Wednesday Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from the BRO chat on Wednesday, including comments by Tracy Pierson, Greg Hicks and Brandon Huffman, and an array of BRO message board regulars...

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Tracy Pierson:: Hey guys...

BruinWord:: YEAH TP

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Greg Hicks:: hey

CruznBruin:: hola

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pacificpal:: TP

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BruinWord:: I just thought I would throw it out there, but i really do dislike SUC

pacificpal:: lol

NorthBruin40:: So what is the Future for Bruin Rewind, will they have the same show for 4 weeks after this saturday? Will there be a basketball show? Will it be UCLA Sports Magazine?

BruinWord:: It just needed to be said

Tracy Pierson:: Okay, thanks. That's just about it.

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CruznBruin:: thanks, tracy.  that was great

PatBruin:: Hi all...  wha'd I miss?

BruinMike:: lol

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lniomy:: Is this a test of the emergency broadcast system ?

pacificpal:: Is statsdave back yet?

BruinWord:: TP is running for president of the united states, and is shutting down BRO

BruinWord:: thats ts

BruinWord:: it

Greg Hicks:: BRO does not torture

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NorthBruin40:: So do we start this off with a Lavin story or something?

BruinMike:: exception made for Wallace?

PatBruin:: BRO doesn't?   Who is?

Intermezzo:: Is the FSN dude here yet?

Tracy Pierson:: Actually, I'd like to rescind the law against torture.

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bruinvalley:: Hi my name is Dave Sobel, I produce Bruin Rewind. Thanks for all your support this year, it couldn't happen with out the help of the UCLA Athletic department, Coach Karl Dorrell, & AM570. Are there any questions to get started?

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BruinMike:: for Wallace?

CruznBruin:: torture?  are we back to Lorig again?

BruinWord:: IS there going to be a DVD produced

BruinWord:: ?

Intermezzo:: Lavin story?  any Lavin story is actually a Lavin joke

BruinWord:: I live in san francisco and have been unable to watch all of them

lniomy:: More cowbell

PatBruin:: You can't get into the visitor locker room after games bruinvalley?

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Rainier Wolfecastle:: you're gonna want that cow bell

Intermezzo:: Welcome SObel


BruinWord:: Is there also gonna be a way to watch online, (ie purchase a package)

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pacificpal:: Better question is do YOU have any questions for us?

lniomy:: Rewind marathon Friday night

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bruinvalley:: Bruinworld, we still have to talk to UCLA about that. But we are definatly going to try.

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Intermezzo:: Yeah, why is SC so annoying?

NorthBruin40:: How many more Bruin Rewind shows?

PatBruin:: on Bruin Rewind... more sideline shots with the coaches would be interesting... what they say and all...

BruinWord:: about the DVD or about the online ?

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Rainier Wolfecastle:: agree with pat. The sideline stuff is great

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pacificpal:: hi bob

bruinkenny:: hey guys

lniomy:: Sell a DVD of all the games with commentary.....NOT CHRIS ROBERTS

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bruinvalley:: PatBruin Its the Coaches discreation on when we go in the Lockerroom. Home games are easier



BruinMike:: The fight song is a MUST!



Rainier Wolfecastle:: more panty shots of teh cherleaders

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pacificpal:: lol

BruinMike:: Rainer has a point

BruinNation:: whats the word???

PatBruin:: ok bruinvalley.. but this isn't about easy... lol

dcbruin:: we do have a great cheerleader crew this year

Intermezzo:: If no song at the end, RW's request would be a good consolation

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NorthBruin40:: Anyone know why isn't playing the home basketball games online? They said they would before the season.

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Rainier Wolfecastle:: do the cheerleaders have a lockerroom?

lniomy:: Montage of all bruin touchdowns this season back to back

BruinWord:: lol keep it tasteful guys

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bruinvalley:: we try to use everything we can on the sideline with audio that we can hear. sometimes the stadium is just too loud


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PatBruin:: BV... = bruinvalley....  BV.. get better mikes.. and spys.. lol

lakid:: hancock just sealed a UCLA victory with his comments


bruinkenny:: Whats the latest on Mr Love

pacificpal:: Valley - there must be SOMETHING you're looking for out of this? 

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lniomy:: Shot of team on BUS prior to the walk

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mwmd1:: when will fox pressure cox cable into carrying fsn2?

Tracy Pierson:: The most request I get Dave, is to play Rewind in its entirety on line. Maybe have it available on BRO after it runs on Monday in its entirety?

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Greg Hicks:: nothing new on Love -- he likes UCLA a lot -- I think it will be us or UNC

PatBruin:: Before Tracy... we're special

BruinWord:: yeah that would rock

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lniomy:: Rewind for Hoops ?

PatBruin:: we should see it first

WestwoodBob:: I like the post game LOCKER ROOM shots the best.

mwmd1:: hicks whats with love wanting attention from Duke??

BruinMike:: Downloadable fight song!

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dlebovic:: for some of the games, i feel like an hour show would be better

NorthBruin40:: Video-webcast for Sunday's BB game?

Greg Hicks:: Duke was a favorite growing up

luvdbruins:: You can start chatting, I'm here

Greg Hicks:: but I don't see him at Duke

PHS1:: Greg: Portland Tribune from Nov. 25 quotes Love as now saying Duke is back in it...

dlebovic:: especially the high scoring ones....each drive only gets like 2 mins. in the half hour version

BruinWord:: remove arizona game from memory

PatBruin:: Why NC still Greg?

Intermezzo:: Will BruinRewind be limited to FB games..or will you do it for bb games too?

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bruinkenny:: Greg, UNC has 6 top 40 frontcourt signees

dcbruin:: did we play arizona this year?

CruznBruin:: how soon do you expect love to commit to us?

bruinkenny:: Can roy do this to us again

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- I'm sure they are in it -- but I don't think he goes to Duke

mwmd1:: christy brinkly was a favorite of mine growing up, I got over it

polobenw:: what are the chances that love signs before he takes more visits?

TonyF:: UNC isn't even ranked in the top 25

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Greg Hicks:: polo -- no way to know

PHS1:: Thanks, Greg.

uclaro:: greg, where does taylor king end up?

luvdbruins:: maybe Love will do a Tayshawn on Duke

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PatBruin:: King is a UCLA commit...

Greg Hicks:: uclaro -- USC or Syracuse are my guess as of today on Taylor

PatBruin:: lol

BruinNation:: bhuff

BruinWord:: welcome huffster

PatBruin:: Hi Huff

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pacificpal:: bhuff rules

bruinkenny:: How are we doing on Stanback

bruinvalley:: how do you feel about the format of the show and are you( the audience) ever confused on where we are in the game. as far as quarter, time, and score


TonyF:: King=traitor

11banners:: Wow SUC for Taylor King

Tracy Pierson:: Greg and I are going to see Darnell Gant in one game today, and Chace Stanback in the nightcap.

11banners:: that's great

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Greg Hicks:: kenny -- he's not talking -- but I think UCLA is one of his top schools

lakid:: sc is giving us zero respect

BrandonHuffman:: Hey guys

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bruinkenny:: Thanks GH

lakid:: it's going to come back and bite them in the ass

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BruinNation:: banners, who said King to suc?

