Howland On Temple

Head Coach Ben Howland spoke about tomorrow night's opponent, the Temple Owls, in a teleconference Wednesday, talking mostly about Temple's zone and how UCLA would have to improve in one major aspect...

Head Coach Ben Howland spoke to the media via teleconference Wednesday:

On Temple:

"(in mid-answer)....They don't turn the ball over, they never turn it over. They just played a game where they had four turnovers.

"They do a great job on defense. They play that zone, and trap out of it and get into passing lanes. They have length and size. And the change their zone during the game. They can be out pressuring on the wing, and then it can go soft and compact and it denies the post. They'll change as the game goes on." a game when they hvae four turnovers.

How do you prepare for that? What are programs in the country run primarily a zone?

"Syracuse, but it's a different zone. Those two teams come to mind. Everybody in our league plays a little bit of zone, but not like this. "I like Temple. This is what they do. Those long, lengthy guys play hard. We've been watching film on them from last year. They're going to be tough. They just crushed Army last night."

After watching film of your own game, what do you see that you want to improve on the most?

"Guarding the dribble. I'm sure Temple is salivating when they watch that tape. They have to be thinking that they'd be able to drive around us, which is what they want to do anyway. We just have to get better. Certain players have to know their limitations. Some guys can get out and pressure the ball, and others have to give a gap. Either way, you have to give good ball pressure on the dribble."

Will Fey possibly play more?

"Michael Fey felt good, but I don't think he'll play any more than that. Only because he's only been back three days. He's not in the condition he will be in a month. You could see that he started to get tired last night, but he was very important for us."

Do you think the experimental rules affected your play, particularly the new, further three point line?

"We were three for fourteen from three. I don't know if it has to do with the experimental three point line. But I think we're a better shooting team from three than that. I don't the wider lane or arch area really affected our game."

Is there a big benefit for the program if you win this game and play in the NIT in New York?

"The program will benefit a lot. It's a big opportunity, to play against two very good teams back there. That's been our hope and our goal. We have a tough road to get there, by having to defeat Temple, a very good team that is definitely toward the top of their conference. This will be very much like facing a Pac-10 team."

What are your feelings about coaching against Temple's John Chaney?

"He's a legend in the coaching profession. He's done such a great job there at Temple. He's been great for that community. Look at all the great teams they've had. He cares for and loves his players, and loves the game. He's a great person and a great coach. I haven't every really spent time with him. We were in NCAA tourney one site one year when I was at Northern Arizona. I've seen him at coaching meetings. He's very vocal, and speaks his own mind. He's a tough guy, and his players really embody him in terms of how they play, tough and hard and they'll fight you tooth and nail."

Did anything come of Josh Shipp's check-up with his surgeon?

"He's doing well. He's been cleared to start doing some running on the treadmill. He's gone five or ten minutes the first couple of days. Now they'll have to gauge how he'll be able to go forward. He started running on Monday."

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