Interview: Matt Moore

The incoming freshman quarterback, Matt Moore from Newhall Hart, talks about the month of April he spent at UCLA's practice, and what he expects at UCLA next year...

Anyone who came to watch the Bruins during spring practice probably noticed a tall kid in street clothes wearing a red cap watching every play very intently. Incoming UCLA freshman quarterback Matt Moore spent much of the month of April as a regular visitor at Spaulding Field absorbing as much information about UCLA football as he could get. It seems to have been time very well spent. Here's what he had to say about it.

BRO: What was it like standing on Spaulding Field watching practice?

Moore: "I learned a lot. Picked up everything I could to get a head start. It was definitely an advantage to be there and it was a lot of fun. I was probably there for ten or 11 of the 15 practices."

BRO: Did you take the opportunity to talk to Cory Paus and John Sciarra?

Moore: "I couldn't play with them, but I was talking to them all the time. Anything I had a question about they were there to answer and give me more information."

BRO: Did coach Toledo, Skipper and/or Pearce talk to you about the quarterback position being wide open?

Moore: "Having Toledo or other coaches say the position is wide open motivates me a lot, I can tell you that much. Just to know that the position is open, and I have a chance is a good feeling. It definitely lets Cory know that he has to keep it going. The coaches keep telling me to work hard, and I think they really say it as a motivational tool to keep me working hard. They say it as well to motivate Cory to work hard because he's been there for four years, and he is expected to start."

BRO: Did you get the opportunity to meet fellow incoming freshman quarterback Drew Olson?

Moore: "We met at the first practice and hung out together and mostly listened to everyone else. The second day of practice we talked quite a bit. I like him a lot. He's a great guy. I'm looking forward to having him as a teammate."

BRO: Was there more to just standing around and watching at practice?

Moore: "I got to sit in on the meetings and listen in on the huddles and really find out what college football was like, how the coaches are, and how the players interact with each other."

BRO: What went threw your mind when you were standing on the field and seeing up close the size and speed of your future teammates?

Moore: "A number of times I was looking around and thinking to myself – I have to get the offense down, and just try to play with the bigger guys. The speed of the game is certainly going to be a different."

BRO: What have you been doing to keep busy since football season ended?

Moore: "I'm working out with weights, and I have put on some weight. I'm also going out and throwing the ball a little bit with some receivers who are upcoming high school seniors."

BRO: After watching practice what will it be like shifting from Hart's wide open passing offense to UCLA's pro-style offense?

Moore: "It is pretty much the same stuff. You can only run so many different plays in football. Coming from Hart gives you a pretty good background, but it is definitely a different environment. The toughest part of the transition is remembering that I'm learning how they do it rather then remembering how we did it."

BRO: When do you think you'll report to UCLA?

Moore: "I'll be heading to campus when the freshman are to report around August 6. Then school doesn't start until well into September. So having that time to focus on football will be great."

BRO: What are you most looking forward to when you get to UCLA?

Moore: "I'm just excited to go to UCLA. It'll be sad to pack up and move away from home. It's far enough away, but close enough to home. I'm just really excited to go and play college football. It's what I always wanted to do, and I'm going to do it."

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