Wednesday Practice Report

In Wednesday's post-practice report, Coach Karl Dorrell announces a receiver had surgery and discusses the status of Christ Horton, who has sat out the last two practices...

Practice Notes:

-- The team continued to use the off week to work on individual fundamentals yet they still had a spirited, lively practice.

-- Only head coach Karl Dorrell was available to the media Wednesday, as will be the case today. With the USC game over two weeks away, Dorrell deemed it best to not have the players talking this early about the game to the media and concentrating on academics.

\ -- Dorrell announced back-up receiver Matt Willis had surgery to repair a small meniscus tear Monday and is not expected to practice for at least a week and half.

-- Freshman linebacker John Hale practiced in a red-shirt and safety Chris Horton sat out after a mild concussion from last week's game.

Dorrell's post-practice interview:

"Good practice today. As I mentioned before we're trying to work on getting ourselves better at what we're trying to do. Part of that is working on the basic fundamentals of football. We got some good competitive work against each other, in a nice short, crisp practice that was about an hour and a half. It was exactly what we wanted. So we're hoping to have the same tomorrow."

What's going on with receiver Matt Willis?

"I didn't tell you guys? What happened was that on last Thursday's practice he felt a twinge in his knee and what he ended up having was a small meniscus tear. He had surgery and missed the game Monday, so that was repaired. We anticipate him to be back not next week but probably game week."

And Chris Horton?

"Horton had a mild concussion during the game and with our protocol he has to be totally feeling great before they even run him. But he's cleared of all the symptoms. But they gave him two days of clearance for that. They'll run him tomorrow and he'll be practicing probably non-contact tomorrow. That's our protocol for all head trauma."

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