The Other Receiver at Taft

There is another receiver from Taft besides Jamere Holland who has a good number of scholarship offers, many from Pac-10 schools, in his own right. UCLA is one of the schools involved with him...

A player that has gone somewhat under the radar of recruiting reporters is Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft receiver Chris Wellington (6-2, 195).

Perhaps he's been over-shadowed somewhat by his teammate, one of the premier receivers in the west, speedster Jamere Holland.

But Wellington, who is a good-sized pass-catcher with decent speed and good receiving skills, has also benefitted from playing opposite Holland, both on and off the field. College coaches coming by the school to see Holland then noticed Wellington. And on the field in their senior season, when Holland is double-team, Wellington becomes the prime receiving target.

It's resulted in a very good senior season for Wellington, again, both as a player and a prospect. He has many scholarship offers from a good number of Pac-10 schools.

"I've had a lot of people calling me," said Wellington. "I've gotten a lot of offers, and I have about 10 schools that I'm trying to narrow it down from. I'm pretty wide open."

What schools could be there when it gets narrowed down? Wellington said, "UCLA, Arizona, Oregon State, Washington, Florida and San Diego State. Those are some of the schools I'm thinking of (officially) visiting."

He conceded that Arizona is a slight favorite right now, but that UCLA, Florida, Washington and Oregon State were right up there.

All but UCLA has offered.

"UCLA hasn't offered me officially, but they said that they want to bring me in on an official visit. I was at the Oklahoma game this year," said Wellington.

Wellington, though, has recruiting as a secondary consideration at this point, and is focusing on his senior season and the playoffs for undefeated Taft. "I'm going to be taking my trips in December and in January, but not until then," Wellington said.

In terms of his position in college, most college coaches haven't determined that yet, with Wellington also playing outside linebacker/safety for Taft this season. "I'm being recruited for both sides of the ball. Whatever I can get on the field as, I'll play," said Wellington.

He took the SAT the first weekend in November and is holding a 3.1 GPA.

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