VIDEO: Jordan Farmar

After the Albany game, the sophomore point guard Jordan Farmar tells us in his own words about a traumatic day he had Tuesday when he first thought he had a stress fracture...

Jordan Farmar On His Injury -- Watch Video


Jordan, how nervous were you before you got the results?


"I mean, it's been a long day. I started off ready to come do my rehab and get my treatment. I was gonna take a couple off to let it heal and let it get stronger. I got a call in the morning that it was a stress fracture. I kinda prepared myself mentally for the next couple of weeks. I've been in this boot all day. I was prepared to wear it for four to six weeks. I went over to the medical plaza, got another one, and they said it's looking better. It's not a stress fracture. It's a relief, but it's been a long day. It's been real tiring, but it's part of the game. Injuries happen, and I was ready to deal with it trying to keep my head up and stay positive and just get back as soon as I can. But not take it too fast so that something like this would happen again."


So would it be pushing it to think you're gonna play Sunday?


"I don't know. I might get it looked at one more time by an outside source just to make sure, and whatever they say…just go with that. Right now they have it day to day. I probably won't practice or anything for the next couple of days and just do my strengthening exercises and stuff like that. Hopefully I'll get it stronger and as close to 100% as I can before I get back. I'm not sure how fast that could be."


When did it start bothering you again?


"Well, I hurt it pretty bad in the Temple game. That's when this all started. I was on medication for pain after that up until we played Memphis, and then the medication was giving me problems so I stopped taking that. Then in the days after that in practice and in the games I really started feeling it because I wasn't taking the medication anymore. Once I started feeling the real pain in practice here when we got back in town Sunday, it was really bothering me so I told them about it and got it looked at."


When do you expect to get the final opinion?


"As soon as possible. Hopefully I can do it early in the morning tomorrow so we can get it over with and move on."


Jordan, is there any concern about coming back too early?


"Definitely. The concern is that I don't want to come back too early, and have it be something that lasts all year long. It's not about short term. If I can just knock it out early and let it heal I can miss a couple games, but if I let it persist for a long time it could end up bothering me for the rest of the time I play basketball. I'm not trying to have it turn into something major. I'm trying to keep it minor and just get it out as soon as possible."

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