Howland Talks Before Sac State

Head Coach Ben Howland had some quick comments by teleconference Thursday, talking about the fullcourt mentality of Sacramento State, how Josh Shipp is doing in practice and more...

Here are some comments by Head Coach Ben Howland yesterday in a quick teleconference:

"Josh Shipp is on schedule. He worked out hard today (Wednesday). He did 200 jump shots. He said he was a little sore after, but nothing serious.  The key is how he feels when he gets up in the morning. He's the one guy who worked out hard today. We want to keep pushing him to see how he does."

How did Luc Mbah a Moute do in the Wagner game? He seems to be always in the right place at the right time...

"Luc is playing well, even though that wasn't a great game for him. But he's having a good freshman season.  I really also want to find time to play Alfred Aboya more. Luc needs someone breathing down his neck as competition to help him. Aboya has just had very little reps and very little practice time, on both ends of the floord. Everything is new for him."

So, what about Sacramento State?

"They have a number of good players. They have two good seniors. Jason Harris was first-team Big Sky last season and averaged 17 points per game and is averaging 14 points per game this year. He played out there at Upland High School with Kirk Snyder, who went to Nevada. Harris is a very good player. Then there's DaShawn Freeman, their starting point guard, who has 65 assists on the year so far. They have another player from Fairfax High, Alex Bausley. They have a number of guys that are talented. They have four guys in double figures and their fifth is averaging 9.8 point per game. They just have a lot of weapons. They beat Southern Utah, they have a win at Davis and one at San Francisco. They have some pretty good wins.

"They'll press the whole game. They're a full-court pressing team. They'll do some full-court zone trap, and then play both man and zone in the  halfcourt. They really look to run the ball."

How'd you fee about USC's win over North Carolina?

"Actually I was happy about it, for the Pac-10. For USC to beat North Carolina it's a wonderful win not only for USC but for the Pac-10. It goes to show you that they have a nice team over there right now. We want to make it tough on our (Pac-10) opponents, when they come to town and both teams are good. It's hard to play on that second night of the road trip."

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