Intermezzo:: bruinvalley, I think the show is as close to perfect as you can get.  I'm never confused.

pacificpal:: non, not confusing

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PHS1:: Irony is that Taylor King would thrive in the Howland set play offense.

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PatBruin:: BV I don't like the time wasted on the previews before the commercials... then we see it again...  we're already watching... you don't need a teaser

BruinWord:: maybe have a scoreboard in the shot, but other than that I like the format, and how it has dfferent angels than a normal game

bruinkenny:: Maybe we can gt Love to graduate early from high school

49er2bruin:: Rewind isn't confusing at all.  The format is great, the quarter and time are updated so it's pretty simple.

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dcbruin:: valley, that's never been a problem but I usually watch it from the start so I don't if someone jumping in in the middle would have the same perspective

NorthBruin40:: The point  of the game in Rewind can be confusing, but I usually remember the game well, so that isn't a problem.

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11banners:: Last night UNC's arena looked spectacular

luvdbruins:: King made a big mistake de-committing

Intermezzo:: Yup, I love the differing angles....great to see after watching the game from the normal angles

bruin34:: Greg Hicks..has Howland considered using DeAndre Robinson at all for backup minutes at the wing. From what I can remember he has the ability to shoot and put it on the floor which could help at this point. I

11banners:: Pauley is the 2nd worst homecourt in the country

Tracy Pierson:: Greg actually saw Stanback yesterday...

Intermezzo:: Come on fellas, we're supposed to be talking about Rewind....

Greg Hicks:: bruin34 -- no, Robinson is not an option

11banners:: if we lose Love I will put this one on UCLA fans

MrBug708:: Banners, but the best in LA

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PHS1:: How did Stanback look yesterday?

Tantor:: not cunfusing on those items

11banners:: Yeah we're only better than SUC, which is like saying we're better than a high school arena

EmanBruin:: Is it at all plausible to mike up the players and coaches, a la NFL Films?

BruinWord:: Hey whats the word on the upgrade of pauley

PatBruin:: Sure banners... lmao.. on the ucla fans...

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- Stanback looked good, but they were up 52-12 at half -- not a competitive game

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bruinvalley:: Would you like to see more plays that set up a score?

BruinNation:: wsu fans? cal fans?

11banners:: CAL fans actually show up to their place when they are decent

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BruinWord:: if they are good plays (lol)

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Tantor:: nah, big plays and scoring plays

mwmd1:: greg would a 07 class of  Love, Gant, Stanback be a quality and realistic class for ucla

pacificpal:: Anything else, BV?

11banners:: I don't think anyone really cares about UCLA hoops anymore

BruinNation:: lol..."when they are decent"

luvdbruins:: Cal didn't have to live through the Lavin era

PHS1:: Greg, what would Stanback add to the UCLA mix?

sniffer:: I love Rewind.. it is frustrating with a few too many commercials.-- would like to see more after game and locker room reaction...

CruznBruin:: more plays that set up a score would be good

dlebovic:: valley - more of a set up is good...i remember with the fake punt call against Cal there was like no set up

artfu:: I'm seeing posts saying that SC is popping off at the mouth. Where? Radio? TV? I'm in atlanta so I'm out of the loop

PatBruin:: bruinvalley... more stuff we haven't seen during the game....  did you see my comment about the teasers before the commercials?

dcbruin:: agree with tantor, big plays and scoring plays are the key

dlebovic:: and no mention of KD's great face bluff

bruinvalley:: any interest in what the opposing sideline is doing?

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bruinkenny:: I think Howland should play Ryan Wright.. I cant imagine he being any worse than Fellins

11banners:: I thought by now UCLA fans would be back and supporting the program...Instead it's still as empty as 3 years ago

Greg Hicks:: mwm: Love, Gant and Stanback would be a very good class, although I'm not sure they'd take all three

luvdbruins:: Wright looked good yesterday

sniffer:: opposing sideline shots would be good at key moments, TDs ints etc.

bruinkenny:: 11banners, thats UCLA hoop fans

pacificpal:: anything that wasn't on the original game broadcast is what we're looking for

dcbruin:: valley, the sideline stuff is good

Tantor:: i'd like to see SCs sideline cry after they lose

CruznBruin:: yeah, I would have loved to have seen some of stoops on the sideline

BruinWord:: it looks empty because the camera is on the wrong side

bruinvalley:: Patbruin no, can you repeat

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dlebovic:: get some shots of the SUC players crying after the game this weekend, please

TonyF:: Pauley will fill up once the bigger opponents come to town

NorthBruin40:: How many of the seats are sold as "season tickets"

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11banners:: Word, the entire top section is empty

PHS1:: 11banners - it would help if UCLA hoops was more pleasing to watch...

coronabruin:: ucla fans suck

coronabruin:: and didnt play teams from canada

11banners:: I agree PHS..I'm bored out of my mind

mwmd1:: greg would they rather have a pg instead of stanbeck/gant?

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TonyF:: we scheduled a weak bunch of teams to start the season at home

Tantor:: valley, can they get louder volume on the sideline conversations?

bruinkenny:: Why did we schedule Albany?

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Greg Hicks:: PHS: Stanback would be another wing who can score, very good feel, good athlete

luvdbruins:: who really wants to see Albany and Coppin State?

bruinkenny:: That doesnt help the RPI

Tracy Pierson:: Okay, let's hold off just for a second, and let Mr. Sobel ask you all some questions.

BruinNation:: me

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PHS1:: Ugly, inefficient, unexciting basketball right now...

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PatBruin:: Bruinvalley... the teasers of scoring plays in the next section before the commercials... seems like a waste of time when you're showing it later... show more sideline stuff... don't repeat plays...

Greg Hicks:: mwm -- they might, but there are very few PGs out there

BruinWord:: We need W's right now, and its a good thing we did with our injuries

PHS1:: Thanks, Greg.

artfu:: Sobel?

mwmd1:: thank you, greg

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coronabruin:: is ucla818 a ucla level recruit?

Tracy Pierson:: Dave, you have 75 Bruin fans in here, so ask away.

coronabruin:: i heard he made varsity

coronabruin:: lol

BruinNation:: PHS demands Wooden basketball

Tantor:: more cheerleader shots of Whitney, please

sniffer:: Coacing dialogue would be great as long as it doesn't give away anything

bruinvalley:: good suggestion pat will work on that

11banners:: Thank Howland that we scheduled an easy schedule...We'd be 3-3 with a tough schedule

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PatBruin:: ok.. thanks

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11banners:: Is there going to be any Bruin rewind for basketball once the Pac-10 starts?

TonyF:: Who's Dave?

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NorthBruin40:: Dave's not here

bruinvalley:: With sideline audio we are are doing our best to get the best souns possible

PHS1:: Wooden or Ralph Miller basketall - up-tempo and high pressure I prefer.

artfu:: yeah? Whos Dave?

11banners:: Is the fox sports guy here yet?

