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The sophomore running back, Chris Markey, talks about how he's used in the ofense, what the season has meant to him -- while going through some personal issues this year -- and how the team has helped him through...

Chris Markey Interview --

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The other night you showed the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Are they starting to design some pass plays for you out of the backfield or is it just kind of how the rotation is working?


"We have one formation where I line up wide. It's just how the rotation is working. If Maurice is out there he'll catch it. If I'm out there I'll catch it."


Do you kind of wish you'd get more carries? Are you happy with the way you are able to get the ball whether it's a pass or on the ground?


"It's a team sport. We're nine and one. Everybody has a role. If my role is to go in and back up Maurice, or whatever, that's my job, and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to help this team win."


Talk about your touchdown catch. You caught it; quick little pass and you turned the afterburners on…… Indistinguishable.


"Yeah, I'm not known for my speed. I just caught the ball, and did what the coaches teach us to do: Just get upfield, and it ended up a big play."


Was that play designed to run up the far sideline?


"It was a play for me to run a Texas route and catch it in the middle of the field, and just do whatever after that. Just make something happen."


In the fourth quarter when you guys are driving to try to kill some clock and get in field goal position you came up with a big catch. You showed the ability to get yards after contact. Is that something you've really worked on?


"Yeah, well I'm a runningback. We pride ourselves on running the ball on getting yards after the carry or the catch. I mean, that's what we work on."


In high school, did you get a lot of chances to catch the ball out of the backfield or was it strictly handoffs and pitches?


"High school was all handoffs. I had some receiving yards, but not as much as I have now. Now I'm being used more out of the backfield, I guess."


Did you ever envision having a 100 yard receiving game as a running back?


"Naw, not at all, but you never know. We have an offense with a lot of people who are weapons. It's was just my time to step up."


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