many feel could end up a defensive back, he has many big-named schools after him, including UCLA.

Marc Hull, LB/DB, 6-3, 190, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne. An impressive athlete that most project as a lienbacker, UCLA is recruiting him.

Brenton Bolden, RB/WR/DB, 6-0, 190, Cleark Creek (Tex.) High. A true speedster, Bolden is in the 4.3/4.4 range. UCLA has him as one of its priorities in Texas.

Jordan Carey, RB/DB, 5-11, 190, Olyumpia (Wash.) Capital. Does it all for his high school team and considered one of the best athletes in the northwest.

Others to Watch:

Shane Lopes, DB/RB 5-11, 180, Goleta (Calif.) Dos Pueblos
Dominic Breazeale, QB/TE, 6-6, 210, Alhambra (Calif.) High
Reggie Ross, RB/DB, 5-11, 185, San Diego (Calif.) Mira Mesa
Eric Weddle, RB/WR/DB, 5-11, 185, Alta Loma (Calif.) High
Ashton White, RB/DB, 6-0, 190, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Robert Perry, RB/DB, 5-9, 160, San Jose (Calif.) Archbishop Mitty
Marcus Hollingsworth, QB/DB, 5-11, 195, San Diego (Calif.) High
Kyle Trew, S/LB, 6-2, 215, Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway
Tommy Zbibowski, DB, 6-0, 185, Buffalo Grove (Ill.) High
Jordan Jackson, WR/S, 6-6, 200, Bunkie (Louisiana) High
Dallas Bernstine, RB/DB, 5-10, 185, Vallejo (Calif.) Jesse Bethel
Lucas Bradley, WR/LB, 6-2, 195, Irvington (Calif.) Fremont
Brian Cappy, QB/DB, 6-2, 210, Bend (Ore.) High
Earl Everett, DB/LB, 6-3, 210, South Sumter (Flor.) High
Nicholas Jiles, WR/DB, 5-11, 185, Yakima (Wash.) A.C. Davis
Ricky Johnson, QB/DB, 6-2, 185, Santa Monica (Calif.) High
Marquell Ricks, WR/DB, 6-1, 185, San Pedro (Calif.) High
Lareno Seymour, WR/DB, 6-0, 180, St. Louis (Missouri) Hazelwood East
Christian Taylor, RB/DB, 6-0, 185, Salinas (Calif.) High
Adam Tenney, RB/DB, 6-2, 190, Carlsbad (Calif.) High

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