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pacificpal:: Valley = dave sobel

BruinWord:: lol

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PatBruin:: bruinvalley... is fox guy

bruin34:: Greg DeAndre Robinson just not able to play at this level.  Whats the deal?

JaztheUclan:: Tracy  or Greg, any chance of getting Anthony Randolph into UCLA ?

CruznBruin:: bruinvalley is the fox sports guy

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BruinWord:: valley is the guy asking questions= dave

Greg Hicks:: Jaz -- no on Randolph

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11banners:: valley, are we going to get any bruin rewind for basketball once hte pac-10 starts?

bruinvalley:: no I don't think a there will be a rewind for hoops, but thinking about it

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PatBruin:: .

TonyF:: I'd love Bruin Rewind for Basketball

pacificpal:: that's a big mistake

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lakid:: ddi Tracy give any scoops???

11banners:: I'd really love Bruin rewind for bball

Intermezzo:: I think a rewind for UCLA hoops would be good.... but a mistake for Trojan hoops

loudoggydog1:: Bruin rewind would have 2 games each weeek to do

TonyF:: maybe once a week, covering all the games played that week

mwmd1:: how about bruing rewind on fox sport net rather than fsn2

dlebovic:: how about bruin rewind for the cheerleading team?

UCLA31:: Rewingd for hoops would be an excellent idea.

bruinkenny:: Greg Who is UCLA dream class for next year in your opinion

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11banners:: exactly Lou

JaztheUclan:: even if randolph improves his grades dramatically in the next two years?

pacificpal:: one show covering both games

mwmd1:: good question kenny

Tantor:: what about rewind for the big hoops games

Greg Hicks:: kenny -- I don't think that has been determined, except that Kevin Love is part of it

BruinNation:: good call, pal!

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Greg Hicks:: Stanback and Gant are real options

bruinkenny:: Is there a problem with SPica LOI

loudoggydog1:: What's Chase Stankback's projected pistionin college

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BruinWord:: Is mccloskey going to play?

PatBruin:: no

mwmd1:: missionary

NorthBruin40:: Or at least have the "UCL Sports Magazine" which apparently was replaced by Rewind

BruinNation:: no

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Greg Hicks:: loud -- wing, depends how big he gets if he's a two or three

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11banners:: Tracy/Greg, do you think Howland may start Aboya at the 5?

The Chuck D:: Stanback and Gant too similiar to take both..or is it possible, they could play together?

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11banners:: Or is he too much of a liability on the offensive end or too small?

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Greg Hicks:: 11 -- yes, Aboya will start at 5

sniffer:: Bruin rewind would be great with fewer interruptions (longer flow of material  and longer commercial breaks)

bruinkenny:: Greg, UCLA no interestin Darren Dayes son?

11banners:: Wow, that's awesome

BruinNation:: really, greg?

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11banners:: I thought ABoya was even better than Luc in the summer

11banners:: that is promising

Greg Hicks:: chuck -- no, very different -- Gant closer to a four, and Stanback closer to two

BruinWord:: TP what is your prediction on the Football game this weekend

Greg Hicks:: kenny -- no on Daye

bruinvalley:: when we do get in the lokerroom, is the coaches speech too long or short? do you always want to hear Might bruins?

Intermezzo:: sniffer, do you have TiVo?

bruin34:: Hicks.. again is D.Robinson  just not able to play at the PAC 10 level?

Greg Hicks:: 34 -- correct

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PHS1:: Greg: Is Gant a front line or perimeter player? If front line, isn't there a back up of guys there on the roster?

dlebovic:: locker room stuff is great after a win

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artfu:: His Aboya still 6'8"? if so why not Power forward rather than c?

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Intermezzo:: bruinvalley, I ALWAYS want to hear MightyBruins...  coaches speech seems fine...

NorthBruin40:: Who will be our next football commit?

pacificpal:: Valley - you're on the clock here

loudoggydog1:: Ryan Wright... Is he going to play more?

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- remains to be seen -- 6-9 now, but has wing skills

PatBruin:: bruinvalley... I like to hear the coaches... or any speeches in the locker room

Tantor:: always Mighty Bruins- basically anything behind the scenes is good

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The Chuck D:: With the soft early season schedule, shouldn't we be playing Ryan and Mata more minutes?

sniffer:: agree locker room stuff is great.. coaches speech and mighty bruins can be great closing moments...

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bruinkenny:: Farmar return date news ?

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luvdbruins:: This is boring, where are the rumors and inside info?

bruin34:: Greg bout Kelvin Kim is he an option?

artfu:: Greg - Why would Aboya play the 5 and not the 4?

Greg Hicks:: art -- Aboya has five man skills, not PF skills

PatBruin:: Bruinvalley... get into the visitor locker rooms when we're on the road... (this isn't about easy)

mwmd1:: greg-how tough is it projecting 2 years down the road for college coaches with everything happening so early in recruiting

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artfu:: thanx greg

Intermezzo:: the locker room stuff is the best part of the show...... anything behind the scenes....coaches & players' reactions to good plays, ...etc.

Greg Hicks:: mwm -- major issue, makes recruiting very difficult

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BruinMike:: Always on Mighty Bruins!!!!

JaztheUclan:: Greg, is Gant as athletic and more skilled than Randolph?  Randolph is obviously a 7 footer who we could use immensely.?

Russriop:: Greg, do you think UCLA will eventually revert to start its best 5 players regardless of having a true center?

insanity:: Greg, why can't Howland sign a 5?

bruinkenny:: Tracy, how about my Dick Vitale theory  that he was trying to ruin it for UCLA and get Love to ROyboy

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PatBruin:: Gee Tracy... maybe you should schedule a chat for BB every week... get Greg in here...

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UCLA31:: Poor Greg.  So many questions, so little time.

Ucla85:: Any word on the foreign guy?

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11banners:: I bet Taylor King is talking shit about UCLA to Kevin Love

Greg Hicks:: jaz -- Gant is not as gifted as Randolph, but a better kid and better fit for UCLA

insanity:: Kenny - you're reading too much into Vitale.  He just spews diarrhea.

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Intermezzo:: So many questions that require a crystal ball...


bruinvalley:: we are not allowed in the vistors loker room.

Tracy Pierson:: I think someone probably told Dick that they thought Love would go to UCLA. So, Dick, who doesn't have a fine attention to detail, just said that Love is going to UCLA.

11banners:: Tracy/Greg, is Gant close to committing?

bruinkenny:: Does the staff still talk to Taylor King

Greg Hicks:: Russ -- I think that is a real possibility -- go with best five guys -- I think Aboya will be one of those five

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bruinvalley:: Home locker room is not always available to us.

bruin34:: you you think Kim can end up playing at the PAC10 level?

insanity:: Why can't Howland sign a 5?

PHS1:: Vitale probably being told by lots of Division head coaches and assistants that Love is going to UCLA.

NorthBruin40:: Will anyone get the 13th scholi this year?

Tracy Pierson:: 11banners: I've heard that Gant and his family could come up to UCLA's campus in the next couple of weeks. i would think UCLA would try to push him to commit then.

pacificpal:: Valley - you gotta have some questions for us, right? 

