Athlete Has Clear Leader

Richard Sherman, a very good student, hasn't heard much from UCLA recently, but just got accepted academically into Stanford, the school that's been leading for him for a while...

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez receiver Richard Sherman (6-3, 178) has began to narrow his choices of schools down to a group of four, all of which will be receiving or have received an official trip from him.

And as for a leader? "Stanford is on top. They just accepted me last week. I took a trip to Mississippi State, and I'm going to visit Washington and most likely Nevada for January," said Sherman.

UCLA had previously been on Sherman's top five, but Sherman said he has had scant contact with them in the past couple of weeks. "I've only heard a little from them," said Sherman. "I don't know, if they started calling and wanted me to take a trip, I might go. But it's getting pretty late."

Sherman had a huge week last week, getting the aforementioned Stanford acceptance while also playing a big role in Dominguez's stunning upset of top-ranked Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame in the CIF Final.

"Man, I don't know what is bigger, beating Notre Dame, and by as much as we did, or getting into Stanford," said Sherman. "I do know it was a good week."

The Cardinal have been Sherman's favorite most of the way, and his acceptance was heartily welcomed by his family. "We all were excited when I got in. It's a big thing for me. It's a great opportunity for me and my family," said Sherman.

Sherman figures to visit Palo Alto in January, when he will also visit Nevada and Washington. He said he may leave one of those weekends open in case he takes an official trip to UCLA.

But make no mistake, the Cardinal are clearly in the driver's seat. "I wanted to take my last trip there but I'm going on the 13th of January. But I could commit that weekend if all goes right," said Sherman.

While the Bruin staff liked Sherman as an athlete, Stanford has been recruiting him as a receiver first, with the possibility of using him as a nickel back in some packages.

Since the Dons season went long, Sherman said he didn't get much time to relax before he jumped into basketball. He will also represent California in the CaliFlorida Bowl, then take three recruiting trips in January. He said he would decide in late January.

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