Wednesday's Practice

In addition to center Mike McCloskey, it's pretty certain another starter won't play Saturday when UCLA faces Arizona State. Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks after Wednesday's rainy practice...

Due to the rain, Wednesday's practice was shortened. There was a light drizzle for most of the practice.

In his post-practice interview Head Coach Karl Dorrell gave a breakdown of the team's injury problems. Among the several key players who are definitely not able to play this weekend are linebacker Justin London, center Mike McCloskey and linebacker Aaron Whittington.

The following is the transcript from Dorrell:

"Let's see, where do we start? Well, with the weather we had a little bit of a change of plans. We weren't able to do as much as we needed and wanted to do outside, so what we did was have our team periods outside today and just tried to get the bulk of that done. We missed the individual time and things like that to work on the individual side but it was a good practice and we got it done and hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow so we can get a lot more done.

Is this why you want field turf next year?

"No question. I would like to not have to worry about the weather when you practice and maybe that day will be here soon. We were supposed to have it this year and hopefully it's on schedule."

Quick injury update?

"London will be out. He's going through treatment. They think the best thing for him is to rest and not pound on it. So he will be out. McCloskey will be out. Whittington will be out again, he has that quad contusion that has really tightened up on him and there's a lot of swelling, so he will be out. Maurice Drew practiced today so he will be in good shape. Rodney Van was back at practice today so he will be ready to play."

Linebacker Fred Holmes?

"Holmes has a back problem and a groin problem. It occurred yesterday in practice, it tightened up, so we will just have to see if he's able to do anything tomorrow. If he's not able to do anything he probably won't be able to play."

Is depth getting a little scary there?

"It is what it is. You keep going. That's kind of the way it is. We have some people that have been practicing in those areas just in case they aren't ready to go and we'll be ready to play."

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