11banners:: Awesome, thanx Tracy

BruinNation:: tracy, do you think AA2 will be starting at the 5?

PatBruin:: that was the rumor pal... lol

CruznBruin:: does anyone have a list of all of ucla's 4 year starters in football?

Tracy Pierson:: I think Aboya will have a good chance to start at the five.

pacificpal:: sheesh

artfu:: Greg, I don't know if this was asked already but, why isn't Wright getting any time

Intermezzo:: Bruinvalley, all in all, Rewind has a very nice flow to it..  It has a good balance of on the field action with off the field stuff.  I also like the part when the team walks from the bus to the stadium

JaztheUclan:: tracy and greg, project ucla 2007 basketball recruiting class right now

PatBruin:: BB... why not play Wright more now??

uclajeremy:: test

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Tracy Pierson:: I would bet, if healthy, he'd be able to average 6-7 rebounds a game.

bruinkenny:: Fey is so soft

Greg Hicks:: 34 -- no on Kim at Pac-10 level

BruinNation:: thanks

bruinvalley:: pacificpal, would like to see more sideline or plays

Tracy Pierson:: If you can do that, and play defense,  you're in.

11banners:: Valley, it's hard to say how to improve the show, it's pretty damn good

pacificpal:: sideline

PatBruin:: sidelines... we've seen the plays...

11banners:: All I can say is bring Bruin Rewind to hoops once the Pac-10 starts

Tracy Pierson:: Hey, someone ask Brandon some football recruiting questions.

pacificpal:: we watch the game braodcasts like three or four times anyway

loudoggydog1:: Bradford

NorthBruin40:: How about 60 minutes vs. 30 minutes :-)

Greg Hicks:: art -- Wright is extremely raw -- but given how bad everyone else is, maybe he'll get more of a chance

PatBruin:: Brandon... what about football recruits?

Russriop:: Thanks Greg.  I think UCLA has a lot of upside this year, but there will be games like Albany at times...

loudoggydog1:: austin... what's the story

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coronabruin:: brandon, why Kai Forbath only a 3 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CruznBruin:: is terrance austin a "silent commet"?

polobenw:: tracy - do you think londong will be much better on sat than he was earlier in the season?

11banners:: Huffman, do you prefer Panda Express or Rubios in Ackerman?

sniffer:: Brandon... can we get CJ?

bruinkenny:: G

PatBruin:: who cares about stars once they commit?

BruinNation:: TP/GH: whats up with Pauley renovation?

The Chuck D:: What is the deal with Konrad? he or isn't he off the table?

mwmd1:: huff is flordia cb > ross

BruinWord:: Huffman, who do you think our RB commit(s) will be

TheTruth2001:: Greg, why Ryan Wright is not getting pt? can't be worst than Mata or Fellins

Tracy Pierson:: IMPO, you play Mata and Wright, let them develop. If in any game they become a real bad defensive liability you bring in Hollins/Fey for a while.

PatBruin:: Cruz... ask UCLAPU

bruinkenny:: Greg rather see more of Wright who is an athlete than Fey

artfu:: Greg, would u say Wright is more or less "raw" than Mata was last year?

Greg Hicks:: jaz -- I think UCLA gets Love -- beyond that, class is hard to project -- I'd guess Gant or Stanback , probably not both

insanity:: Does anyone really think the problem is Pauley?  I don't.

PHS1:: Brandon - How important is UCLA performance against USC for remaining scholarships?

dcbruin:: brandon, do any of our committed guys have grade issues

Greg Hicks:: art -- more raw than Mata

bruinkenny:: Insanity we need attendance

11banners:: The problem is the fans behind the bench

bruinkenny:: UCLA doesnt draw

CruznBruin:: are the UCLApus in here?

artfu:: wow

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11banners:: Even the fans who show up to pauley, they make absolutely no noise

BruinWord:: Who will the coaches ask to grayshirt ?

PatBruin:: oops

11banners:: and htey can't even wear a blue t-shirt

loudoggydog1:: greg.. are gant and stanback the same player?

Tracy Pierson:: Yes, there are some committed guys who need to improve academically.

bruinvalley:: how do you feel about seeing the others teams scores, do you want to see the set up to those

BruinWord:: wow TP is BHuff even there

BrandonHuffman:: Forbath being a 3-star is a joke.  I've been talking with the people who do the national rankings weekly telling them to move him up.  They dont listen very well

Tracy Pierson:: From what I've heard, Walter Watts is one.

BrandonHuffman:: He was the #1 punter, now he's the #3 PK

BruinWord:: the 4 star?

BruinWord:: was his injury that bad

insanity:: UCLA needs to develop an internet based ticket sell-back.  Everyone I know wastes their tickets when they can't go.

BrandonHuffman:: I think the RB commit will be Slocum

PHS1:: Greg: How interested in Jrue Holiday is UCLA? Does a school need to take his brother also to get him?

Intermezzo:: Bruinvalley, I think just the actually play where they score is enough.....

PatBruin:: Bruinvalley... sometimes is ok... but none if $C scores this weekend

Greg Hicks:: truth -- Wright has been outplayed in practice consistently by the other big men

JaztheUclan:: brandon, how good is jeremy mcgee, will we get any tape on him, will he be asked to greyshirt

11banners:: Tracy, what have u heard about Reggie Carter in practice this year?

BruinNation:: why give a FG kicker 4*?

Russriop:: Greg, who's inane comments are making you laugh the most?

loudoggydog1:: tracy who are the commits with academic work to do

heeter left

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dcbruin:: tracy/brandon, do you guys have any game film of Kia

BrandonHuffman:: McGee has been next to impossible to get in touch with since Katrina

GoBruins18 joined

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- haven't spoken with Jrue yet -- but Justin said they wouldn't necessarily go to same school

BrandonHuffman:: 11- I prefer Sbarros

buzzbruin joined

11banners:: Tracy, also the same question regarding Shawn Oates who was our stud S recruit last year

Tracy Pierson:: I had two games of Kia, but really nothing that was worthy of highlights.

polobenw:: brandon, whats the deal with austin showing up to practice?

The Chuck D:: Brandon or Tracy..or anyone else..has anyone seen Slocumb in person?  What is your opin? I'm not overly impressed with his videos

pacificpal:: I want to see stuff on rfewind that I can't see on the game broadcast

Tracy Pierson:: The first game was his first game back from injury.

PatBruin:: Katrina is his girlfriend?

bruinvalley:: how do you feel about the opening segment, what would you like to see out of the pregame?

bruinkenny:: Ucla hoop fans who cant go should sell on stubhub .com

coronabruin:: i like the pregame stuff

Tracy Pierson:: Second one, the action went away from him quite a bit.

BruinWord:: Pat not a funny joke

Intermezzo:: I think Wright needs to loosen up....looked too restricted out there for some reason.... 

coronabruin:: locker room is most important part of teh show

11banners:: Valley, I like seeing the fans in the lots of cool tailgating stuff, hot girls

mwmd1:: national rankings are a joke

dcbruin:: tracy, re Kia, I know, I'm just messing with you

PatBruin:: ya.. I know

JimboBruin joined

brewinbruins:: why don't we make a separate forum for ticket holders who can't go?

