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The senior quarterback Drew Olson talks about facing #1-ranked USC on Saturday. He talks about the UCLA offense and what the game means to the program...

Senior quarterback Drew Olson spoke at the press conference Monday about the USC game.

Drew Olson at the Press Conference -- Watch Video


"The secondary is still…I think they are good players. They continue to make plays so it's still a good defense regardless of how many points people put on them or how many yards they've put up it's still a defense we very much respect and we're gonna have to earn everything against."


A lot of people of saying the only way they have a chance of beating USC is to outscore them. Do you buy in to that line of thinking?


"Well we feel like every game we go in there to score points. That's our philosophy. We go in and try to score as many as possible. I don't know if I'm gonna put it there and say we gotta score a certain amount to win, but…definitely when you go against a team like this where they score a lot of points, it's gonna be a high scoring game. That's what we hope."


How beneficial have the last couple of weeks been both to heal and the extra preparation for this game?


"Well I think it's tremendous. I think we've gone through it last year having a couple of weeks off before the game so we know what to expect. The coaches have been through it. The players have been through it. You can gameplan differently, and you can put more time into pretty much how we attack them. I think it benefits. We look it positively."


As one of the leaders of this team, what do you say to your teammates going into this game?


:"This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I don't know if they'll ever get it again or if they'll get it every year: A chance to play for the title. To have a season that we've had and have a win against SC; all those different implications… This is my first time around. All I can relay to them is that it's a special opportunity."


What about you and your point of view where you came from in the off season; the year you've had… this tremendous year offensively. Do you define yourself by this game? How do you define the season?


"This is everything. Pretty much throw out the nine wins and throw out the one loss. This is our one game season. That's how we're approaching this game. This is our one game season, and that's all that matters right now."


I've been watching Fox Sports Net the last couple of days. They've been replaying all the old UCLA vs. USC games. Do you sometimes kinda watch those and say, "Hey I might be on one of those someday."?


"You never know, I mean, you wanna make it a classic. This would be classic for the Bruins, that's for sure. You know, it's something we would always love to remember, and by winning this game that would happen."


What would it mean to beat this USC team this year, because of where they're at?


"Oh it would be something special. You know everything they got going: the win streak, the win streak against us, being number one, coming off two national championships. There are just so many things that would make it more and more special."


Do you see any similarities to the Fresno State and Notre Dame game… the time of possession; the ball control that they made it difficult for USC….


"Well it helps, I mean, anytime you have weapons like they have on offense the more they're on the field, the more they're gonna score. I think you have to keep them off the field and do your part in any way possible. Obviously ball control will be a big thing like in any game, but especially in this one."

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