Slocum Says He'll Decide Soon

Tracy Slocum, the 5-10, 190-pound running back from Clovis, took his official visit to another Pac-10 school this weekend, and he told us about the factors in his decision and when he'll announce...

Clovis (Calif.) East running back Tracy Slocum took his final official visit this past weekend, tripping to Cal.

"It was a good trip there," said Slocum. "We had like four different guys hosting us, instead of just one, so we got to know different people."

Slocum said that he would be arriving at a decision this week. "Any time, any day now I'll decide," he said. "Right now I'm pretty even between UCLA and Cal. When it just feels right, then I'll decide. I'll probably just call the coaches and tell them.'

One factor that could impact Slocum's decision is Maurice Drew's announcement that he is leaving for the NFL. "With Mo Drew leaving, it has a little bearing, but not enough where it's that big," said Slocum.

But a bigger factor could be the fact that, between his two finalists, only Cal has officially offered. Slocum said, "UCLA said they would be trying to get me through admissions this past week. If not, then this week. I'm confident I will get through admissions, but time is important."

The lack of a UCLA offer could make Cal the frontrunner, though Slocum said he was willing to wait to see if he got accepted at UCLA.

Regardless, Slocum said he is anxious to get his decision done.

"I'm ready to get this over with and make my announcement," said Slocum.

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