EmanBruin:: yes, my favorite is locker room

mwmd1:: cheerleader,hot chicks in opening

Tracy Pierson:: Ah, DC, you card.

JaztheUclan:: have you seen any of play in his senior year;  his lack of size and  ranking worries me a little as we could probably get higher ranked corners;  does he project at corner at ucla. 

bruinvalley:: how about the open, do you like how the show starts?

Intermezzo:: Bruinvalley, I like the band playing to the team walking out of the bus and unto the stadium

JaztheUclan:: regarding mcgee

freda joined

PatBruin:: mezzo.. his first minutes... he was nervous

artfu:: brandon - of the committed DLinemen who do you think will be most ready to contribute next year?

TheTruth2001:: Greg, got the tape of Spica yet?

BrandonHuffman:: Savage

NorthBruin40:: For those of you ticket holders who sit next to fans that miss 50% or more of the games, what do you say to them?

pacificpal:: Bruinwalk should be an essential

BrandonHuffman:: Jerzy right behind him

EmanBruin:: players and coachs' reaction to plays would be cool

Tracy Pierson:: No tape of Spica, yet.

PHS1:: Greg: In looking for their next point guard, how is UCLA doing with Jennings and Drew, Jr.?

insanity:: Is Spica a 4 or 5?

CruznBruin:: Are we going to be able to see the Christian Ramirez highlight tape anytime?

bruinkenny:: Greg, was it a mistake to take Wright, being that he is another Mata?

Greg Hicks:: Russ -- Tracy told me I'm not allowed to laugh at anyone

BruinWord:: Yes, show us stuff that ABC or FSN cant show, pregame, the walk, the prep, the players gettin pumped beofre kickoff

PatBruin:: Bruinvalley... opening is ok

The Chuck D:: Tracy, any chance Savage or Jerzy will be ready enough to move Brigham back to DE?

pacificpal:: Wright not another Mata - he's better

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PatBruin:: good idea Word

uclaro left

BruinSB:: Tracy or Greg, do we have any chance at Stafon Johnson or CJ Gable?

Intermezzo:: PatBruin, yeah, I guess so...but my heart almost stopped when I saw him make that post-up turnaround....  I knew he had some natural ability...just needs to wake it up

UCLA31:: Valley, Rewind does a great job of catering to fans -- from tailgating shots (of which I was a part at one game) to locker room discussions, sidelines.  Keep up the good work, and consider Rewind for Hoops.

PatBruin:: ya Pal... you can tell from that one shot he took

11banners:: Valley, i'd like to see more views of the crowd during rewind

bruinvalley:: in open segment, do you want to hear a break down of the game, or players getting ready,

BruinNation:: word, BH allows nobody in the locker room

sniffer:: opening is ok but would like KD's comments to crowd or more team rection to score

11banners:: Shots of the student section very far away to see the whole place going nuts

MAVMAV joined

EmanBruin:: players getting ready

Greg Hicks:: pacific -- Wright has potential, and I think he might end up better than the other centers -- but he hasn't demonstrated that yet in practice

pacificpal:: He's WAY more athletic and will develop

PatBruin:: 11 just wants to be on TV...

TheTruth2001:: Wright is a future pro

11banners:: lol

11banners:: i said very far shots

NPBruin:: Any chance left with D Ross?

PatBruin:: uh huh... lol

pacificpal:: sorry to hear thqat about practice performance

artfu:: Tracy - what about the Crenshaw kids from last year, are they going to make any impact next year?

BrandonHuffman:: If Ross would submit his transcripts, he may have a shot

NorthBruin40:: Best estimate of the first game back for Shipp?

mwmd1:: huff- is flordia cb > D Ross

11banners:: Huffman/Tracy, what is the impact of Horton playing instead of Keyes

11banners:: for Saturday

UCLA31:: I suspect Wright will start to catch fire next season

BrandonHuffman:: I havent seen Henderson (the Florida CB) so I can't make that call

PatBruin:: BH.. maybe Ross saw his transcripts... and is scared to submit?

ORBruin1 left

Greg Hicks:: north -- nothing new on Shipp -- they keep saying mid to late December

BruinSB:: Tracy or Greg, do we have any chance at Stafon Johnson or CJ Gable?

brewinbruins:: will Shipp be 100% when he gets back?

bruinvalley:: are there shots that I cut away from too early?

BruinSB:: Sorry, Tracy or Brandon...

BrandonHuffman:: We have a better shot with Johnson than with Gable

Greg Hicks:: brewin -- what am I, God?

TheTruth2001:: GH, if u had a choice, who would u take Stanback or Gant?

Tracy Pierson:: I t hink the RB situation is going to be interesting.

chowder joined

Tantor:: players getting ready

brewinbruins:: you just might be

PatBruin:: Tracy??  Does Horton have that cast off yet?... would help him wrap after hitting

bruinvalley:: would you like to see splits screens, pplay and reaction

Intermezzo:: Greg, I'm tellin you.....some folks here think you have a crystal ball....same with Tracy

Tracy Pierson:: You can't underestimate USC's ability to take more than one prospect.

pacificpal:: OK lunch time's over boyz - seeya later.  Thanks for the BB info Greg! 

BruinSB:: I would have thought we had a better chance with Gable over Johnson

CruznBruin:: Would Johnson qualify?

dcbruin:: we seem to be second choice for a lot of rb's, which kind of sucks

Tracy Pierson:: They'll tell Gable he's an athlete.

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UCLA31:: Split screens might be a great addition, Valley.

pacificpal left

BrandonHuffman:: Gable is pretty much a lock for SC, IMO

Greg Hicks:: truth -- as of today, Gant -- but I could easily change my mind in the next couple months

BruinSB:: Gable seems like a RB to me...

EmanBruin left

bouncepass joined

brewinbruins:: i meant more as in are these types of hip injuries something that stays with you

Tracy Pierson:: But I think if they do get commitments from some of the national RBs, Johnson and Gable could get pissed.

Greg Hicks:: brewin -- not sure on the hip

PatBruin:: Horton have the cast off yet?

TheTruth2001:: Tp, who's the next to commit?

artfu:: Tracy/Brandon - who might leave the program at the end of this year?

BruinSB:: Would SC take 4 elite RB's, I mean could they?

PatBruin:: Anyone at practice see Horton??  Cast??

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NorthBruin40:: Split screens would be good for some pass plays, you could get a feel for the simultaneous actions of the receiver and the QB

Intermezzo:: They took 4 elite QB's one year

mwmd1 left

The Chuck D:: Brandon....comparison of James Smith and Ross?

CruznBruin:: TP/Brandon, any info on 2007 RB's/QB's UCLA might look good for?

bouncepass:: fuck SC

PDXBruin joined

BruinWord:: TP or BHuff do you think Oatis might be a LB

PatBruin:: well said bounce

Tracy Pierson:: It's not hard to speculate that the guys who have been in the program that haven't played woud be at the top of the list.

