Big Recruiting Weekend

The weekend of December 17th and 18th will be a huge one in terms of football recruiting for UCLA. The Bruins don't have many scholarships left and, to date, have 14 prospects visiting that weekend, including some of its top targets...

The weekend of December 17th and 18th is shaping up to be a big one in terms of recruiting for the football program.

UCLA currently has 18 scholarships given out to the 2006 class (that doesn't include that of Christian Yount, the longsnapper, who will grayshirt).

UCLA has 20 scholarships open to give, but you can probably expect upwards of 23.

We've also heard recently that there is a possibility that some others among the committed prospects could be asked to grayshirt if UCLA needs the scholarships to give to elite players who want to come.

So, while there are enough variables in this to make it hard to pin down, you can probably expect that UCLA has 5-7 more scholarships to give.

The weekend of December 17th and 18th could go a very long way in determining just who gets those rides.

To date, we have recognized 14 prospects who will officially visit UCLA that weekend, and many major recruiting targets, including the #1 linebacker prospect in the country, Allen Bradford, UCLA's top target at wide receiver, Terrence Austin, and four running backs.

UCLA is long-rumored to be leading for both Bradford and Austin.

It's believed that Austin has pretty much told the UCLA coaching staff that he's coming, but he didn't formally commit since he wanted to take official visits. He has visited Notre Dame and Oregon, and has a visit scheduled in January for Arizona. But it's believed he could commit the weekend of his UCLA visit.

Bradford has narrowed it down to UCLA, USC, Oregon and Cal. He has visited Oregon, will visit USC officially during the UCLA/USC game weekend, and then visit Cal on December 10th. It leaves his UCLA visit as his last. Bradford has said he will announce at the U.S. Army Game in early January, and that's still expected, but the word is that UCLA is in the driver's seat, and the fact that he'll visit UCLA last is a huge plus, and an indication of which way Bradford is leaning.

The running backs visiting are Tracy Slocum of Clovis, James Montgomery of Rancho Cordova, Toby Gerhart of Norco and Mossis Madu from Norman, Oklahoma.

In Slocum's most recent recruiting update he claims he doesn't have a leader. Inside sources believe UCLA has a good chance with him.

Montgomery is a soft commitment to Washington. In his most recent update he explains the soft commitment. We do know that his parents, in fact, want him to look into UCLA and Cal, not wanting him to go so far away from home. But we've also heard that Montgomery might be less committed to Washington than he claims in that update.

Gerhart is considered a Stanford lean, but UCLA loves him. It's believed that UCLA is in second place for him and his official visit could be significant in establishing UCLA's chances of unseating Stanford. He'll visit The Farm January 13th.

Somewhat of a sleeper in UCLA's running back recruiting is Madu, who came onto the scene late. The word is that UCLA loves him, that he has good size and quickness, and that they have a very good shot of stealing him from hometown Oklahoma. The Sooners and the Bruins are the two schools that have offered Madu.

Another big target visiting that weekend is Craig Stevens, an elite-level linebacker from Florida, that has indicated tUCLA has a very real shot of getting him.

David Carter, the defensive end from Fontana Kaiser, recently said that he would probably commit to UCLA if they offered, and the Bruins did recently. He could commit even before he visits that weekend. If he did, UCLA will probably be full for defensive line recruiting for 2006.

Five committed players will also visit that weekend.

Remember, the list could change, but here is the full list, to date: Dec. 17 Recruiting Weekend. Click on any of the links to read each recruit's archive and recruiting history and watch video.

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