VIDEO: Howland on Nevada

Head Coach Ben Howland answered questions after the big win over Nevada in the Wooden Classic at the Arrowhead Pond Saturday, taking about how the team has improved...

Howland's Post-Nevada Comments -- Watch Video


"Again, we beat a very good team. I watched every one of their games this year. This is the same team, minus one or two kids, that beat Texas in the tournament last year, and lost to Illinois, but had a chance to beat them. This is a very good team, and Mark does a great job so this is an outstanding win for us as we go into finals week. Around here that's big."


How much farther along is this team now than when you played Memphis? How different is this team now than when you played Memphis?


(Clips of the Nevada game begin to play)


"I think it's better. I think part of it is having Jordan back for four days from practice. You gotta remember now….I was telling someone the other day on the radio we have a volunteer who helps out with the video; He tore his ACL. It's been unbelievable. I'm afraid to walk around anywhere. I mean, we finally had eleven players in practice last Thursday. A week ago Thursday and then two of them go down. Lorenzo's head hitting was a solid bang on the floor. There's reason for him to be out for nine days now. And then Mike going down…. It's just been tough.


"I'm excited because Josh Shipp is going to start practicing 45 minutes starting a week from Tuesday or a week from Monday so he's closer to coming back. That's gonna help us to add him to this team. He gives us another scoring threat; another player who can go out and create offense.


"We won today because we did a great job defensively. We still have to do a better job executing. I though when we ran motion, especially late in the game, Arron penetrated, jump stopped, and make a nice pass to Luc who made a lay up. It was a nice play for us.


"I'm just proud of these kids. We're very young. You look out there, one time I think we had Roll, Collison, Luc was out there, and Ryan Wright; I think we had four freshmen on the floor out there."


Ben would you talk about the inside game? It seems like Luc quietly leads the team in rebounding.


"Yeah, he's doing a great job. He can go up in a crowd and get one. He's just a freshman. He's gonna get stronger and better with time. He came out in the second half and Fazekas took it at him. He forgot to double one time. He didn't block out and Fazekas got a rebound over his back. How many did Fazekas have in the second half? It must've been fourteen? It was fifteen. He really came to life. That's how they came back from the nine point deficit, and he's a great player. He'll be playing in the NBA whenever he leaves college. He's good.


"What's great about this win is that Reno is going to continue to win. Reno, if you look at their schedule, they're gonna end up going into the NCAA tournament with less than five losses is my prediction."

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