EmanBruin joined

CruznBruin:: if, perhaps, we fail to land an elite RB

BrandonHuffman:: Smith is a stud.  Not quite as good as Ross, but good.  Grades are abysmal though

polobenw left

TheTruth2001:: SB---heck yeah...2 will play, the other 2 will transfer or get buried on the depth chart

BrandonHuffman:: 2007 RB/QBs

BrandonHuffman:: Chris Forcier from San Diego

Tantor left

11banners:: Huff do you think we land Garrett Green

11banners:: the QB

BrandonHuffman:: Samson Szackaszy from Camarillo

The Chuck D:: So, he would be a longer shot than Ross from that comment

UclaWad joined

Tracy Pierson:: I think UCLA will be involved with Crenshaw's Carter and Tyler.

bouncepass left

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Tracy Pierson:: I'm hearing UCLA might be coming to an end with Ross.

BruinSB:: Why would Gable AND Johnson both go to SC if they get other elites at RB

PHS1:: Greg: How is UCLA doing with Brandon Jennings and Larry Drew, Jr.?

Intermezzo:: crap

CruznBruin:: Forcier is pretty mobile, too, right?

dlebovic:: how do you pronounce that? samson sack-a-see, it sounds like?

BruinWord:: boo i wanted ross

PatBruin:: Anyone at practice see Horton??  Cast??

Tracy Pierson:: There might be some issues with the academics.

The Chuck D:: 11banners, I read your question too fast, I thought you said Gaston Green....

BruinSB:: I like Forcier because I can pronounce his last name..

bruinvalley:: after td's, would you like to see more replays,

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- I think Drew will be the more realistic option at the end of the day

Tracy Pierson:: Forcier is a better athlete right now than a thrower.

Tracy Pierson:: He ran a 4.5-something 40.

Tracy Pierson:: I was there and saw it. He's very fast.

PHS1:: Either would be be excellent.

NorthBruin40:: Greg, how do you explain Love growing up a Duke fan, and now UNC is one of his favorites? Doesn't really compute from a fan's perspective. Maybe players look at these things differently than fans?

CruznBruin:: is he more polished than rashaan?

Intermezzo:: bruinvalley, yeah, TD's from a different angle would be great

UclaWad:: what is the word on stanback?

BruinSB:: Biggins mentioned he's got a real good arm to boot

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PatBruin:: Bruinvalley... replays of the same play?  no... saw it several times at gametime... and PVR time..

artfu:: Will Ossar be the #2 QB next year?

Tracy Pierson:: Cruzn: Who?

BrandonHuffman:: Cowan will be the #2 QB

BruinSB:: Will Osaar be a QB next year?

Greg Hicks:: north -- fan of Duke because of their excellence -- not fan as in automatically hates UNC

CruznBruin:: TP:  Osaar


dlebovic:: TP - what are your thoughts on UCLA taking Green as an athlete/QB? is it looking like to happen more now?

bruinvalley:: what do you think of the Monday night line up, with rewind and the Presser

Tracy Pierson:: IMO, Forcier's arm was just okay when I saw him last spring. But it looked like he has a long way to go physically, so by this spring it could have improved.

11banners:: How can you not like Duke growing up

CruznBruin:: I guess I'm asking for a comparison between the two

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: what did I miss

11banners:: they go to the final 4 almost every year, amazing crowd etc

PatBruin:: Tracy can you ask Jessica if Horton has the cast off his wrist yet?

PHS1:: Greg: Is UCLA still trying with Kyle Singler? If so, what kind of shot do they have with him?

Tracy Pierson:: I like Green, and I'd take him. I think UCLA needs as much insurance at QB as possible.

Tracy Pierson:: Horton does have the cast off.

BruinSB:: Tracy is the staff going to offer Green

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Intermezzo:: Bruinvalley, I think that lineup works very well...

PatBruin:: whew... thanks

PatBruin:: \lol

statsdave joined

Tracy Pierson:: SB: Undetermined as of right now.

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- yes, still trying, any chance would depend on Love -- if they get him, maybe that opens the door

PatBruin:: is good Bruinvalley

TheTruth2001:: GH, Ucla/NC battle for Love? should we be worried about Duke

BruinWord:: TP who are your predicctions on who UCLA gets

BruinSB:: You can always move him to safety or WR so it seems like no risk


buzzbruin left

PatBruin:: Isn't that a $C move bruinSB?

11banners:: Greg, is Stanback a combo guard?  If Farmar goes pro his soph or jr year, we are in trouble at pg

Tracy Pierson:: I'd say Carter, Austin, Bradford are very good bets.

Greg Hicks:: truth -- I think it will be UNC/UCLA at the end -- although, you obviously can't ignore Duke completely

BruinSB:: Pat, if we tell him up front, then no

bruinvalley:: what do you like about the Presser, and what is missing?

Greg Hicks:: 11 -- no, Stanback is a 2/3

NorthBruin40:: Players most likely to greyshirt next year?

PatBruin:: Bradford... cool

The Chuck D:: Marcel Reese...what happened to that name?  the numbers (size, speed) too good to be true or acad problems?

PatBruin:: ok SB

Intermezzo:: Crap, hope Duke doesn't pull an Oregon with Malik

Tracy Pierson:: One of Cornell, M. Johnson and FLA linebacker?

11banners:: Greg, isn't it very likely that Farmar is gone by the end of his jr year?

BruinSB:: What about the FL kids is there a real chance at them

Bruin Steve joined

Ucla85 left

11banners:: Do you think we're going to be in trouble at pg or will collison an dkim suffice?

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: both shows are great

UCLA31:: I don't think Kim will suffice, sorry.

BruinWord:: I like the presser, I think UCLA fans want to watch as much UCLA as you can (when we win)

Tracy Pierson:: Then I'd say one CB.

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: of course more audio on the sideline would be awesome

Tracy Pierson:: One RB.

BrandonHuffman:: I think there is an Excellent chance with the Florida kids

PHS1:: Tracy and Greg: Do you completely foreclose the chance that UCLA and Taylor King get back together? King and Kevin Love are pretty good friends...

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Greg Hicks:: 11 -- I think Farmar will be gone after junior year -- and yes, I think PG will be an issue -- we'll see if any 2007 PGs emerge as possibilities

The Chuck D:: 11banners, if Farmar continues to play like he did against Memphis, he'll probably be gone after this year

11banners:: I'd personally watch USC Hoops Rewind

Tracy Pierson:: UCLA isn't recruiting King.

BruinSB:: Thanks Huff, I'd really like to get some FL kids

11banners:: so i can see how bad they are and laugh

bruinvalley:: Just a reminder. the Rewind marathon dec 2nd, starting at noon.

Tracy Pierson:: The Kings would have to bet the UCLA coaches, and I can't see that happening.

PatBruin:: Thanks Tracy, Greg, BH... and Bruinvalley... time to go back to work...

