VIDEO: Howland's Albany Comments

Head Coach Ben Howland talks after the Albany game Tuesday night, mostly about the injury to Jordan Farmar, but also about the game. Howland cites a freshman as the player of the night...

Ben Howland After the Albany Game -- Watch Video


"Thanks for waiting. Sorry to keep you. Glad we got the win. I was disappointed to let a nineteen point lead to dissipate to a five point lead in a four minute stretch. Our lack of ability to block out….They had eighteen offensive rebounds. That a lot of offensive rebounds for a team to get. Granted, they shoot a lot of three so they had some long rebounds. I thought Luc was terrific tonight all around. Defensively, rebounding he did a great job for us, and was very solid in all aspects. He was the player of the game without question. Questions?"


What's the report on Jordan?


"Jordan does not, I repeat, does not have a stress fracture of his fourth and fifth metatarsal. He had an MRI last night of his ankle, and there was some confusion, and he had another MRI done today of his foot showing the entire metatarsals that are in your feet. There is nothing there. Nothing. He has a sprained ankle."


So what's the time on him?


"You know, pain tolerance. You know, he practiced hard on Sunday when we got back. There's some twinging there, but it's not a sprain that should keep him out for much longer."


Can you talk about Albany, and how they played?


"I thought Albany did a great job coming back against us down nineteen, you know we…I thought they were ready to play tonight coming off a disappointing loss to San Diego State. I thought they really came out aggressively in terms of offense especially in the second half. In the second half they really took it to us. I think they have good players. They have a great shot. The people in their league, the coaches, chose them to be the team to win that league, and that's a tough league. We played Vermont here two years ago, my first year, and we were lucky to win that game. Boston U, you know, Dennis has pulled off a lot of upsets over the years just following his program and his team. We knew this would be a tough team tonight. That little guard is a heck of a shooter. I think he made his first three threes. We knew he had 24 foot range. He was pulling right in our face. He had very good quickness. He is from 20 miles where my sister lives. She lives in Lancaster. He's from New York. I told him that after the game. He's a nice kid."


Aaron said he thought one of the problems this team this team has so far is maintaining focus for an entire game. Do you agree with that?


"I thought we got a little cute when we allowed them to come back as opposed to having the proper killer instinct to keep up what we had done to get us to that point. We had some turnovers. We had a hard time grabbing some rebounds that were right in our hand, and not able to grab them and bring them in."


Coach, could you talk about Darren Collison's play in the second half?


"I thought Darren made some big shots down the stretch when the game was close. He played a lot of minutes tonight. He played 28. His big challenge is gonna be becoming a better defender. At a couple points during the game he lost his defensive intensity. Every time, against a good team, you do that you get hurt by it. On time not trailing when you're supposed to trail. That guy, the kid he was playing against, Wilson…Jamar, is a very good player. You got to give them credit. Those were tough kids, and they've got a veteran group of guys."


Did you just get the results on Jordan before you walked in?


"Actually, no, I got the results when I got in at 6:30. At 6:30. The report is printed up. It's a radiology report…official… the lead radiologist here. Believe me, there's no doubt about it. I was excited, happy, elated, but it was obviously on my mind for most of the day. When I got here this morning there was some confusion about it. I'm glad we put it to rest."


Do you expect him to play Sunday?


"We're gonna take tomorrow off, and we'll see. I think Jordan wants to be 100% before he gets back on the floor. It's hard. Rarely are you ever 100%. You always have some bump or bruise. When he can get back to where he's 90- 95% then I would expect he would be able to join us again. It's not an injury, other than a sprained ankle, where he will hurt it any worse, because he will be taped up really, really tight. You can ask him that right here."


Coach, Luc had such a solid game. Can you talk about his development as a freshman? Is Alfred close with him? Is he excited for Luc?


"Oh yeah, they're close friends being that they're roommates and from the same country. Alfred did go through warm ups today. He's getting excited he's getting closer. I think that's a good question, because we're gonna have him start to practice for about 45 minutes starting Thursday. Hopefully he can come in for a few minutes by the time we play Sunday against Coppin State.


I'm excited for Luc. Forget about Alfred. I mean, I'm the one who's really excited. He's gonna be a good player. He got thirteen rebounds again. He had a double-double. He's leading us in rebounding right now. We just gotta get someone down there with the same production in terms of rebounding."


(Moderator asks if there are any other questions.)


"Thank you."

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