Greg Hicks:: PHS -- I don't like to say never, but unlikely in the extreme -- they're pretty good friends, but college decision won't be affected

BruinNation:: TP/BH, do you think Kerr is safe regardless what happens against sc?

BrandonHuffman:: Hey Valley, is it chronologically?

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: more players on the presser would be nice

Intermezzo:: bruinvalley, thanks..My TiVo's gonna get a workout

PatBruin:: 11... i don't think they even tape the $C BB games...

Tracy Pierson:: Nation: I think Kerr is relatively safe, but not untouchable.

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: also a report or update of the scout team would be nice

BruinNation:: thaks

BrandonHuffman:: Scout Team update comes after Signing Day

11banners:: if we beat SC, Kerr is goin nowhere

11banners:: if we get killed by SUC, he might be gone

BruinSB:: Tracy, Reggie Carter ready to step up next year?

dlebovic:: i think kerr gets one more year regardless, IMO

BruinWord:: there was a lot of hype on Jess Ward, do you think that he will be a contributor next year

Tracy Pierson:: I've heard he's been very impressive on the scout team.

artfu left

BRUINSALLTHEWAY:: Do you see Roll having the ability in the future to create his own shot

UclaWad:: Is Stanback's Ucla's to lose?

BruinNation:: banners, what If sc drops 50+ on ucla?

11banners:: he should be gone

Greg Hicks:: bruins -- yes, think Roll will get more aggressive as he matures

Intermezzo:: even i SC scores 60 on us, I doubt Dorrell will get rid of Kerr.........

TheTruth2001 left

Intermezzo:: not saying I agree with that

BruinSB:: Thanks a million Tracy, Brandon, and Greg...

BruinSB left

Tracy Pierson:: The coaches have liked Ward recently. At the beginning of practice, I wasn't very impressed, but he was probably hindered by injury.

Greg Hicks:: wad -- not necessarily on Stanback

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PHS1:: Tracy: You should be back doing a Bruin Insider radio show on the flagship station.

LargeBruin left

The Chuck D:: Tracy/Brandon..with the bcs bowls being announced the day after our that best case scenario for us (with a victory against sc)?

bruinvalley:: Thanks Tracy, for setting this up. the chat was a big help. Also thanks to all the fans supporting this show. Are there any last questions before I get going?

11banners:: Greg, if UCLA takes a pg in 2007, does that hurt us with Drew/Jennings?  ANd of the two, who would you take?

Tracy Pierson:: PHS, I agree. But the flagship station gets input from UCLA, and UCLA, of course, doesn't want anything that's, well, objective.

NorthBruin40:: How about a few words from Tracy on each rewind show?

BruinWord:: Keep up the good work Valley

Intermezzo:: np Bruinvalley, thanks for taking the time to hear our opinions

JimboBruin:: It would be great to sell a DVD of the rewind show...

JeffG joined

11banners:: love the show Valley

michaelpaul:: I'm out of the loop, who are the FL kids you are talking about?

JeffG left

UCLA31:: Greg/Tracy, do you project AA2 as the clear starter at 5 next year?  How do you project our chances in the Pac 10 and overall next year?

sniffer:: Thanks Valley

JimboBruin:: The whole season

BrandonHuffman:: Ashton Henderson (CB) and Craig Stevens (LB)

Greg Hicks:: 11 -- depends on which 2007 guy they took -- right now, I don't see anyone --  I'd take Drew as of today

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BrandonHuffman:: From Tallahassee Lincoln

PHS1:: Tracy: It is ridiculous that local ESPN radio does Bruin Confidential and the flagship station has nothing of the sort.

Tracy Pierson:: 31: It's impossible to say. I've only seen him on tape and then in the summer of 2004.

Tracy Pierson:: PHS: I think so.

11banners:: Hicks, do you think next season we could see a lineup possibly of Farmar, Afflalo, Shipp, Luc, Keefe?

Intermezzo:: 11, who is our 5?

JimboBruin:: banners, I was just thinking about that lineup

11banners:: Keefe is the 5

Greg Hicks:: 11 -- quite possible

UCLA31:: How tall is Keefe?

Greg Hicks:: I think Keefe or Aboya starts with the other four

Intermezzo:: I didn't know he could play center

11banners:: Mezzo, Keefe is a big boy

BruinWord:: Would Keefe be starting for us now?

sniffer left

Intermezzo:: cool

Greg Hicks:: he's not a center -- but he might be one of our five best guys next year

The Chuck D:: Are we ahead of Oregon for a bcs bid w/victory over sc?

PHS1:: Tracy and Greg: If you are getting to see any of the hoops practices, any thoughts on what Howland is trying to do offensively? What is up with tempo and half court sets?

11banners:: I remember meeting Keefe 2 years ago and he looked like a volleyball player

Intermezzo:: as long as he can post...... anything's better than what we've got now

BruinNation:: 11, I saw Keefe at the Delaware St. game...needs more strength

Greg Hicks:: depends on how Wright and Mata develop

UCLA31:: I think you'll see Aboya/Keefe and Keefe/Luc splitting time at 5 and 4

11banners:: he's really hit the weights

JimboBruin left

BruinNation:: he still needs to get bigger

BruinMike:: Presser - Hate Billy Mac! Get a UCLA guy!

11banners:: He has one more year

JaztheUclan:: keefe didn't have great low post skills the last time i saw him play

BruinNation:: he loks to be 210-212

The Chuck D:: Hacksaw finally said something thta I liked.....

BruinWord:: Did hacksaw say I quit

Bruinian left

Intermezzo:: Anyone hear Colin Cowherd's guest this morning talk about UCLA's academics???

BruinNation:: on the other hand...Keefe's gf is pretty hot

The Chuck D:: He said Drew Olson deserves to be invited as one of the 5 to Heisman

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Greg Hicks:: PHS -- I think a lot of the offensive problems have to do with a lack of cohesiveness -- very little practice time due to injuries, playing freshmen too many minutes -- I'm not going to worry about it until we see the full team together late January

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JaztheUclan:: Nation, I didn't say that Keefe didn't have any skills

PHS1:: Fair enough, I think, Greg. Thanks.

11banners:: I just hate how UCLA throws the ball around the perimeter for 30 seconds

UclaWad:: What have you heard about the Pauley renovation?

coachemup joined

BruinNation:: TP/BH, I hear NDHS OL, Sammy Dimarntis will commit to ucla the minute they offer

michaelpaul::  will whatever RB we get this year affect Tyler?

PHS1:: We know that those last few Pittsburgh teams of Howland dismantled folks at both ends of the floor. I'd at least like to see that, even if the tempo is slower than I want.

Carson Bruin joined

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BruinWord:: what year is Sanmmy Dimarntis

Intermezzo:: Anyway, Cowherd's guest was very complimentary about UCLA's academics and said SC's didn't compare.  But UCLA' just doesn't get it when it comes to athletics..... HC salary, Pauley Pavilion renvoation...etc...

coachemup:: This is probably old news here, but did sc fullback hancock call UCLA "pansies?" When and where was this stated?

mexbruin left

brewinbruins:: oh yeah, what is the latest on Pauley?

11banners:: It's taking so long to start the Pauley renovation

Intermezzo:: injuries...

PHS1:: 11banners: They are dribbling the ball around the perimeter mostly. If they were passing it more, someone might get a high percentage look. When the 3s stop falling, UCLA is in trouble.

11banners:: True PHS.  I at least am impressed with AA's new jumpshot.  It's very pretty

BrandonHuffman:: DiMartinis is a junior

BruinWord:: is he good?

BruinNation:: yes, but if they offer during the summer

Intermezzo:: We might have lost yesterday if Ced's and AA's outside shots weren't as hot

BruinYurk joined

bruindds left

BruinNation:: he'll be a Bruin

CruznBruin:: I agree, PHS.  Passing the ball would be nice, but these guys bizarrely think they can dribble a team out of a zone

BrandonHuffman:: He's better than his Bro

PHS1:: Roll gets criticized by some, but he prioritizes the pass and cut better than anyone on the squad.

BrandonHuffman:: Who UCLA showed some interest in

BruinNation:: Heard that as well

bruinkenny:: I LOVE ROLL

UCLA31:: Love Roll's movement and passing.

BrandonHuffman:: Another guy to watch is Chris Carter, David Carter's younger Bro

sportjunky joined

11banners:: Roll and Collison are too apprehensive right now

11banners:: They will get better when they feel more confident

Intermezzo:: Roll has a good understanding of the game, IMO

bruin88 joined

PHS1:: CruznBruin: I simply prefer pass and cut basketball to dribble and screen basketball...

The Chuck D:: Brandon, what is the deal on Yeatman?

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saywhat left

CruznBruin:: as do I

UCLA31:: Me too, PHS1.

11banners: Collison keeps passing up open shots and won't break down the zone when he really can

BrandonHuffman: Yeatman will end up on the East Coast.   He really wants to play lacrosse

BruinNation:: guys, do you recall how AA, JF and JS looked this time
last year?
CruznBruin:: As little dribbling as possible with great ball movement
PHS1:: I wish I had some tape of Howland's last few Pitt teams to compare...
jbucla left
The Chuck D:: Brandon is it Reuland or nothing at TE this class?
UCLA31:: I feel like Bozeman is more cut out for the pass/cut style.
BrandonHuffman:: Chuck- I think so
CruznBruin:: unfortunately, from what I recall, Brandon Knight dribbled
the heck out of the ball
BruinYurk:: Sorry...just got here...but where is the football  Chat? 
Did I miss it?
BruinWord:: how likely is rueland
bruin88:: huff any chance we take two rbs?
BrandonHuffman:: Had John Reese had better grades, he may have been the guy
BruinWord:: is it really slim to non
BrandonHuffman:: Reuland is a longshot at best
BruinWord:: what about that guy from redlands
CruznBruin:: he'd dribble back and forth at the top of the key
PHS1:: Greg does, I think, make a fair and logical point that we should
wait until the whole team is back at practice to judge what is up.
hopsing left
BruinNation:: no, cruz
Tracy Pierson:: Okay, guys, have to take off -- going to see Gant and
Stanback play today.
Tracy Pierson:: See you later.
BruinNation:: later
Greg Hicks:: PHS -- I think one difference with Pitt teams was they were
juniors and seniors. We've got freshmen and sophs -- our seniors, other
than Ced, can't play.
Intermezzo:: PHS1, do you think our offense will gel better come January?
Bigballer JZ left
UCLA31:: I think we'll look substantially different come Jan/Feb
11banners:: It's really depressing how Fey/Hollins look even worse this year
DERF18 joined
UCLA31:: This team has a lot of cohesiveness issues and a lot of
growing/gelling to do before march.  I think it will happen.
BruinNation:: derfie
SuinBruin47:: Howland must gnash his teeth at how soft Fey plays
PHS1:: Intermezzo: Howland is too good a coach for ineffective and
inefficient basketball to continue indefinitely. I will go with Greg -
experience and injuries are holding things back.
Tracy Pierson left
CruznBruin:: I don't think I've ever seen an entire position unit have
so much difficulty holding onto the ball
Intermezzo:: Fey seems to have regressed...maybe it's the
injury...whatever.... Hollins...ugh...ugliest post moves ever
BruinYurk:: No wonder everybody thinks we are a Basketball
vandat left
Carson Bruin left
Greg Hicks:: hopefully, Fey will at least get back to last year's level
as he gets healthy and some reps in practice
bruinkenny left
Intermezzo:: PHS1, ok. I agree...but the game was certainly painful to
watch yesterday
Intermezzo:: doubts start creeping in
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ucla2cool left
UCLA31:: Donnie Daniels is reputedly an excellent big man coach.  I just
wonder if Fellins is simply uncoachable or at a ceiling interms of BB IQ
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PHS1:: Agree with Greg that UCLA senior posts cannot play. Doubt Howland
would have recruited either of them.
insanity left
Greg Hicks:: BB IQ is a huge part of the problem
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BruinYurk left
SuinBruin47:: damn, if we had  Pagett this yr....
bruin99 joined
SuinBruin47:: err, Padgett
Intermezzo:: Mata isn't much of a post player either...but he's much
more aggressive than Fey/Hollins
REDZONE00:: Hititlong is an idiot
CruznBruin:: the sad thing is, though, that it appears Howland believes
they are better than the guys he's recruited (other than Aboya/Luc)
PHS1:: Intermezzo: I am just as frustrated. Expected more and better.
But Greg makes good points. And remember how good Pitt was under Howland
with lesser talent.
REDZONE00:: oops, did I say that outloud?
BruinNation:: suin, hed on the bench, too, with a broken foot
SuinBruin47:: wouldna broken it at UCLA, Nation
Malibruin joined
BruinNation:: lol
Intermezzo:: PHS1, yeah, I just keep waiting for that to happen... I
guess it's easy to underestimate the effects of all the
chemistry, conditioning..etc..
11banners:: PHS, you must admit though, right now, UCLA basketball is a
snooze fest
REDZONE00:: what happened at noon?
11banners:: I'm glad everyone is mostly paying attention to football
right now
NeilUCLA left
SuinBruin47:: I'm with PHS on being frustrated at our guards' failure to
attack the basket
BruinNation:: relax, 11
11banners:: I hope this is Howland's last year of playing patsies
REDZONE00 left
The Chuck D:: So, UCLA is still a basketball school!!
Intermezzo:: 11banners, I think outside of die-hard Bruins like us, our
games would be unwatchable...
chowder left
PHS1:: Agree with Intermezzo and 11banners. But injuries prevent
improvement during practice.
SuinBruin47:: I kept yelling at the TV last night for Collison to attack
in transition
UCLA31:: It's a good thing we do have some cupcakes, or our record would
look pretty awful right about now.
11banners:: Mezzo, no doubt.  I couldn't believe yesterday watching on
TV.  I felt a Lakers crowd looks more lively and more exciting than this
PHS1:: Freshmen are going to play tentatively at times.
PHS1:: This is typical Ben Howland preseason scheduling - get used to it.

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